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HOW I LOST 20 POUNDS (with pics!)

Bryanna Romero

Bryanna Romero

Published on 2 years ago

Thank you for watching my weight loss journey of 20 pounds!✨ I actually lost about 15 pounds in a month n a half & then I went on vacation to Jamaica and sort of stopped eating healthy, but then when I came back I finally reached 136 at the end of July! Hard work and dedication can really pay off! Please subscribe if you aren't already & comment any videos you want to see me do down below. Have a lovely day!

Some of my favorite fitness/weight loss videos:

- https://mp3download.xyz/watch/lj2lgl0PsYw

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Comments :

Kenya Ramirez

Kenya Ramirez . 3 days ago

How tall is she?

Gab rielle

Gab rielle . 5 days ago

4:40 & 12:24 What you all came here for...


Heilta . 2 weeks ago

I am 153 and needs to be 137 to be healthy. Will try my best to lose weight, i really hate to attend counselling with a health adviser during PE lesson.

Christina Olivarez

Christina Olivarez . 2 months ago

You look like marissa tome! Have you heard that??!

Alaa Z

Alaa Z . 5 months ago

You can still eat nutella theres like vegan or like healthier copycats of it on here.

emma Smith

emma Smith . 6 months ago

u look like -lookingforlewys

jade g

jade g . 6 months ago

makeup on fleek

emily angela

emily angela . 6 months ago

I’m 143 and my main goal rn is to be 125 and maybe one day get to 115


antonella . 6 months ago

One really good tip I have is when you see candy or your craving something really bad, just say to yourself *i tasted that already, nothing special here* I’m trying to lose 20 pounds in a month and am really motivated right now. WE CAN DO THIS!!

Harini Gopal

Harini Gopal . 6 months ago

What’s your height?

James R

James R . 6 months ago

no before and after....as well you talk too much

Emily Velasco

Emily Velasco . 7 months ago

Tips start at 4:58


Suaimhneas. . 7 months ago

Used to weigh 200, now I weigh 140, my goal is 124!!


Mira . 7 months ago

110lbs right now and i’m on my way to 90 lbs!!! Nice videos💖

Walia Art

Walia Art . 7 months ago

Girl I was 194 (the biggest I’ve been in my life) I’m pretty tall (5’8 1/2) so I didn’t look too big but I was getting there...I’ve been working out and eating right since January now I’m 160 only got 20lbs to go and I’ll be good trynna see what I can do!!

Berlin Wall

Berlin Wall . 7 months ago


Isa X

Isa X . 7 months ago

Skipping mascara on your lower lashes is not a good look. Especially with falsies that make your eyes look like they weigh 300 lbs each

Averagely Serena

Averagely Serena . 7 months ago

I was 210 about 8 months ago and dropped to 160 within 5 months, I’m now at 145 and want to get to 125-130 at 5’4”

Scarlet Ascensio

Scarlet Ascensio . 7 months ago

I don’t know why people stress so much about weight? I weigh 135 and I’m not even chubby (or I’d like to believe so) yeah i don’t have a flat stomach with abs but i only weigh so much because of the muscle I have gained. All I’m stressing about right now is shrinking my waist more than I already have not the weight.

Sami Moha

Sami Moha . 8 months ago

I basically look like your before body but my waist is bigger and fatter. Your now body is goals omggg, I am going to work hard 👏🏽😍

unknown person

unknown person . 8 months ago

This helped to inspire me!! Thank you. I’ve gained around 16 pounds (108 to 124) in 8 months bc I went from exercising everyday in the summer to being soo lazy in winter. Summer time is coming back and I want to get back down to my old toned body!! 😭 doesn’t Sound like a lot but I’m gonna have to make changes. Thank youuuu , and you’re so beautiful. I’m subscribing

Jaylene Marie

Jaylene Marie . 8 months ago

How crazy I’m watching April 11th lol and that’s the day you got your shit together 🤣❤️

nayelli 17

nayelli 17 . 8 months ago

I always weighed 145-150 lbs but then i got a bf and years after I was 164 then we broke up and noticed i was way too fat to I dropped to 158 and I was happy but then somehow I jumped to 181 wtf. The weird parr ia that I still think I'm hot lmao but now I'm at 176 and im happy. Ik I'm far from 145 but idc try to enjoy the process y'all so you don't go back to your old habits

Sarah Loves MSP

Sarah Loves MSP . 8 months ago

I'm 125 lbs and 5.2 feet, is that bad?

Glo Ria

Glo Ria . 8 months ago

Tips starts at 5:00

Aiyana Gonzalez

Aiyana Gonzalez . 8 months ago

I’m 5’2 and I’m at my highest rn which is 165 and I want to get to 130 but I’m so unmotivated and my family eats junk food so when there’s not healthy food in the house it’s a little hard and u get tempted and I’m only 15 so I can drive to a gym or anything idk what to di


Shayla . 8 months ago

Literally me rn. I gained 20 pounds over summer and then 20 more when my boyfriend and I started dating. I have a gym membership but no motivation 😭

Miscellaneous Cell

Miscellaneous Cell . 9 months ago

I’m 5’1 and currently weigh 125. My BMI is still in the average range. In the past my lowest weight was 105. I’ve felt good at 115. I want to lose 10 pounds. It doesn’t seem like a lot of weight but I know it will make a huge difference. I started working out and eating better. I hope I can reach my goal and keep it.

Emmy Weimer

Emmy Weimer . 9 months ago

When I run I tend to listen to metal lmaooo it gets me hyped

Jordan Escalanti

Jordan Escalanti . 9 months ago

I'm 205 pounds and I use to be 135 I always thought that I was fat when I was 135 when really I just needed to lose a couple of pounds I waited until I got to 200 when I realized I'm ruining my body and I need help what should I do? );

Emily Thomas

Emily Thomas . 9 months ago

any kind of cheese is bad for you

Grace Clover

Grace Clover . 9 months ago

I’m 5’8 and 127-129 Ibs. I swim to maintain easily. I could lose weight around my leg and stomach areas tho, but I LOVE my body❤️

Nicole Barclay

Nicole Barclay . 9 months ago

Literally just been staring at her nostrils 😂

Victoria Sevilla

Victoria Sevilla . 9 months ago

omg boyfriends literally always make you gain weight 😭😭 currently my issue

Byanka Gonzalez

Byanka Gonzalez . 9 months ago

You are insanely pretty! This video is so motivating thank you!

Sabrina J.

Sabrina J. . 9 months ago

Thank you for sharing this!!

Vivienne V

Vivienne V . 9 months ago

I'm 120-128lbs and I just want to loose belly fat. Somtimes i get so bloated or my tummy gets fat and then somtimes its okay. I'm scared if I workout, I'll loose my butt and legs or boobs. I have no idea ..

Attiya A

Attiya A . 9 months ago

Honestly! Forgot my earphones at home today and when I got to the gym I HAD to take my mums off her because I wasn’t about to run 20 mins without my good ass music 😁


Elizabeth . 9 months ago

Tips starts at 4:52


Angel . 9 months ago

I lost 40 pounds and since I’ve been with my bf I’ve gained 12 back! :( but since I’ve been going to the gym, and eating healthier and cutting out fast food I’ve lost 5 pounds. 7 more to go to be back to where i was. It doesn’t sound like a lot to lose, but it can be hard to get back into that healthy lifestyle and mindset.


DJ KHALID Spider . 9 months ago

Gorgeous 💕💕💕💕

Ross Diane

Ross Diane . 9 months ago

I'm 5 ft and I weigh 143 😐

Kylan Emanekaf

Kylan Emanekaf . 9 months ago

I wanna lose weight because I’m 105 and I used to be 96 sooooo...... (Btw I’m super short)

Jose Morales

Jose Morales . 10 months ago

I only use saturday as my cheat day lmao. I still go to the game the same day lmao

aimee r.

aimee r. . 10 months ago

ahah we have the same last name !! also thank you for motivating me !!


Francene . 10 months ago

I’m 140 rn and I’m trying to get to 125 please comment me some motivational stuff and your own stories if you want


Francene . 10 months ago

Okay how I’m only 5 pounds heavier than your after but i look fatter

Delicateangel xo

Delicateangel xo . 10 months ago


Hannah Jewell

Hannah Jewell . 10 months ago

She has weird nostrils


AYEPRIL . 10 months ago

I used to weigh 140 and now I weigh 110! 😄

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