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Steve-O from Jackass Visits Chapters Bookstore

Indigo | Chapters

Indigo | Chapters

Published on 8 years ago

Steve-O (of Jackass fame) visits Chapters Bookstore in Toronto to sign copies of his new book, Professional Idiot.


Comments :

Yuki Ahmad

Yuki Ahmad . 5 years ago

lol wkwk


James . 7 years ago



DamageIncM . 7 years ago

"My idol... Hehe!" Dafuq?... Well, whatever I guess. XD


badeggs13 . 7 years ago

1:31 oh shit need to cut the song again


deopa10 . 8 years ago

Where can I get a book

Sarah From Earth

Sarah From Earth . 8 years ago

Ah dude, I hope he comes to England again, i would love to meet him and get my book signed! You rock Steve-O <3 much love

Heather Kettel

Heather Kettel . 8 years ago

why can't he come to barnes and noble in silverdale mall

Dylan MacDonald

Dylan MacDonald . 8 years ago

@RKOWWE1994 Me too, we both are of course

Dylan MacDonald

Dylan MacDonald . 8 years ago

@6DanceTheNightAway6 what one are you in the video? :) I was 3rd from the front I am in the video with My Buddy RKOWWE 1994,.


RedBigHart . 8 years ago

A my w Polsce na pewno jej nie bedziemy mieli :(


6DanceTheNightAway6 . 8 years ago

Oh God, I'm in this video, I look so bad lol. That was a really good day, Steve-O is such a cool guy. Can't wait to meet him again.


remember . 8 years ago

im in this video

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