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What I Eat In A Day To Lose Fat | Low Carb Protein Pudding

Sarahs Day

Sarahs Day

Published on 3 years ago

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Comments :


beleafer22 . 3 weeks ago

It's detrimental that you pick up your hormone supplements?.....detrimental, really?

Aliké Sampson

Aliké Sampson . 2 months ago

I can't believe this artist remixed trap music. I wonder if she knows what she is saying??? lol. I don't know how I feel about this! Oh, yeah, and keep up the hard work @Sarahsday !

Leanne Jacobson

Leanne Jacobson . 6 months ago

What’s the song at 4:15 ?✨

Megan Kelly

Megan Kelly . 8 months ago

you have a baby now😭 that’s crazy🤧💕

Melissa Suckow

Melissa Suckow . 10 months ago


Jamie Lee Ashton

Jamie Lee Ashton . 10 months ago

Absolutely love mug cakes 😊👍💕

Zoe Fulco

Zoe Fulco . 1 year ago

Hi Sarah, What herbs balance your hormones? I have had a severe hormone imbalance most of my life and would like to find a way to balance them best naturally. Thank you

Tilly _

Tilly _ . 1 year ago

I love your legging

Miranda Figueroa

Miranda Figueroa . 1 year ago

Please share your playlist!! I love the music!

Vanessa Haldeman

Vanessa Haldeman . 1 year ago

I need to have shazam ready when i play your videos omggg i love your playlists so much

Fruzsina Lakatos

Fruzsina Lakatos . 1 year ago

Oh my God, for a moment I thought those leggings are from your collab with whitefoxboutique, but that would be impossible

Sally Wade

Sally Wade . 2 years ago

'Light' bodyweight exercises 😆. I workout a lot and that would've killed me!


edugangsta . 2 years ago

would love to try the chocolate mug cake because watching you prepare it made my mouth water

Andrew !

Andrew ! . 2 years ago

Are you from Australia?? Killer body btw!!

Victoria Correia

Victoria Correia . 2 years ago

where are your leggings from???!! so cute!

Alizabeth Sullivan

Alizabeth Sullivan . 2 years ago

Where are those cute leggings from

Cierra Harris

Cierra Harris . 2 years ago

Do you do your workout just one time through? You should include it in the description.

Lisa Perrett

Lisa Perrett . 2 years ago

I wish I could tell this past sezzy how she's going to meet Kurt and move into a beautiful apartment by the beach and how successful she becomes with her fitness journey and in helping others- it's just crazy to think about sometimes! Life can be so unexpected and so great:) love you

Kate Wilson

Kate Wilson . 2 years ago

Serious body goals!

ToorTiemie #

ToorTiemie # . 2 years ago

why does she integrate so many push ups and squats and burpees?!😂😁 If they were people..I'd MURDER THEM DEAD.

Jesse Smith

Jesse Smith . 2 years ago

What’s the song in the beginning? Love it

Anna Swanson

Anna Swanson . 2 years ago

This makes me even more motivated to do the paleo diet it proves that u can still eat the stuff u enjoy even tho u want to be healthy and fit Thanks!


Fabian . 2 years ago

Kudos for the Video! Apologies for the intrusion, I would appreciate your thoughts. Have you heard the talk about - Elijaarqey Paleo Smasher (do a search on google)? It is a smashing one of a kind guide for discovering some amazing paleo recipes without the headache. Ive heard some amazing things about it and my good mate called Gray got cool results with it.

Emily Burns

Emily Burns . 2 years ago

Do you measure all of your food? I've heard people doing this to help them with portions but I find it to be very time consuming, and I feel like it just makes me have more dishes. I've not huge fan of measuring ALL of my food, but if it is necessary in order to see results I'm willing to sacrifice some time.

Stacy Meranda

Stacy Meranda . 2 years ago

hey sarah, how do you measure your portions and like how do you know how much grams you need of macros?

Brooke K

Brooke K . 3 years ago

What are your songs called? X

Alissa LadyJane

Alissa LadyJane . 3 years ago

MUSIC [lyrics] kshmr + Felix snow - Touch featuring Madi Frankie [Sanchez remix]

Pinterest Obsessed

Pinterest Obsessed . 3 years ago

Love your videos! I was just wondering, do you know what your calories are around per day?

Victoria Vere

Victoria Vere . 3 years ago

Sarah! i would LOVE to know what herbs you take for hormones. I am 30 years old and still suffer from hormonal acne! It sucks big time!

eva louisa ostermaier

eva louisa ostermaier . 3 years ago

hey sarah! love your videos! did you go to a nutritionist to get the supplements prescribed? or did you do your own research and self medicate? xoxo


GraceGirl . 3 years ago

Love seeing you being real. I have started Paleo and I am always looking for desserts. Can you do a video of more desserts please ?😃Thanks

Danielle Iacovou

Danielle Iacovou . 3 years ago

I really want that straw! lol i hate not using a straw aha


ItsJulli . 3 years ago

Why is it unavaileble?😓

Kia Proper

Kia Proper . 3 years ago

You are so motivating! Thank you for your videos!


mareeesap . 3 years ago

where are your pants from in the beginning of this video??? IM IN LOVE

Katherine Gibson

Katherine Gibson . 3 years ago

Can you by chance add the music you put in your videos? I love jamming out to them, and I think will be a great addition to workouts! :)

Jessica Cunningham

Jessica Cunningham . 3 years ago

How did you tell your fam you were starting a youtube??

Killa Kelsey

Killa Kelsey . 3 years ago

obsessed with you! and your workout leggings in this video!!!<3

kaydee steed

kaydee steed . 3 years ago

Im so glad you are in a new happy relationship because it really shows! your latest videos are so much more brighter and happier. Watching all your videos everyday tracking back, you can really see the difference in your body, your mind, your overall self. You are a true inspiration, I love your channel, never stop because you don't understand how much it has inspired me in my life, with what I eat, how I work out, how I look at things and even inspired me to start vlogging my journey. My body goals are you and I cannot wait to hit them, when I do i cannot wait to share it with you!

Eloise Wadeson

Eloise Wadeson . 3 years ago

Please can you put the leggings you wear in the description please :) x


classic. . 3 years ago

Can you post the links where you get your work out clothes?

Wanda McKinney

Wanda McKinney . 3 years ago

I like some of this music you have on your blog or Youtube channel

Bridge P

Bridge P . 3 years ago

omg where are the leggings you put on in the beginning from?

Ali Lloyd

Ali Lloyd . 3 years ago

what hormone herbs do you use?

Bethany Brown

Bethany Brown . 3 years ago

Hey Sarah! What are the macros on that mug cake? looks tasty!

Jazmanian Devil

Jazmanian Devil . 3 years ago

I love your videos and watching them inspires me to become a better version of myself. Thank you for your quality content 💖, also- do you work out every day or every other day?

Justen Harden

Justen Harden . 3 years ago

Freakin love listening to you talk 😁

Neve Robinson

Neve Robinson . 3 years ago

Love your videos!! I've been binge watching them after work for the last 2 days!! Do you have any simple garlic chicken recipes?? thank youuu

Shelley McCarthy

Shelley McCarthy . 3 years ago

Did a dr tell u want to take for your hormones?


lindsee . 3 years ago

Ugh I hate you not in a bad way lol ur body is PERFECT!!

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