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4 Things You Must Know to Buy Raw Denim | Racked



Published on 3 years ago

Everything You Need to Know about Raw Denim

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Comments :


Gudnuws . 4 weeks ago

How do I contact you guys

Kriss Kross

Kriss Kross . 8 months ago

I believe, practically, the most important difference is whether the yarn used to weave the denim is ring-spun or open-card. However I don't know how to discern them and I noticed that manufacturers don't seem to bother to say whether it is ring-spun or open-card.

Gary K

Gary K . 8 months ago

This wasn't nearly as helpful as I was expecting. The fact that Sanforized wasn't even mentioned was quite surprising, as this is a very important consideration, a "must know" in my book. Also, going "one size down" is conditional on various factors. Telling people to do this as a "thing to know" in jeans purchasing is misleading.


Amsterdenim . 10 months ago

Nice video!


Alex종현 . 10 months ago

#RawDenimHouse 👍👍👍👍👍


Ruffles1 . 11 months ago

This video is so useless it's making me cringe.

whateverpossessedyou vlog

whateverpossessedyou vlog . 1 year ago

Not my tempo

Troy Cabrera

Troy Cabrera . 1 year ago

What do you mean size down? In width or length? Or both?

Damien Rodriguez

Damien Rodriguez . 2 years ago

Most sources say size up now your telling me to size down? The methods of buying raw denim are so contradicting to each other. I would take your advice and size down tho. Sounds logical since the fabric stretches. You’ll wear them more than you wash them, which shrinks when you do, so that advice sounds more accurate.

The Chad

The Chad . 2 years ago

1st rule. Take the money you were going to spend on 3X1 then find a website called Blue in Green. Take your pick


aovint63 . 2 years ago

The 3x1 guy looks and even sounds remarkably like the actor William Hurt.


clarissa . 3 years ago

can you tell me more on starched denim and what that really means? The part was very quick, would make a similar video with more details?

helo Cila

helo Cila . 3 years ago

which one is good between selvedge 17 oz or 16 or 12?what makes different between 12..14..16..or 17oz?

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