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Low-Carb vs Low-Fat Diets for Weight Loss



Published on 2 years ago

The ongoing debate of low carb versus low fat (or any other diet really) for weight loss might have finally found a resolution. Is the low-carb hype as great as it has been touted to be?

Examine.com's article on the study ► https://goo.gl/odLZTm

The study itself ►https://goo.gl/2GLvkb

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Comments :


PictureFit . 2 years ago

Woooo, this one was a bit extensive. Prob won't satisfy everyone, but I tried to remain objectives as much as I could. Enjoy! Corrections - At 2:48, the RER labeling is backwards. Fat usage is dominant at 0.7 while glucose is at 1.0. I also spelled adherence wrong at 5:16. No more proofreading and reviewing content when I'm tired 😅. I'll make sure I'm more careful next time!

stefano nutini

stefano nutini . 1 week ago

I have actually applied this “Yamzoko Weebly” (Google it) for several days by now as well as the results are fantastic. They offer me a lot of strength as well as curb my urge for food, yet I do NOT quit once they wear off which I enjoy, and they also don`t make me jittery. I have not changed anything else I`m doing and have shed 7 pounds. .

Vladimir Guillermo Cancino Aravena

Vladimir Guillermo Cancino Aravena . 3 weeks ago

All I can say is the two times I've tried the low carb diet it has worked for me including currently where I've lost over 20 lb going from 180 lb down to 157 lb. Also low-carb is 50g or less per day. If you are consuming only a few carbs over 50 that's one thing but if you're well over a 100 grams that is in no way a low carb diet IMHO.


Derpster . 2 months ago

Adherece much? It depnds.

Martín M B

Martín M B . 2 months ago

132 grams of carbs per day ISNT LOW CARB

Puredu Isnfo

Puredu Isnfo . 3 months ago

Man why the hell you consider low carbs and keto as a weight loss method.... Weight loss isn't the primary objective of these diets. It's objective is to improve insuline sensitivity, bowel syndrome, and a way to reset sleep and daily routine life.... Weight loss is just an outcome. You can't rely on that without considering optimal hormone balance. Why the hell are you taking this as a method to lose weight

Planet Bunny

Planet Bunny . 4 months ago


Antonio Chico

Antonio Chico . 4 months ago

Great video! 👍💪. I'm on team high carb 😁

Lee Gent

Lee Gent . 5 months ago

132g carbs consider low carbs? haha

Will Alexander

Will Alexander . 5 months ago

I have already used this “Yamzοkο Weebly” (Google it) for a few weeks already and also the final results are amazing. They offer me lots of energy and reduce my appetite, yet I don`t quit whenever they wear off which I love, and they also don`t make me jittery. I have not changed everything else I`m doing and also have lost 7 lbs. .


Yoso . 7 months ago

The low carb authors had confidence that didn’t pan out in the short term. One year is certainly short term. Collecting data say at 5 or 10 years would show how the low carb “experience” affected the dieters. Could be significant. Could be devastating.


DIO GALLARDO . 7 months ago

remember people, it's not what you eat that makes you fat, it's the amount you eat that makes you fat. EAT LESS that's the big secret to weight loss.

Jan Slavotínek

Jan Slavotínek . 8 months ago

Question, if they did not count ... how the hell they knew how many carbs/fat/protein/kcal they were eating?


theacp127 . 11 months ago

The one thing they didn't really focus on is the effects of long term ketosis. The participants didn't really stick to a diet that would be considered "keto" for very long.

Jerikandra Cosplay

Jerikandra Cosplay . 12 months ago

What do you think of this new carnivore diet going around?

JeepZJ 101

JeepZJ 101 . 1 year ago

Fewer carbs are the way too go! Human Body's run their best in fat burning mode your body doesn't burn carbs lol, it burns fat to lose weight... I've lost 80 lbs lowering carbs and increasing healthy fats! If you're a regular person with average genetics you should probably look into less carb & more healthy fats! Think about it peeps your body runs on fats and stores it for reserves, it must be the best fuel source for the body✌️

Rahul B

Rahul B . 1 year ago

I eat lots of sweet potatoes everyday, still losing fat :) .. just stay in caloric deficit ,eat Required amounts of protien and you’ll be fine :)

The Bowser one

The Bowser one . 1 year ago

Yeaaaahh bogus. 100 grams of carbs a day is the limit. 20 is low carb. Yeah this is trash and i dont even do low carb.


Philson . 1 year ago

No carbs > Low carbs Fasting ftw.


kingcamilo . 1 year ago

i started out with a low carb diet but when i got leaner my workouts began to suck so i switched to low fat and yeapp started working out like a boss burning more calories with intense workouts... i still go low carb on small muscle days though. i train everyday btw


ClassicExampleBand . 1 year ago

Misleading video. They are not comparing a low carb diet to a low fat diet. They are comparing a medium carb diet to a low fat diet. This video is a lot like a Michael Moore documentary, using data manipulation, biased narration and a preconceived notion of who is correct. Most doctors and researchers today admit that weight loss and bio markers improve much better on a real low or no carb diet. This is a biased video.

Isaac Asante

Isaac Asante . 1 year ago

It depends...


Tostibrand . 1 year ago

132 grams os carbs is not low carb, but still interesting video non the less!

Dick Gori

Dick Gori . 1 year ago

Let me guess, "It depends"?

Vegan Life Change

Vegan Life Change . 1 year ago

I feel I shred better on low fat hey.


JCAP 63 . 1 year ago

Another study shows, do what works for you as a individual. We all have different needs.


xinic5 . 1 year ago

How big of a role do genetics play into which might be better for a person, I wonder...


xinic5 . 1 year ago

Carbs tend to make me crave more. Where as fat and protein is satisfying and I can eat one meal a day and be fine. Adding a big cup of whole milk also helps to finish off a meal in making me feel full. Also eating low carb tends to insure I don't have stomach problems. Even if I drink milk. While I'm sure there is plenty of carbs that don't upset my stomach, it seems like quite a bit do. Even adding just potatoes to my diet can make my stomach a little upset. (To note, I had H. Pylori which I think that mixed with the antibiotics to treat it fucked up my stomach. And yes I take a probiotic daily)


Ryuu . 1 year ago

Say you just are on a regular diet (whole foods reg protein, fats and carbs) is it okay to cut down my carb intake if i was wanting to lose weight a little faster

Cameron Freeman

Cameron Freeman . 1 year ago

Well the low car group was still eating quite a few carbs, they weren't exactly in a keto diet state.


Beauty4Ashes . 1 year ago

I personally follow a low fat diet with moderate carb intake and I have lost a significant amount of weight. However my carbs are not refined, they only come from fruits, vegetables, brown rice, and sweet potatoes. Also I incorporate exercise into the routine, and especially if I occasionally eat a refined carb, I will definitely exercise and use up the excess glucose. Also I drink alot of water, no sodas or fruit juices..But I believe whether low fat or low carb, as long as it is clean eating and whole foods, it will work either way. Whether low fat or low carb, if you stay away from refined carbs and all the processed foods and sugars, you will lose weight.

robert hingston

robert hingston . 1 year ago

High fiber is the answer...

Shogan Flamemasta

Shogan Flamemasta . 1 year ago

The whole fat being bad for you is a scheme made by sugar corporations. Seriously, search it up. Fat is a normal part of the human diet and you should only avoid it if you have high colesterol, hearth problems, etc. Fat is ok, refined sugar is literally poison


Bakusen . 1 year ago

Here's a real result on low carb diet (keto), not your bullshit 130 grams of carbs, LOL! https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC2716748/


Bakusen . 1 year ago

130g of carbs LOL, FAKE STUDY Also, they didn't put a protein/fat limit to the low carb group. Results are not relevant, the matter still stands. Keto is better

Spooky Spaghetti

Spooky Spaghetti . 1 year ago

Im 15 and wanted to tone up for summer. I play football so i run and work out 4 times a week plus maybe a run on the weekend. I restricted my carb intake to little as possible, which was probably 10 to maybe 20 carbs a day. With the running and working out plus the low carb diet i had going on i lost 10 pounds in 2 weeks. Not saying this video was wrong, just saying i myself experienced different outcome.


OmarRP . 1 year ago

that low carb group really wasn't strict enough. I still don't think it would have made a big diffrence. Maybe like another 2lbs on avg. still 13 or 15 lbs in a year is pathetic


maremacd . 2 years ago

The study participants were at a 400–500 calorie per day deficit for a year and lost only 11–13 lbs? How can that be?

Uncommon Sense

Uncommon Sense . 2 years ago

132g of carbs is in no way a low carb diet. 50g would be on the high end. So I think what they studied is the dietary preference of the participants not necessarily the value of low vs high fat diet. I've been on sub 50g carbs for three years now so it's definitely sustainable even when eating out. Just substitute potatoes and starchy vegetables with green vegetables and of course no bread. For me, the low carb is even more sustainable than low fat as one of the big drivers, for me, of super high-calorie eating was overeating of empty calories on starchy stuff like potato chips and Fench Fries. I find taking them off the menu all together is much more sustainable than "eating just one". I think that was even a tagline for Lays. "Bet you can't eat just one".


Matthew . 2 years ago

Would you say the pound difference is due to glycogen?


1975supermike . 2 years ago

I'm on slimming world calorie counting is bad for you. I lose 3+ lb a week and eat as much as I want. From all food groups pretty much.


F A . 2 years ago

Excellent video. I do have to point out that this specific study was very weight loss centric. Anyone just looking to live a healthier lifestyle might not get the full answer. But, still. This video is most definitely useful for the majority of the people watching considering more than 70% of Americans are now overweight and over 60% are obese.

Ehud Kirsh

Ehud Kirsh . 2 years ago

You need to almost eliminate all carbs (keto) to start producing ketones and really see results. The low carb group probably wasn't nearly even close to keto.

Angel hal

Angel hal . 2 years ago

Do a video about intermittent fasting, i believe in fewer fat than fewer carbs, not meaning u should now eat fat at all.

Maria Teresa

Maria Teresa . 2 years ago

Let's be honest, a moderate approach is best. I personally go with a 35-35-30 approach, (30 being protein) and not only do I meet my daily goal of proteins, but can enjoy the occasional treat without exceeding my macros. And yes, I have tried both low carb (personally had health problems when trying keto) and low fat (nope sorry I love my cheese too much) before settling with this ratio, but so far it's the only regime I can see myself stick to for the rest of my life; I regarded the other two as "diets" which would soon end rather than a lifestyle. As you say, adherence is key, so an IIFYM approach is ideal because anyone can stick to it, being highly customisable.


James4wd . 2 years ago

Ive done both. I started with low carb <30g and calorie restriction 1500 with going to the gym. I lost a lot of fat really quickly 40lbs. in about 6 months. Then I noticed that my muscles weren't really growing anymore, my strength wasn't increasing, and I started losing motivation to go to the gym. I didn't want to work out very long either <45mins/day 3 times a week. 5months ago I switched to high carb +150g of carbs and low fat <50g still on a calorie restriction <1800-2000/day and big cheat days once a week. Within a week I gained 10lbs. (water). I kept going to the gym and haven't lost much weight on the scale, but my muscles look huge and more defined. Ive been sitting at a plateau for a while now because I keep cheating for a week and then going back on the diet, but I can tell you the high carb. is working great for me as a bodybuilder/lifter and gym goer. Its not hard to spend 2 hours in the gym and then go for an 30 min to hour long walk/jog. I feel better, my diet is more flexible, I enjoy the food I get to eat more, and I dont "have" to meal prep. On less than 30g of carbs you really cant be care free about what your next meal is going to be (everything has carbs). On low fat its really easy. For now I'll continue with the low fat because Im getting really strong in the gym and my biceps and chest are growing quickly and to be honest I just love carbs lol.


mbaxter22 . 2 years ago

Dr. Greger told me low carb will kill me.


spive21 . 2 years ago

great video. watched lots of your content recently. have liked about 75% of them and disliked the rest. this one tipped the balance. you got yourself a new subscriber

Muhammad Iskandar

Muhammad Iskandar . 2 years ago


Dylan G P

Dylan G P . 2 years ago

Was there no mention of how much of that weight lost was fat/muscle? Low-glycogen diets are notorious for mainly getting rid of water weight.

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