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Chord Overstreet - Hold On (Official Lyric Video)



Published on 3 years ago

Music video by Chord Overstreet performing Hold On. (C) 2017 Island Records, a division of UMG Recordings, Inc. / Safehouse Records, LLC


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Comments :

Besties 4 Life

Besties 4 Life . 22 minutes ago

Who else listens to this song when you miss someone who passed away i miss my papa❤😭

WnS Iraslive7

WnS Iraslive7 . 48 minutes ago

4 years with my beloved girlfriend, 4 years with that crazy ass kid.. The thing is that she is reallocating to the States because of her family, while we had so many plans .. The worst thing though is that we have less time than a year ... I mean Greece is way too much far from America, what am I supposed to do ? It feels worse when you know something before it's happening ..

Anjelica Rosales

Anjelica Rosales . 1 hour ago

I love this song this is mybest

Barbara Sunza

Barbara Sunza . 1 hour ago

Esta canción me recuerda a jughead de riverdale o sea a cole sprouse que sad que ya la termine y no ha salido la otra temporada y quiero que ya salga😍

Aurora Jeanette

Aurora Jeanette . 2 hours ago

Yes my dad he passed away when I was three and now in thirteen

Yareli Perez

Yareli Perez . 3 hours ago


Debbie Johnson

Debbie Johnson . 3 hours ago


Amir Jama

Amir Jama . 3 hours ago

I love this song

Elizabeth Maximiano da silva

Elizabeth Maximiano da silva . 4 hours ago


Ben Baker

Ben Baker . 5 hours ago

This song definitely hits me because I have been in the position of the singer and the other side as well.

Ink Chan

Ink Chan . 6 hours ago

"let me take your hand i'll make it right..i swear to love you all my life" that hurt me so sad😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

lamar saeed

lamar saeed . 6 hours ago

“your skin isn’t paper, so don’t cut it your neck isn’t a coat so don’t hang it your size isn’t a book so don’t judge it your life isn't a film, don’t end it” not my words, but spread them.

Hardcore Barbie GamerGirl

Hardcore Barbie GamerGirl . 7 hours ago

Suicide doesn’t end the chances of life getting worse, it only ends the chances of life getting better

Elena Bulwin

Elena Bulwin . 8 hours ago

Can you hear me screaming please dont leave me😭💔😭💔

Jenny Katah Katy Die drei BFF

Jenny Katah Katy Die drei BFF . 8 hours ago


lps alya minişler

lps alya minişler . 8 hours ago

Peter and Tony 😭😭😭

Marissa Angel

Marissa Angel . 11 hours ago

Hey guys! I know no one knows me but here is my life update. I added this to my playlist a long long time back. I was in a terrible place, cutting and trying to end it all the time. Couldn’t sleep. I went to a mental hospital. Never happy. No energy. Alone. I have not beat my depression and i don’t know if i ever will but looking back at myself, i have grown. I haven’t tried to kms and i haven’t cut in months. and it’s been a WHILE. I’m moving on with myself. Happy. New friends. I don’t know if i’m ever gonna be able to fully come back from that place i was in but all i know is i’m better. :)

Traphouse Lover

Traphouse Lover . 12 hours ago

Who else here is listening being the one in the friend group to make people feel better but then no one helps you cause if so same but literally all my friends don’t give a crap about me but this song reminds me of my uncle who shot himself in the head this summer


SophiaAndStufff . 15 hours ago

If anyone needs someone to talk to, someone anonymous and won’t judge, I’m here. I know pain. I still feel pain everyday. I’m here. For you. Remember, you are loved. Even if you don’t see it. I have to tell myself these things. But it’s hard to remember them. I know how it is lonely in a room full of people. I know a thousand compliments are nothing compared to one discouraging sentence. I know. Pain won’t stop unless you let it. I love you.


As1an . 15 hours ago


Brent Littlechief

Brent Littlechief . 15 hours ago

I missed my uncle Louie dawg he's passed away he has two strokes in his brain and he sick 😭😭😭😭😭😭

michelle clark

michelle clark . 15 hours ago

I love this song

Aaliyah T Cooper

Aaliyah T Cooper . 16 hours ago

When I hear his song I just burst into tears

Ana Luiza Mendes Carvalho

Ana Luiza Mendes Carvalho . 16 hours ago

i love this song

Olivia D.

Olivia D. . 18 hours ago

Did y’all know he was in glee?

Dre N

Dre N . 18 hours ago

This song makes me sad, but I still love it

luca HD

luca HD . 18 hours ago

Inshalla baba


PePpA PaG . 21 hours ago

I just lost my bff while listening to this...

P•A•U•L•E•N•C•I•As L•I•F•E

P•A•U•L•E•N•C•I•As L•I•F•E . 21 hours ago

This song has so much emotion 🤧😩😭

Jon Owen

Jon Owen . 21 hours ago

Loving and fighting Accusing, denying I can't imagine a world with you gone The joy and the chaos, the demons we're made of I'd be so lost if you left me alone You locked yourself in the bathroom Lying on the floor when I break through I pull you in to feel your heartbeat Can you hear me screaming "Please don't leave me" Hold on, I still want you Come back, I still need you Let me take your hand, I'll make it right I swear to love you all my life Hold on, I still need you A long endless highway, you're silent beside me Drivin' a nightmare I can't escape from Helplessly praying, the light isn't fadin' Hiding the shock and the chill in my bones They took you away on a table I pace back and forth as you lay still They pull you in to feel your heartbeat Can you...

Jazlyn Perez

Jazlyn Perez . 22 hours ago

This made me cry 😭 it reminds me about my pup that is dead 🐕

Marcus Marshall

Marcus Marshall . 22 hours ago

Best song ever

Vrisha Kotak

Vrisha Kotak . 22 hours ago

This song has helped me get through a move, I am missing family and friends. Always know that your not alone, somebody will always be there for you even in your darkest times. Remember you are loved.

Amy Mcken

Amy Mcken . 22 hours ago

Is anyone else scrolling through the comments looking at them and crying

Vampire Diaries fan

Vampire Diaries fan . 23 hours ago

In memories of Damon Steven and elena

shafique Mohhammed

shafique Mohhammed . 23 hours ago

Lovely song .. NR

Merit Roblox Starstable

Merit Roblox Starstable . 23 hours ago

zooooo mooi :)

Elinor Dvir

Elinor Dvir . 23 hours ago

stefannnnn come backkkkkkkkkkkkkk #tvd

Jamie Maizonet

Jamie Maizonet . 24 hours ago

I love you so much I use your song for party

Frankee Clark

Frankee Clark . 1 day ago

I Love this song

Talya Amen

Talya Amen . 1 day ago

Who else started crying 😭 I’m so so so so sad

N Beli

N Beli . 1 day ago

Vampire diaries 😭

Aidan Bailor

Aidan Bailor . 1 day ago

Tell me your problems

Angel wood

Angel wood . 1 day ago

Love this song

gacha gang

gacha gang . 1 day ago

I wish i sten to my friend that has..died from cancer i loved him so so much he was like a brother he was very kind and now that he has died i scared to lose someone i love i hope he knows that he was very important to me 🖤

Desh Edwards

Desh Edwards . 1 day ago

•Me listening sad remembering about my grandparents dog 🐕 😭

Muhammad Haziq Akmal

Muhammad Haziq Akmal . 1 day ago

This song is really good. The lyrics and music is really on point because every time I hear it, I can see what really happen in my mind.

jarnsqyboy 09

jarnsqyboy 09 . 1 day ago

its so

Travis Jones

Travis Jones . 1 day ago

I love this song so much this song is my Hart lol

Stephanie Lockhart

Stephanie Lockhart . 1 day ago

I cry for you

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