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Boarding School for Overweight Kids

ABC News

ABC News

Published on 8 years ago

School provides radical weight-loss curriculum alongside academics.

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StudentOf Affluence

StudentOf Affluence . 1 day ago

0:37 Run fatty!!! Run!!!

Didid Jfkdjfif

Didid Jfkdjfif . 2 days ago

Fat bitch

Asian Dod

Asian Dod . 2 days ago

It's sad that as a kid I ate 3x these kids, and yet I never got fat, metabolism and what your parents cook make a huge difference. And I didn't even exercise.

Ermani Nevada

Ermani Nevada . 2 days ago

Sign me tf up

Shimmering Darkness Studio

Shimmering Darkness Studio . 4 days ago

Diabetes and struggle to walk? Jeez

Ragnar Strife

Ragnar Strife . 4 days ago

losing weight in my opinion is rly rly rly easy.

Sicko _

Sicko _ . 4 days ago

I’m 89.3 kilos and I’m 13, and I’m 5’9. I have 14 year old bones, and a lot of excess muscle. According to the scaling, I am slightly overweight but according to everyone at school, “as strong as f.”

Andrew Garratt

Andrew Garratt . 6 days ago

Hold the phone!....you telling me that I can make “$50,000” a head running/walking with fat people,make’n em eat healthy,and make’n em write about it? I’m selling my tools!!! I’ll do it for 25k a head and take all these peoples business.

StoneCold KillerQueen

StoneCold KillerQueen . 6 days ago

This is going to lead to an eating disorder. I have two and it’s a daily struggle. When that girl said she was afraid of even gaining 5 pounds, my heart dropped.

Banana Jones

Banana Jones . 6 days ago

Dude that’s not healthy I don’t agree with this at all!!!!!! The fact that this girl is still seeing her old physique and is petrified of gaining 5 pounds is horrible! Makes me wonder what kind of school this is, like this just doesn’t seem right to me. Something’s off to me.

Banana Jones

Banana Jones . 6 days ago

Dude what kind of nasty, mean person calls a plus size girl a “white whale” or a “hippopotamus” like what the fuck

Mackenzie Christian

Mackenzie Christian . 6 days ago

I need to go there I admit ............ IM FAT 😔😔😭😓😓

romester 1234

romester 1234 . 1 week ago

To anyone who’s trying to lose weight, I believe in you! You can do it, nothing is impossible if you believe and try 😊❤️

Bing Bong Productions

Bing Bong Productions . 1 week ago

Her parents wasted thousands of dollars on that, how about I don’t know stop eating every shitty thing you can find and walk for a half hour a day

max schwarz

max schwarz . 1 week ago

Fat losers lol how can you get ur body like that its disgusting


Logbia7k . 1 week ago

This can't be real right?

Eric Thompson

Eric Thompson . 1 week ago

Will lose weight than

Greg Doucette is NOT your doctor

Greg Doucette is NOT your doctor . 2 weeks ago

No fat?????? What are we talking aboooout!?!?!?!?! No fats= low testosterone, low estrogens levels, bad skin due to lack of essential fats, and possibly some cardiovascular issues.... people have no clue of what healthy and balanced eating is....

easy building 16

easy building 16 . 2 weeks ago

Some times bulling can coss death

Abd. T Juliano

Abd. T Juliano . 2 weeks ago

Eating fat actually help you to lose fat of course you still have to be in caloric deficit

4K HD Clips

4K HD Clips . 2 weeks ago

*fat kids*

avery neumiller

avery neumiller . 2 weeks ago

Dude I wish I had this in grade six


H H . 2 weeks ago

this sounds like a good idea... scaring children into eating less, until they start to become underweight and now they have obsessive thoughts of food

Alex Rusev

Alex Rusev . 2 weeks ago


Filip S

Filip S . 2 weeks ago

This shit is so fucking fun it’s my go to comedy rn

Alterra Tech

Alterra Tech . 2 weeks ago

Im 16, 256lbs and 5.10... but nowhere near as thick as I see others thats weight, anyone know why that is?


LORD TACHANKA . 3 weeks ago

Fat prison

Amando cr7

Amando cr7 . 3 weeks ago


Gaming with Nick

Gaming with Nick . 3 weeks ago

If shes bullied for being fat, then she should maybe try a diet. STOP EATING SO MUCH


German . 3 weeks ago

They hella fat 😂😂😂


KnightDucks . 3 weeks ago

So easy watch what you eat and how much you eat

Grant Pierce

Grant Pierce . 4 weeks ago

I’m 14 and weight 140 pounds though I barely don’t have a lot of fat on me

Paulfuss Entertainment

Paulfuss Entertainment . 4 weeks ago

15 pounds in one week? That’s not healthy weight loss! Edit: Also, the one girl from that academy sounds like she’s in the early stages of anorexia!

Bruce Wayne

Bruce Wayne . 4 weeks ago


Real Canadian Car Reviews

Real Canadian Car Reviews . 4 weeks ago

Least they are trying to better themselves ! Good for them 👏🏼💪🏼


Dillzzy . 4 weeks ago

0:02 the one on the right would get it

Rumbi Daura

Rumbi Daura . 4 weeks ago

She sounds like mabel from gravity falls


T J . 4 weeks ago

These kids are going to come out of here with eating disorders


alessandra . 4 weeks ago

1:38 hmm why?

Royal nation PERIDOT

Royal nation PERIDOT . 1 month ago

I want go there bc I can’t stay 145 pounds for the rest of my life

Jughead lodge

Jughead lodge . 1 month ago

when i 25 Y.O i weight 240 lbs. after 1year 185 lbs i lose weight slowly! no planning to lose weight actualy. since my tooth is hurting


SmolChirp . 1 month ago

In 2019 this would be considered “fat shaming”

Daisie Wikinsin

Daisie Wikinsin . 1 month ago

the thing is i’m not obese but i’m not skinny either, i have rolls , but only when i sit down ,i don’t have any back rolls and i’m a gymnast but my double chin makes me insecure

Eden Leave

Eden Leave . 1 month ago

Upon graduation they then enroll in anorexia clinic

Sarah Rafferty

Sarah Rafferty . 1 month ago

Guys it's ok to be like 200 or 300 pounds because I'm 204 pounds and I don't care but I think if you are around 200 300 maybe it would be a good idea to lose weight (not being mean) and I have been losing weight. I'm still working on it and if you wanna lose weight it is. Your choice also love yourself don't hate your self it is not good to hate your self for your own looks or apperens because loving your self is the right thing :)

Valeria Hernandez

Valeria Hernandez . 1 month ago

I'm trying to understand how that girl is 240 lbs! I'm 240 and I don't look like that! It's weird how we are all different!

Deliet Tewelde

Deliet Tewelde . 1 month ago

“All you can eat... to teach students self control” WHat

Weston Wheeler

Weston Wheeler . 1 month ago

0 grams of fat a day? That isnt healthy at all. Give them normal portions of food. 50 grams of fat, 100 grams of protein, 200 grams of carbs, 2000 calories for men, 1700 for women, excersises, and theyll lose the weight in a healthy way

ghost keeper

ghost keeper . 1 month ago

The reason people dont go to the gym is because they feel uncomfortable there. When I first went I saw people who have been going there for at least a year and everyone already had routines and shit. It was scary getting on the machines and moving the weight from 120 to 35. I felt like an embarrassment but it gets better. Most people wanna help and aren't stupid enough to talk shit in a place where you try to fix yourself.

Canada SK Fishing Survival Tristan Quantrill

Canada SK Fishing Survival Tristan Quantrill . 1 month ago

F god is not working you your working out your self

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