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4 powers of Indigo children/adults that narcissists lack



Published on 3 years ago

Here are the 4 basic columns that carry the indigo people / starseeds. Without any of the 4 columns the indigo falls.
This video shows a truth about the indigo / starseed children and adults. What are the misconceptions and society's definitions that are promoted by the comfort zone of society to gain pride regardless from the truth. Many of the misconceptions are also promoted by narcissists and by narcissistic mothers to feel proud of themselves and of their golden child. Narcissism plays a big role in creating confusion around this therm. Narcissists want to feel good about themselves by using that good feeling putting on the harmless mask to harm others. Though there's a huge difference between indigos and narcissistic people, but most people can't see it because they're easily deceived by the manipulative character of the narcissistic person, but the only one who can't be mislead is the indigo person because of his ability of seeing the truth. The video is about the 4 components of the indigo and starseed child / person, about the misconceptions around this them and about the usage of narcissistic mothers chasing pride through the golden child and narcissists wearing the spiritual mask to pray on their narcissistic supply, abuse their victims and scapegoat the real indigos through social manipulation.

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Comments :

Elder the Unknown

Elder the Unknown . 1 day ago

Indigo Squad where we at!

Movie Star

Movie Star . 1 week ago

"indigo's are outside of comfort. They can't afford it" SHOOK

Laura Green

Laura Green . 3 weeks ago

Thank you!

Mark Flierl

Mark Flierl . 1 month ago

1:10 I'm an indigo and I fought with my mother constantly. I doubt many mothers would want an indigo child if they really knew what the personality was.

Mikey dizzyplugs

Mikey dizzyplugs . 2 months ago

Now I believe youtube can help with alot, after watching this!


TypicalStoner83 . 2 months ago

Did you put that tie on for this boradcast? Or where you coming back or leaving?

UncleDruncle’s Country Cabin

UncleDruncle’s Country Cabin . 2 months ago

It’s been very tough, for me, being an indigo in this iteration and realm. We are beacons of light but stuck in a world of the blind. Compelled to seek and share the truth to those unwilling to look or understand. Relegated to the corners of society by our brutal honesty. Chastised by liars and vilified by malevolence

Mercedes Fuertes Ruiz

Mercedes Fuertes Ruiz . 3 months ago

I'm an indigo child and I was told at a very young age that I was special. I know when the phone is about to ring I know when something bad is about to happen I see and pick up on energy I'm able to feel people's emotions and see aura and the list goes on. thank you for this video you did an amazing job.

Mercedes Fuertes Ruiz

Mercedes Fuertes Ruiz . 3 months ago

This is me

Imane Al Balaichi

Imane Al Balaichi . 3 months ago

This video is beautiful, i hope for this to be teached to children for them to know themselves and not take the abuse of others much seriously. I know that surroundings can influence them hugely. I was told for example by a parent that they can know whatever i think of! Or that they believe i am not honest ! and they kept putting their nose in everything i do . This is really disturbing even when you can see the truth. It affects the confidence. My heart is with all children. Luckily, life is a long time journey and as you said teacher by the end, everyone can start now. 🙏💛

Xander Rabie

Xander Rabie . 4 months ago


Mr Aurelie

Mr Aurelie . 7 months ago

Omg thank you so much I relate to this description so much 😭

Ponk 80

Ponk 80 . 7 months ago

Thank you so much, this is exactly what I was looking for.

Crystal Daughter of the Sun

Crystal Daughter of the Sun . 8 months ago

When I was little I always felt like I wasn’t from here. I was always trying to find home or remember where home. I felt like I was from the stars literally. I also knew I had healing abilities when I was little and I still have them.

Slimegirlxox MSP

Slimegirlxox MSP . 9 months ago

Heavy shoulders mate???

pahz place

pahz place . 9 months ago

So basically an "indigo" child, keeps it real! They're genuine in their nature and can call people and things for what their eyes and spirit reveals to them. Nothing special here to see, that's really just normal behavior that those who would rather revert to doing whatever they want in order to have their way (regardless of who they hurt) don't want no parts of. As poor behavior and thinking has a tendency of wanting to have its way without being transparent/being visible.........in hopes that nobody knows. So if confronted or reported they can say in return, you're mistaken or they will try to rewrite, all that they've already written. yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaawn. Anytime someone has the nerve to open their mouth and tell anyone, whether a child or an adult that they do not belong..........it is nothing but that persons need to be in control of what they want as an outcome. The same reason why someone that's stupid would take the initiative to tell someone that they do not like, that they're stupid. As they're hoping that they will believe their words (wishful thinking) and become a stupid individual. Only then will they accept them and deem them "likable"/tolerable, because they were able to manipulate their mind and destroy that which they saw in them.

pahz place

pahz place . 9 months ago

You will hear about and experience those that pretend to be harmless because it's for you to know these types at all levels and you really can't blame these types for doing what they do, especially when they're at a level that warrants them nobodies, etc. As there are those who have made themselves "somebody".............and really believes that they are better than others that have acquired this position that they've taken by way of deception, lies and manipulation. Although you don't necessarily have to lie in order to achieve, often times people will pretend to be x,y, and z because that is how the game has been set up to be played. The thing with ruthless liars is that they don't think, they just lie ...........and often times will not be consciously aware of how transparent their lies and all that they're doing can swoop back around and do a drive by on them. Coming from a place of truth isn't as awkward or bad as most want others that are truthful to believe. There are actually folk that make it their business to remind others ......or should I say bring to the attention of others how being truthful can "hurt"/get them in trouble. Something only an idiot will believe. But as usual, something as such can only be well said by a farce! Anyone that can see through lies is able to do so, because often times the drive and interest that they possess are not the same as those that have no problem lying (even for the stupidest things) or are the way that they are for reasons that serve their ego (not to be confused with that serve them) as deception and needing to deceive has no interest in serving anyone, Being that eventually deceptions goal is to destroy, through deception..........the very reason most will deceive. As it's all about said person getting their way.

pahz place

pahz place . 9 months ago

Folk are constantly sayin things that don't make sense, but hey.........what's new?!? Any parent that has this approach, wanting and needing to have a child that is perfect/someone she could be proud of, to the degree that she raises what's referred to as a narcissist or just completely destroys his/her life by embedding fantasies, lies and pretenses that has him or her feel and believe things about themselves that are not true. Fortunately I was not in the company of this type of adult (thank goodness) but I've had friends who's parents did all type of manipulation in order to ?!?! as well as gave them preferential treatment, only to abandon them in adulthood and revert to "liking" another one of the children due to whatever. I personally don't know what an "indigo" child is, but I do know that there are children that are special and unique for good reason. Not for parents to flaunt and talk about, neither are they created to compete and aim to be number 1, as there is no number for placement involved when it comes to life's unique creations. Anyone can give themselves or their children a title, but that doesn't mean that said person or child stands in that light so to speak. As most people tend to aim for importance, attention and will even fight for a number/placement, in order to matter. No one that confidently knows themselves and is content in self will get caught up in the likes. As I'm listening to the rest of the video, anyone that aligns themselves with nature and knows and understands what's expected of them stands for truth. Being that everyone was once a child, there really is no need for a title to define/speak on behalf of who you are and what you stand for. Being that anyone that speaks truth, can see people and things for who they are and stands confidently in who they are, (being that they know self) basically is an offspring of nature and all that it stands for. It seems like everyone is so fixated in giving others a title/some kind of definition to box them in and or address them in order for them to accept. But most often times, you can tell when someone is already aware and in tune with themselves.

Cullen Mcnabb

Cullen Mcnabb . 9 months ago

There’s a lot of indigos in this chat funny because I still live in Babylon and so do you stop posting in chats and start the revolution.

Ashiah Indigo

Ashiah Indigo . 10 months ago

It's interesting that mostly western,white women have all the indigo or special chidren...Yet every culture where nature and spirituality highly thrived were destroyed by these same western societies. Then they create trendy New Age genres of different bits of civilizations their ancestors destroyed and make billions off terms so abstract that literally anyone can be it...and feel a little more "special". You are either spiritually alive or dead..and ones sensitivity is more of a spot on the spectrum than a solid persona. Ranging from the very intuitive/ sensitive to narcassistic/abusers manipulators.

Anna Δανα

Anna Δανα . 10 months ago

I'm not an indigo by any means, so maybe I don't have a say on the subject, but I suppose that if half of the people who call themselves indigos were right, the world wouldn't be in such a state... I watched this video for the first time two years ago, but I recently realized that I didn't comment on it. I want to tell you that I appreciate it much, especially because it encourages anybody to potentially learn something from those special individuals. Thanks for creating this and sharing your knowledge with us🔹

Dot Eee

Dot Eee . 10 months ago

The WHOLE WORLD is made up of predators and prey. All prey are programmed from birth and the programming is continually reinforced on a daily basis by hypnosis, brainwashing and manipulation. A FEW prey are born with an innate knowing that something is terribly wrong. Something severely traumatic happens to those FEW (TRUE Empaths, indigos, the 144,000 whatever you want to call them) and the programming is broken and awakening occurs. Once you are AWAKE you can see the predators (like when Roddy Piper puts on the glasses in 'THEY LIVE'). The predators (Psychopaths, narcissists, sociopaths, borderline etc they are one and the same) have a 'Hive Mind' which means they instinctively recognise each other and close ranks to protect each other. Predators are not loyal and will turn on each other at the drop of a hat. They also have no problem throwing each other under the bus. EVERYTHING you know is a LIE. Once you are FULLY awake you stop chasing conspiracies (Flat earth, 911, space travel, Jesus, God, Religion, Racism, Transgenderism etc), because you realise that they are ALL just rabbit holes designed to keep you occupied and distracted. Once you are FULLY awake you can see the truth and you become a target (The MATRIX only works if THE FEW stay silent and are kept separated from each other). The Matrix is a hamster wheel, the only way to stop it is to get off the wheel, stop participating, stop chasing rabbits. Only when the awake come together, united under a common goal, FREEDOM and PEACE will the nightmare end The TRUTH is the world is complete and total nonsensical chaos, filled with pain and suffering and is maintained by FEAR. Welcome to Hell.

Reny Octavianty

Reny Octavianty . 11 months ago

So the weirdest on me is Indigo?? I even can see some spirits. It's rarely when I was a child. I just remembered that I always had conversations with someone I didn't know who was she/he but everytime I talked to her/him I felt safe. I also had problem in maintaining relationship with my childhood friends. I felt better to be alone all days. It made me feel more comfortable. And nowadays since I become an adult, the spirits appear more. I don't mind with that because they never bother me directly. But sometimes one of them hurts my body when they wanna ask for help even though they know that I can't help them. But thankfully, I know the person who can heal the hurts. Until now I still believe that I'm not an Indigo. I just believe that some spirits accompany beside me so I can see other spirits 😇

Slogg Slogg

Slogg Slogg . 11 months ago

thank you for the knowledge.

Indigo Avatar

Indigo Avatar . 12 months ago

Well done! An interesting and well perceived. Namaste

Wally West

Wally West . 1 year ago

egotism stinks...

Wally West

Wally West . 1 year ago

yeah i hate egotism...yeah i sense it..

Wally West

Wally West . 1 year ago

what happens when the government experiments on an "indigo" child?...NORAD shit..they told me "we will kill you if you do that again"..i can tell you...🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣...i said "i know i don't care".....don't piss me off.

Willie MasterMind in Development

Willie MasterMind in Development . 1 year ago

Love it.... Now I must question things about my own self

Scott Andrews

Scott Andrews . 1 year ago

Wow you are spot on with your carefully chosen words.... They are trying to make us out to be "narcissistic".... It's jealousy and I'm stuck with a true narcissist sucking off me.... unfortunately my wife. I'm fighting for air....

Kimber Lee

Kimber Lee . 1 year ago

I love this. Everyone is not "special". You're not all indigo children. Some of you are far from children. Narcissism is out of control. Just love each other. Don't worry about who you are. Don't worry what people think of you. Stop making yourself more than what you are. Just love. Love. I can't stress this enough. Just put love in everything you do. ⭐🌙🌞🌍💕

Justin Crow

Justin Crow . 2 years ago

indigo children are narcissists, they constantly crave attention and desire to portray characteristics that make them "special" or "unique" many of these kids will pretend to be psychics or incarnated aliens so that people will give them the attention they lack. they aren't more advanced and don't show abilities that others don't possess. they aren't more empathetic, they pray on the emotions of others and manipulate people to believe that they are special and have answers that they don't. don't believe this guy he just wants to believe that indigo children are special when they are emotionally insecure and isolated by their inability to integrate fully into society.


Annia . 2 years ago

thank you

Mario Ananda

Mario Ananda . 2 years ago

thank you soo much for this.. its like you just read my mind.. God bless you sir.

Maria Theresa Lacro

Maria Theresa Lacro . 2 years ago

i can sense truth and lies i cried for emotional songs and say sorry to mosquitoes if i smashes them. I say straight without fear even it will cause my life. I am a silent worker and I hate people saying that they are tired of their work. O hate racist and domineering people.


HUTCHIDAS . 2 years ago

Out of the countless videos I've watched this one is the truth.

Mike Hughes

Mike Hughes . 2 years ago

We , at this time in human history are now preparing for the entry of spiritual ego's who are of the 6th sub- race of the 5th Root Race. This incoming sub-race are now incarnating right here in North America , mostly in the U.S.A . Nevertheless Canada is as well apart of this Great Plan. Each sub-race will last about anywhere between 50,000 - to 200,000 thousand years. All depends on which principle , faculty , ,or a certain stage of human development that is being stimulated , - such as the Mind ,- { lower and higher Manas } . This development of the mind will be in the category of very long cycles , and so long that it will require 2 Rounds to complete , that being during the 5th root race of the next Round,....a very long time from now ,- and , for the bulk of Human Beings , will take yet thousands of more incarnations. The topic of '' Indigo Children'' is a New Age Fantasy. However I do know humanity in their various groups are indeed at many levels of development in their evolutionary growth and their inner expansions . Everyone , without exceptions are the incarnations of the ''Sparks of Divinity'' , and therefore all equal on a Soul Levels. The only difference is due to the fact that some Egoic Units have released much more of their Titanic Potential as highly evolved human beings .Something We All share. Each and everyone of us will , in time , manifest that self same inner Divinity. As cosmic evolution rolls forward , as Human Beings begin to unfold their inner Titanic potential as Sons of God.

red locarno

red locarno . 2 years ago

Fantastic video. Very interesting

Lux Meow

Lux Meow . 2 years ago

Your video made me laugh so hard. Thank you.

Rainbow Indigo

Rainbow Indigo . 2 years ago

Love and light to my fellow indigos... in god we trust ! X

Sylvain Slater

Sylvain Slater . 2 years ago

who would want to be an indigo child. You have such a weird vision of what would it would be to be born with a past you dont understand . Nigthmares that makes no sense and a purpose that cant be explained or accomplished I wish there is no such thing as what you are saying and that people that feels those things are just delusional

Diana Ball

Diana Ball . 2 years ago

yes I see beayond the facade... and religions need to go... they supress the humans and used to controll.. should I say narcissistic . .thats what those in power of religions are... especially islam.. oh my..medevil times need to vanish...

Michael Frid

Michael Frid . 2 years ago

In a lot of ways it is not only a gift but a painful life. Some of us see our lives played out in our dreams before it happens. Especially the negative. Sucks especially when there’s nothing you can do to stop it


#1Bravelady2 . 2 years ago


Dzeni Dzafic

Dzeni Dzafic . 2 years ago

Life on the Earth is not easy for one indgio person.

Rodrigo Rodríguez

Rodrigo Rodríguez . 2 years ago

Thank you

William Lowley

William Lowley . 2 years ago

Its hard but I'm hoping to over come the imbalances in my life to help myself not feel so sensitive all the time

Brighid Dannan

Brighid Dannan . 2 years ago

I like your take on this subject, make the most sense to me TY :)

Tommy McNamara

Tommy McNamara . 2 years ago

You’re right

MarianissearchingfortherealTRUTH Universally

MarianissearchingfortherealTRUTH Universally . 2 years ago

Here is a shot in the dark. Most of us know the the system is broken. Most of us know the system can't or won't help. I believe most of us do not trust the system or any of it minions. So - I propose we just work around them. There are many targets we can focus on. So - let me just float an idea for one serious problem - homelessness. There are so many people without homes and many homes abandoned and empty. We have vehicles such as "go fund me" and people who know how to organize - legally. Why can't we use the power you and the internet/social media in general have and put together people with the knowledge and the people with the desire to help and the money and crate our own entity to purchase the empty housing and use the money and volunteers to make the homes livable and form co-opts to run them and give the homeless places to live and support to make sure the people and the homes are properly taken care of. Help them get jobs, re-educate or just basically educate. Get the sick - physically and/or mentally the help they need. We do not need the government to do this. We have the ability to fix this with plain normal human beings. We have the power to make change.

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