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Elvis Presley - Let It Rock - January 28,1971 Full Album



Published on 5 years ago

Recorded live at The Hilton February 23, 1971 CS, Las Vegas, NV.
Released 2014


Also Sprach Zarathustra / That's All Right /I Got A Woman - By The Time I Get To Phoenix (excerpt) / Love Me Tender - Love Me / Mystery Train - Tiger Man / Sweet Caroline / You've Lost That Loving Feeling / Polk Salad Annie / Something / Johnny B Goode / How Great Thou Art / Don't Be Cruel / Heartbreak Hotel / Blue Suede Shoes / Bridge Over Troubled Water / Little Sister - Get Back / Hound Dog / Suspicious Minds / The Impossible Dream

January 28, 1971 Midnight Show, Las Vegas, NV.

Bonus Audience Tracks: Suspicious Minds / Band Introductions / Help Me Make It Through The Night / The Impossible Dream

Comments :


Marckymarc71 . 2 weeks ago

My Birthday concert :)

Steve Hardin

Steve Hardin . 4 weeks ago

Damn he's good!!!!

Spencer Harris

Spencer Harris . 2 months ago

Was he taking B12 shots here? Fantastic concert!

Cyber Dingo

Cyber Dingo . 4 months ago


jayripp84 . 4 months ago

Elvis suck

Adam Malmö

Adam Malmö . 6 months ago

This show is so intense, Elvis is on fire... Just wow! Nevertheless, is it possible this has been sped up a bit? This is unusually fast-paced

Javier Benito Revollo

Javier Benito Revollo . 6 months ago

Unreal how the, greedy Colonel did not make any deals with RCA to record any live shows during 1971. He still wasn't in debt to the Hilton Hotel.

Stephanie C

Stephanie C . 7 months ago

This show needs an official FTD release. Wish FTD would release more of the 1971 shows on CD.

Carla Fernandes

Carla Fernandes . 7 months ago

Elvis always wonderful!!!

rosa maria rs

rosa maria rs . 7 months ago

Elvis 😍😍😍, lo mejor de este mundo


mjanovec . 9 months ago

A great performance overall. But by many accounts this was around the time where some boredom started to set in for Elvis in Las Vegas. He doesn't seem particularly talkative during this show and doesn't joke around as much as he did for earlier Vegas engagements. It also seems like he's speeding his way through the show, but still giving an energetic performance. By contrast, he seemed to be much happier at the 1971 tour shows... such as the 1971 Boston Garden show. I think he enjoyed the change of venues and performing for crowds in different cities. Many great Vegas shows were still to come, of course, but perhaps nothing that tops the early triumphs of 1969 and 1970.

Lecio Rodrigues

Lecio Rodrigues . 10 months ago

Very good

Lecio Rodrigues

Lecio Rodrigues . 10 months ago

The king the rock

Lecio Rodrigues

Lecio Rodrigues . 10 months ago

Muito bom e o rei do rock

Kanishk Nishar

Kanishk Nishar . 10 months ago

Is this sped up?

Dave Roberts

Dave Roberts . 11 months ago

Just the best singer ever Elvis Presley Awesome 👏 Show Thanks Man miss you 😘

Anthony John

Anthony John . 1 year ago

Exactly....the people behind the scene always wanted to demonstrate Elvis' voice the most, mostly resulting in lousy drums......finally a record with a good drumbeat.

les délires de bertrand

les délires de bertrand . 1 year ago

his voice is so light

Hannes Mally

Hannes Mally . 1 year ago

Elvis at his best! Thx so much

Evan Adams

Evan Adams . 1 year ago

Elvis, s Christmas Album hands down the best TCB


verdadereveladafinal . 1 year ago

fantastic sound

98 rk

98 rk . 1 year ago

Awsome concert

Al Mauro

Al Mauro . 2 years ago

The twenty some people who disliked this need a hug..or a beat down.

Andy Boz

Andy Boz . 2 years ago

Bass player was one Jerry Sheff who also recorded with The Doors for their final albums.

Jordi Sebastia

Jordi Sebastia . 2 years ago

Como dice un amigo es pura dinamita el Rey a tope y por supuesto su banda completamente conpenetrada con él THE KING


2003Cpayne . 2 years ago

This is probably the best show I've heard from 1971.

Maritza de Olarte

Maritza de Olarte . 2 years ago

Thanks! Awesome! Greetings from Peru!

edgardo dominguez

edgardo dominguez . 2 years ago

No importa Elvis Es El Rey

Adrian Manfong

Adrian Manfong . 2 years ago

Elvis is alive 2018

ahmet gulen

ahmet gulen . 2 years ago

mystery train / tiger man . what a good version.

Daniel Dominguez

Daniel Dominguez . 2 years ago

Forty years later....Elvis is still kicking ass

Marcelo Albuquerque

Marcelo Albuquerque . 2 years ago

The concerts of the year 1971 are fantastic, full of energy, excellent musical selection. Very good, the sound quality is reasonable! TCB. Vibrant this concert !!!!! ..

john parkinson

john parkinson . 2 years ago

What a shame the greatest singer ever sank so low. Elvis is obviously having problems with his breathing,but he gave his all.

Anna Vismara

Anna Vismara . 2 years ago



LongLivetheKing0871 . 2 years ago


G. Banks

G. Banks . 2 years ago

Elvis Presley at his very best! Good sound and musical at its best

Rick Oliver

Rick Oliver . 2 years ago

That is an outstanding performance, what energy 😊😉!!


joejoeb9455 . 2 years ago

The dial says 1 to 10...But Elvis could dial it up to 11 and Beyond.

Steven Wagner

Steven Wagner . 3 years ago

Eins der fettestens Concerte von Elvis.Steve

Really Tired 64

Really Tired 64 . 3 years ago

Quick question......why is your video titled. "January 28th 1971" but the album cover pictured says "February 22nd 1971"?

Alejandro Arellano

Alejandro Arellano . 3 years ago

Pésimo el audio

Sven Krüger

Sven Krüger . 3 years ago

Susanne, die Show ist in Las Vegas im Hilton Hotel aufgenommen worden. Elvis ist dort zweimal pro Jahr, von Juli 1969 - Dezember 1976, aufgetreten. Meistens im Januar/Februar und August/September.

kim sophon

kim sophon . 3 years ago

King Of The King Rock & Roll

Anders Andersen

Anders Andersen . 3 years ago

The king

Teresa Cristina

Teresa Cristina . 3 years ago

Muito bom

Steve Leighton

Steve Leighton . 3 years ago

Elvis rules !!!

Steve Leighton

Steve Leighton . 3 years ago

Elvis will always be the king of rock and roll

Overton Park

Overton Park . 3 years ago

Really great performance

Walkiria Flor

Walkiria Flor . 3 years ago

just wonderful !!! Imagine you went Recorded live at the Hilton February 23, 1971 CS, Las Vegas, NV. And today is February 25, 2017. And I'm here listening and vibrating with the wonder of this show !!! It's crazy, it's been 46 years and it's like it was for me today the success of these songs is impossible not always like always ELVIS PRESLEY your songs have beautiful lyrics!


10401040100 . 3 years ago


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