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Indigo eyes - Peter Murphy



Published on 12 years ago


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Angela Caldwell

Angela Caldwell . 3 days ago

Love this song! Peter's beautiful voice, dreamy acoustics, awesome lyrics.

Maurizio Esposito

Maurizio Esposito . 3 years ago

I would love to find a Karaoke version of this song.

Inachu Ikimasho

Inachu Ikimasho . 4 years ago

--- He had dug for trust? lol many say "DUG" is what he says but then it does not make any sense at all and no where on earth has anyone ever use a phrase - HE DUG FOR TRUST. That is pure bullshit. But now when you listen and have keen understanding then you know he is saying: Saw his path. He had blood for trust. With blind, infected hands. <-- This comes from the Bible. As so does the beginning of the song-- Fire in the hills.. The lines are rocky rough red angels pick at remains....... That imagery is from ---- Yea as I walk in the valley of death I shall fear no evil.

Mevysen Ambrosious

Mevysen Ambrosious . 6 years ago

Peter and upon this ROCK we will build our...he touches a part of the human condition so personal yet profound, he speaks, mysticism, how does he know? woven in lyric, harmony and exotically explicit emotion, expression of what we feel and have no words for, yet Peter nails it perfectly and those who know...listen for they have hearts to heal, minds that feel, what is real...

Stephen Hain

Stephen Hain . 8 years ago

Bloody genius


jamesgroome . 8 years ago

I keep covering this!! & now with his verbal permission too! ~ jhg

Lou Perrone

Lou Perrone . 9 years ago

Love Hysteria is a Gem!!!

Luís Moutinho

Luís Moutinho . 10 years ago

Grande música! :-)


MarBro . 10 years ago

Simply amazing


UnseenAGT . 10 years ago

what message?

LLJ Nail53

LLJ Nail53 . 10 years ago

I Love it I Love it


crestfallen999 . 10 years ago

true that. i'm seeing him on friday.


truefaith67 . 10 years ago

Dumb people in this world makes the rest of us look better..I love Peter Murphy..Can't wait to see him in 3 days..


NowI'mMe . 11 years ago

Hmmm. Well, as I live in Atlanta, GA, I'm sure that won't come up anytime soon. What the hell is your point?


NowI'mMe . 11 years ago

AMEN to that! Religion is the number one reason there's so much goddamn strife in this world.


NowI'mMe . 11 years ago

Oh, get over YOURSELF! Who gives a rat's ass what he believes? I suppose you think he's going to hell now? I used to be a Catholic... but I gave it up for Lent and never took it back again. Who gives a fuck?

Carolina Araya

Carolina Araya . 11 years ago

(L) :)


wholesomehalf . 11 years ago

Actually, Pretty Hate Machine wasn't released until 89, so the tour was in 90.


wholesomehalf . 11 years ago

I saw them too. Got to meet Peter as well as Trent that night. What an amazing memory.

Howard Bianchi

Howard Bianchi . 11 years ago

Speller, Nada,non, niente,nyet. As they say in Russia, "toughski'. Would think his record company would get Peter to pull together old film, dates, or abstract video or art work, say sculpture by Mick Karn, Bassist extroadinaire, partner in Dalis Car. nota bene: no apostrophe. Pronounced Dallis Karr if I heard a'wright when it came out. I don't think PM cares about visuals at this point when he is all over YT live.

Howard Bianchi

Howard Bianchi . 11 years ago

LG, How droll, you devil!


LordGandor3 . 11 years ago

Should the world fall apart , Deep & Cascade are excellent as well


LordGandor3 . 11 years ago

People always tell me I sing just like Peter but I look like Gary Busey

Inachu Ikimasho

Inachu Ikimasho . 11 years ago

I am often mistaken for Peter Murphy when I take the train into washington D.C.

Mary Power

Mary Power . 11 years ago

One of THE BEST songs of ALL TIME!!.. :)


bigdsears . 11 years ago

i bet there was some smoking hot babes at that show

Gee Speller

Gee Speller . 11 years ago

thanx for this this song has helped my writing skill and find myself as a whole in the art world is there a viedo on this song


SavedandSound . 11 years ago

Agreed--Love Hysteria is brilliant--lush, ethereal, richly textured.


Tazz77 . 11 years ago


Trevor Potts

Trevor Potts . 11 years ago

Okay, I saw Peter Murphy in concert. He asked if anyone had questions, and I asked him what this song was about. He told me that it was about a man who sought guidance from the divine, but did not find it. Then the man realized that he needed to get through his problems on his own, and only then did he find guidance from god, the otherworldly, etc. That was one of the most magical moments of my life, when he talked to me.


CRVZS . 11 years ago



BluePedal . 11 years ago

I thoroughly enjoy singing along with Peter.

AL Ian

AL Ian . 11 years ago

No...Whoever posted this song used trial converter software to convert an mp3 into a video format so they could post it on youtube, which is why the screen says "please register". Florrie wants to know how to register so she can see the video. LMAO


lostintracy . 11 years ago

i remember when i heard this song, i was in berkeley, pregnant with my youngest daughter summer of 89. an awesome time, very happy to hear this song!

AL Ian

AL Ian . 11 years ago



ggh7664 . 12 years ago

Sheer genius. If there was a negative to any of Peter's songs, it would be that they are much too short. This song could go on for another 10 minutes of Peter and his band playing and it would not get old.

Peter Lagios

Peter Lagios . 12 years ago

I will forever love Peter Murphy and his music. I have been thru so much in life and this song carried me deep into myself. It introduced me to the sublime...ahh those cross-sensual hours spent in the mirror...looking deep into blackened eyes...searching. As if Peter was me...what I had always imagined myself to be.


cemeterri . 12 years ago

One of the many beautiful things about Peter Murphy is that whenever he is asked about the meaning of his songs, he replies that the meaning of it lies within whoever is listening to it. Whatever his words and music invoke in you is what it means....


wormster . 12 years ago

oh how i love this song,i wish there was a video for it..


voch37 . 12 years ago


silvio oliveira

silvio oliveira . 12 years ago



tonebenderx . 12 years ago

A little surprised there was no official video for this song. It's such a classic.

Henrique Ramos

Henrique Ramos . 12 years ago

Thanks for put this song here on youtube.

Laura Bowden

Laura Bowden . 12 years ago


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