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Published on 3 months ago

2019 Kindle Oasis 3 Newest Version with adjustable warm light Unboxing And Hands On Review. BEST BUY LINKS here from Amazon India-
From Amazon USA-

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Comments :

King Star

King Star . 3 months ago


Shaikh Abdur Rahman

Shaikh Abdur Rahman . 3 months ago


Rukia Husbando

Rukia Husbando . 3 months ago

Really like the gold color, but unfortunately it’s not available with LTE. Only Graphite color is.


Satpal . 3 months ago

amazing video.

Kuldeep Kuldeep

Kuldeep Kuldeep . 3 months ago

Amazing gadget πŸ‘

Khaja Moinuddin

Khaja Moinuddin . 3 months ago

Thanks for unboxing

Arindam Panda

Arindam Panda . 3 months ago

Slim, stylish and it's easy to hold. Metal back looks good. It comes with warm light System. This e-book reader has IpX8 certification. Overall it's a very good e-book reader. #TeamID

Sumit Ram

Sumit Ram . 3 months ago

Another brilliant review!! πŸ‘ #TeamID Twitter @SumitRamSays

Techy Rajat

Techy Rajat . 3 months ago

The GRIPPING at the back ( Hump ) is just Innovative one...... πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘Œ

Gupta Shubham

Gupta Shubham . 3 months ago


Gupta Shubham

Gupta Shubham . 3 months ago

Handy, stylish, slim, features loaded and best thing is by amazon.

Gupta Shubham

Gupta Shubham . 3 months ago

Very good product to read books online.

Gupta Shubham

Gupta Shubham . 3 months ago

1st here ❀️

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