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BBC Documentary - Fat v Carbs with Jamie Owen

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Published on 3 years ago

BBC Documentary - Fat v Carbs with Jamie Owen

Comments :

Philip hughes

Philip hughes . 1 day ago

sack that stupid govt advisor

zebonaut smith

zebonaut smith . 1 month ago

Cheap processed carbohydrates are a multi billion dollar industry. So is selling diabetes meds. Governments have long ago been bought off by corporations.

Johnny 5

Johnny 5 . 2 months ago

Dr's will NEVER agree to have you eat fat and drop the carbs, because it will put them out of a Job.

Julio Jackson

Julio Jackson . 2 months ago

These Obese doctors, the guardians of health, are the sickest people on the planet. I know the English love Irony.

Julio Jackson

Julio Jackson . 2 months ago

High Carb Low Fat diets work, High Fat Low Carb diets work. its Mixing the two fuels at the same time, that doesn't work. Protein raises your insulin when insulin is already elevated. Protein doesn't raise your insulin when your Glucagon levels are elevated. In other words, if you are intermittent fasting, fasting or on a Ketogenic diet your Glucagon levels are elevated. If you are on a High Carb, vegan, Starch diet your Insulin levels are elevated. In the Morning 10am-12pm I'm High Fat Moderate Protein and Zero Carb. In the evening 6pm - 7pm I'm High Glycemic Carb and moderate Protein Zero Fat. No snacks. Why am I eating High Glycemic? because after weight training its the best way to rapidly increase glycogen for muscle recovery. It spikes your insulin sharply which means it drops quickly. That means you go back to fat burning quickly. In the evening your body becomes insulin resistant. Weight training depletes your muscles glycogen. Making your muscles insulin sensitive. The high glycemic carbs will go toward filling your muscles glycogen stores. The rapid drop in insulin also means your melatonin, the hormone that rises two hours before you go to sleep, is not interfering with your digestion. For me, its not one diet over the other. Its when I eat these Macros that makes the difference.

Rebecca Cantrell

Rebecca Cantrell . 2 months ago

The Obesity Epidemic was not caused only by the Dietary Guidelines. It was also the decline of the traditional values that happened at the same time. People used to eat three meals a day with limited snacking and most families had a full-time home cook in the kitchen. Nowadays, everyone eats twenty-four hours a day if they feel like it. Intermittent Fasting is the cure for Obesity, regardless of which diet you want to follow. You have to give your body time to process the food you eat before you eat again.


TunnelVision . 2 months ago

Healthy people aren’t Profitable! We are being farmed like cattle they want us all to have high blood pressure, Diabetes or anything else to sell us Drugs.

Paul Livett Regenerate Fitness

Paul Livett Regenerate Fitness . 2 months ago

Proof that Doctors learn nothing about nutrition. Even a dietitian doesn't get it.

Hywel Evans

Hywel Evans . 2 months ago

Why listen to doctors who are themselves repulsively obese?

ayoub alami

ayoub alami . 2 months ago

The best diet is low food more exercise diet

Adventure Awaits

Adventure Awaits . 3 months ago


gwen smith

gwen smith . 3 months ago

The doctor is fat!!


Shellbeeforreal . 3 months ago

Dont trust the governement they want you to b sick so you invest more into sick care not health care that is the medical scamming business


Shellbeeforreal . 3 months ago

AKA the ketogenic diet

Paldeep Singh

Paldeep Singh . 3 months ago


Robert McGuigan

Robert McGuigan . 3 months ago

Who the hell would take dietary advice from a fat doctor?

Samuel Morales

Samuel Morales . 3 months ago

The medical profession is clueless about nutritional biochemistry. The "nutritional" guidelines are actually recommending poor nutrition with exaggerated recommendations of excess grain most of which are refined. 11-13 servings of grains over vegetables are nuts. The more realistic guideline would be to recommend fat and high fiber.

Watson’s World

Watson’s World . 3 months ago

People eat fat with their bread though 🤔 and fat with there pasta. typically people haven’t experimented with taking animal products out of their diet for example and trying a high fruit high veggie low fat diet. Wouldn’t it be more efficient for the body to evolve to save fat for later and want to move around from glycogen stores, ( like a fuel tank) all I understand is that when I eat high carb low fat vegan I can personally mentally function I have and want to move around as if my whole body had restless leg syndrome until the tanks in my cells are in need of a natural glycogen refill.

Carlo Harrison

Carlo Harrison . 3 months ago

A Keto Diet (High Fat/Moderate Protein/Low Carb)is the best way of eating for loosing weight and reversing type 2 diabetes. For more information, please visit this good Keto Diet website: ➡️ www.DietDoctor.com ⬅️


OMGaNEWBIE . 3 months ago

You should have incorporated "Intermittent Fasting" to see a dramatic weight loss.

jan smith

jan smith . 3 months ago

Watch the documentary on you tube called Super Juice me it will wake you up to how the medical community doctor just hands out Rx over & over and over toxicity their patients and the documentary follows patients for 28 days with results at the end of the documentary, google Jason Vale juicing you tube. And read the book Eat to Live by Dr Joel Fuhrman. I think it is a combo of diets that become a life style. One way, you just get tired of it...so maybe do first Vegan juicing to detox your body and then switch over to High Fat low carb then add in a veggie juice with high fat low carb to get more veggies - vitamins & minerals.

Amun Ra The Vegan Hunter

Amun Ra The Vegan Hunter . 4 months ago

Sun flower oil?😀

Kurtis Blow

Kurtis Blow . 4 months ago

Personally, I can't take health advice from an obese physician.


Kinky . 4 months ago

You can't eat too many calories on low carb if you want to lose weight. If you think you can eat 5000 cals on a low carb diet and lose weight, you're kidding yourself. Keep it under 1000 - 2000 kcals (depending on your size and activity) with low carb high fat, and you WILL lose those kilograms. You won't be very hungry and you will eventually lose the cravings for the old bad foods.

Maria Maldonado

Maria Maldonado . 4 months ago

low fat diet are the worst.


M R . 4 months ago

I think I'm definitely outnumbered here lol.. but I do not believe that these low carb high fat keto diets are the answer. First off all, this demonization of carbohydrate needs to stop. Not all carbs are the same. A sweet potato is not the same thing as powdered sugar. If carbs are so unhealthy, then how is it that people in blue zones like Okinawa live on sweet potatos and rice? When you eat more calories from carbs than you need, it is stored as glycogen, if your glycogen stores are full, your body will convert it to fat, but this process is energy intensive and not efficient. It's very very dfficult to get fat from eating carbs alone. Any diet that involves calorie restriction will cause weight loss. With keto, you initially loose water weight and burn through your glycogen stores. It creates the illusion of fat loss. And then, any fat you loose in due to calorie restriction. You may loose weight on keto, but that does not make it healthy, you can loose weight smoking cigarette's.

ick don

ick don . 4 months ago

That chubby blonde lady is a dietitian? God help us all.

Michael Pollard

Michael Pollard . 4 months ago

'Waste of time...' That from a clearly overweight doctor.

pink gamer

pink gamer . 4 months ago

Drs want to keep us sick. I have type one diabetes and have been following this way of life all year. My blood sugars are as stable as they have ever been and I have much more energy to workout which also helps my blood sugars. It must be about money you can clearly see this natural way of eating makes us humans better.

Daniel Ciarkowski

Daniel Ciarkowski . 4 months ago

Someone will lose a lot of money if low carb / keto diet will become many people lifestyle. Its sad but money are prioritised over people health... Im 3 years on keto. My friend recently found Keto Grande KG burn fat burner on Amazon and apparently it helps with ketoses. Its nice to see more and more people talking and coming up with new products :)

jernej tojersu

jernej tojersu . 4 months ago

So after this diet...he lost weight...his cholesterol is better...yeah...carbs are totally fine.

su pe

su pe . 4 months ago

Indian lady doctor...She is gonna teach you something😂?


Soweto MGTOW ZA . 4 months ago

The politicians don’t want to appear on camera because they know the implications. They are on wrong side of science but don’t want to upset the food industry which happens to be a big employer and tax payer. So they protect the jobs of the unions and screw the broader public.


KGODSMACKC . 5 months ago

Is that James May?🤔

Tommy Harris

Tommy Harris . 5 months ago

How ironic. An obese doctor giving dietary precautions! Why not ask the doctor why are they so fat.


Suzann . 5 months ago

The GP was surprised by the lowered cholesterol...shows how much she knows about a healthy diet.


Suzann . 5 months ago

Doctors spend years in their education and training, why are they so behind on dietary advice?

DDream 1986

DDream 1986 . 5 months ago

“We are going to serve you some pork and you can it eat any quantity of it” Someone please shoot that female doctor or at least stop her from practicing.


Zach . 5 months ago

Why not just go vegan

Sam Mhyar

Sam Mhyar . 5 months ago

Eat as much fat as u want you just can't over eat

Mr J

Mr J . 6 months ago

Oh fuck off BBC. Clueless idiots/political agenda to keep people fat and sick.

Larry Tate

Larry Tate . 6 months ago

Stop eating meat worked for me gave up sugar ....and gave up dairy...plant based diet lost 5 stone ....and it works .....long term...


AMG . 6 months ago

Sunflower oil is NOT ok on low carb high fat!!!!!

No Name

No Name . 7 months ago

Right, absolute bullshit, all of it actually. Fat Vs Carbs? Explain why Triathletes who live the most healthy life styles still end up with Coronary Artery Disease (CAD)? Explain why people with normal cholesterol levels, no family history of CAD and below average refined sugar intake end up with CAD? Explain why people taking Statin Drugs almost always continue to eventually suffer from CAD? The real answer is, there is no answer. It is far more complex than Fat Vs Carbs. Certainly some of the answers lie within the genetic coding.


theparijat1000 . 8 months ago

cholesterol is not really that bad

Sergei Gusakov

Sergei Gusakov . 8 months ago

LCHF works, it works quickly and tangibly.

Sue Morgan

Sue Morgan . 8 months ago

I go with the science. The doctors who are in practice (and overweight) have been through medical school when fat was the demon. Now new research and data have proven differently. They need to catch up. I do agree with the doctor who was talking on the bench, that we are very much less active now than we were and society is different in how we eat more processed food. Dr Powell spoke sense and was open minded and that was refreshing.

Paul Miller

Paul Miller . 8 months ago

Rather superficial. We need a look at studies and analysis of those rather than just listen to lots of people giving their opinions but not citing studies that support them, but at the same time simply claiming that studies don't support their opponents.

Monica Collins

Monica Collins . 9 months ago

Dr. Booby is a boob.

kayanna kagurazaka

kayanna kagurazaka . 9 months ago

I was overweight as a kid., and obese as an adult , then i tired the low carb and low calorie diet and i lost 60 pounds in 6 months. But honestly carbs are delicious.

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