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The Waterboys - The Whole Of The Moon (1985)



Published on 7 years ago

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surfinmuso . 4 hours ago

Who is here just because it's a great song?

Jimmy Cranston

Jimmy Cranston . 13 hours ago

listening 14th December 2019 ;-)

michael petersen

michael petersen . 15 hours ago

U2 Joshua tree had this song playing before the concert


MAJESTIC . 19 hours ago

Superbe chanson d'un groupe que je ne connaissais pas. BRAVO !!!

Cristián Oviedo

Cristián Oviedo . 1 day ago

Temazo! (Great song!)

joshua lauer

joshua lauer . 2 days ago

flashback to the 80's...i have not heard this song in like forever.

antonio `'

antonio `' . 2 days ago

this is 13 age, aeni`. some are, to show fluxing capas. becauuuse, "moon; water". its not as brash'd, as the visual. its subtle. The; how,; when you, get a tan or somethinig. Thats what its does. moves, about, foward, backward. while vocka, i think, moves; meaning when ; how the growth pattern is. If 3 inches. I think its differ. Though it might, be 2 weeks, to; when growing. Like From 12, 13, ages, for me. 1984, 1985. --Well, i do this, in the, with arts. I forgot, i paint earlly'. Then went to dance.?. or figured, to ask for, 9 balloons, i floated a bit. more. 9 months old. -aeni` marcianou D'Angianou

Deep South New Zealand

Deep South New Zealand . 2 days ago

they dont write songs like that anymore.

Laurie Kendrick

Laurie Kendrick . 3 days ago

I’m 60 and just turned my uber hipster nephew on to this song. As a guy, he told me he never listened to lyrics before I encouraged him to listen to the poetry in this song. The duality of experienced. “I saw the rain dirty valley— you saw Brigadoon”. Brilliant. He was floored by that line and others.. I still thill believe lo these many years later that venturing out of your comfort zone and seeing the world in all its beauty and strife is a positive, but sometimes staying put and learning about different perspectives in an organic way must have its positives too. The 80’s were a fun time for hedonists and I was one, a wild child, a Libertine in a time of political civility I was in my 20’s in the 80’s. I was so very, very lucky. .

lucy inthesky

lucy inthesky . 4 days ago

U2 joshua tree 2019 reminded me how much i liked this song.

Michael d'amico

Michael d'amico . 4 days ago

first cd i bought when i got my bay store credit card. location, toronto.

Roberth Frank

Roberth Frank . 5 days ago

uuuuuhh ta madre despues de jalar disfrutat esta rola tranquila gracias x la rola waterboys

finola mohan dunworth

finola mohan dunworth . 5 days ago

its great to see so many people getting to enjoy the brilliant Waterboys due to being featured on a tv series always been one of the best songs written ever! beautiful!

Xtoph De Caermichael

Xtoph De Caermichael . 6 days ago


patrizia stabile

patrizia stabile . 7 days ago



servalan65 . 1 week ago

One of the best songs ever written.

Sandeep Joseph

Sandeep Joseph . 1 week ago

Used by U2 in the Joshua Tree tour, as the last song before the band comes on stage. Love it.

José Eduardo Correa Lopes

José Eduardo Correa Lopes . 1 week ago

Amazing song ... Pure 80 Decade ... very good

Lee Parker

Lee Parker . 1 week ago

"I pictured the Rainbow. You held it in your hands. I had visions and you..."


Luis . 1 week ago

U2 brought me here!! it's a U2 thing


Stargazer . 2 weeks ago

+ DiscoBar80. Fantastic. Also, “The Stolen Child”, a masterpiece.


J S . 2 weeks ago

I've loved this song for years. Have several Waterboys albums. Got so focused on this song after someone posted it on a FB group. I pulled up the lyrics and truly looked at them while listening to the song and I am now a complete mess! What a lyrical/musical masterpiece!

Ca Pri

Ca Pri . 2 weeks ago

if you like this, you may like: The Waterboys - Fisherman's Blues. it takes a few listens for it to grow on you tho.

wisnu haryo yudhanto

wisnu haryo yudhanto . 2 weeks ago

I'm here because of U2 Joshua Tree Tour 2019


S R . 2 weeks ago

Wow Finally This Song Came to ME after so many years. You saw the whole of the moon 🌙 🎺🎻 Who is listening to this song in 1985 ? 🌹1️⃣9️⃣8️⃣5️⃣🌹

L. Parnell

L. Parnell . 2 weeks ago

Very post punk. Love it its brilliant:)


pymats . 2 weeks ago

The affair bought me here

Al Salmon

Al Salmon . 2 weeks ago

Up there with some of the best .. Still great in 2019 .

Theresa K

Theresa K . 2 weeks ago

”Ride the tractor! Kick the puppy!“

yeet. exe

yeet. exe . 2 weeks ago

Come from Let it Snow Saw everyone saying about The Affair.. Gotta watch The Affair

Lucia Simone

Lucia Simone . 2 weeks ago


Zainab Zahr

Zainab Zahr . 2 weeks ago

The U2 Joshua tree tour brought me here.

John Abi-Saab

John Abi-Saab . 2 weeks ago

One of the greatest rocks songs ever written. Amazing melody and even better lyrics.

jt ell

jt ell . 2 weeks ago

Adam Sandlers favorite band

Dewan Revan

Dewan Revan . 2 weeks ago

Siapa yg abis ntn om jimmy trus kesini


Sannah . 2 weeks ago


Denis Ryan

Denis Ryan . 3 weeks ago

1985 Croke Park Dublin what a day

Ava Adore

Ava Adore . 3 weeks ago

Masturbation got me here.

Mark S. Baker

Mark S. Baker . 3 weeks ago

I came here last week to hear the original version of this song right after hearing Fiona Apples remake of it for the ending of the Showtime Series, The Affair. I've listened to this song now many times and I don't mind saying I feel a bit cheated. I wasn't hiding in a whole in 1985. My then wife was pregnant with my first child. I listened to all types of music then so.... how is it, I never heard this song until a few weeks ago? Irish bands were very popular when i was a young adult. Just an awesome song, sung by both performers!

Esra Yılmaz

Esra Yılmaz . 3 weeks ago

Güzelmiş 💃Netflix 🤗

Amit Paul

Amit Paul . 3 weeks ago

The Affair ❤ One of the best series I have ever watched.

Rich Doe

Rich Doe . 3 weeks ago

Here from first time around,IMO one the greatest songs ever written the melody the words?top top drawer 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿🇬🇧🙏

Reinhold Leistikow

Reinhold Leistikow . 3 weeks ago

Einfach nur geil.🤡

Alci Oz

Alci Oz . 3 weeks ago

When 50% of the views are because let it snow: stonks

Andrew Clark

Andrew Clark . 3 weeks ago

Up there with the greatest for me

Donta B

Donta B . 3 weeks ago

The Affair series finale brought me here lol

Juan Jose Otero Lourido

Juan Jose Otero Lourido . 3 weeks ago

Años 80. Por qué fuisteis tan terribles?. No volváis jamás.

Paul o Brien

Paul o Brien . 3 weeks ago

'you just stayed in your room' I saw your mates crescent

Sheila Leite de Sousa

Sheila Leite de Sousa . 3 weeks ago

What is name of this blonde girl? Her voice is amazing!!!

Zoolar Plexus

Zoolar Plexus . 3 weeks ago

U2 The Joshua tree Tour 2017 Intro!!

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