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10 Foods That Will Help You Lose Belly Fat (IN 1 MONTH)

Body Hub

Body Hub

Published on 7 months ago

Sometimes losing is also a good thing, especially if it means getting rid of those pesky belly fat of yours.

Besides from being an annoying, not to mention an unpleasant sight to see, belly fat is also a health hazard as it is closely linked to heart disease and diabetes.

If you think you’ve done your part in losing your belly fat, but somehow the scale shows the same number, your diet may contain some food that increases bloating. And so, to finally address your problem and help minimise, if not completely lose, your stubborn fat, below are ten belly fat burning foods that you can consider including in your diet:1.Berries
Berries are filled with up to 9 grams of fiber combined with antioxidants but have less sugar than most fruits.

This perfect combination makes berries a healthy and spectacular choice for your ‘Mission: Lose Belly Fat.’

Antioxidants also help optimise blood flow, providing more oxygen to muscles.

So before starting your workout, eat some berries to get those muscles prepped. 2.Avocado
A half avocado contains 10 grams of healthy monosaturated fats, which are responsible for stopping blood sugar spikes that dictate your body to put away fat around your midsection.

For the small population that loves avocado, lucky for you because regularly eating this fruit is linked to lower waist circumference and BMI. 3.Dairy

Complete your breakfast with a glass of low-fat milk or a half cup of low sodium cottage cheese, and you’ll have a belly fat reducing meal.

A study conducted in 2014 suggests that foods containing calcium can reduce weight circumference in people who are genetically predisposed to having more weight in their midsection.

Eating full-fat dairy products are good at losing belly fat as these are loaded with nutrients, which will be enough to keep you full for a long duration of time. 4.Nuts
Nuts lovers, rejoice! Almonds, walnuts, peanuts, pistachios, and many more are good for weight loss.

They are filled with healthy fats and protein that may help heighten your satiety levels, enhance the taste of food, and stop you from snacking on junk foods loaded with trans fats. 5.Leafy greens Vegetables, particularly leafy greens like spinach, collard greens, and kale are especially helpful for tightening those bellies up.

They’re laden with minerals like potassium that helps offset the bloat-inducing effects brought by sodium.

In addition, fiber-filled veggies prevent you from overeating, boost your metabolism, and promote good digestion, ultimately, reducing belly fat. 6.Whole grainsFoods packed with carbohydrates that are loved by many include oatmeal, wheat, brown rice, and so on.

Carbs aid in keeping your insulin levels low, thus, shrinking fat cells.

Furthermore, whole grains are absorbed and burned by your body more slowly for longer-lasting energy as opposed to refined carbs in white rice and bread.

Although grains have a tainted reputation because of their association with weight gain, this is because refined grains, which is a whole lot different from whole grains, are processed, thus, leading to wider waists. 7.EggsEggs are an excellent source of protein as well as water and fat-soluble vitamins that aid in keeping the hunger pangs at bay all the while help in building lean muscle.

High-protein breakfast foods like eggs are frequently linked to weight loss, reducing belly fat in the process. 8.Peanut butterSince peanut butter is packed with fiber and protein, it hugely contributes to keeping your stomach satisfied.

It’s also a great alternative to any other sugary foods that will not help you in losing weight.

So, if you’re looking for something sweet but healthy to sweeten your breakfast, aim for one tablespoon of peanut butter per serving, but no more than that. 9.Beans and legumes
Protein, vitamins, minerals, and fiber are the nutrients people get from eating beans and legumes.

Consuming them regularly help subdue hunger pangs, thus, preventing you to overeat. They help reduce bloat by helping your muscular system build lean body mass. 10.PotatoesBaked white potatoes are a great source of potassium, helping you fight off bloat and counterbalance the sodium in your body.

Since they are high in fiber, potatoes help in making you feel fuller for a longer period.

Just stay away from the deep fried ones. Potatoes are heavy in nutrients so long as they don’t come in a french fry form.

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kecilce . 1 week ago

Peanuts are not nuts.

ranger3347 . 1 week ago

What about sweet potatoes
Vishwas Singh

Vishwas Singh . 1 week ago

Here are 5 effective super foods that i have used and actually worked for me. http://invisibletutors.com/top-5-super-foods-to-include-in-your-diet-plan-for-weight-loss/
Jim Ladds

Jim Ladds . 1 week ago

The 10 foods discussed in this video have been my main diet consistently for the past 25+ years. I exercise regularly (minimum 4 hours + a week) . My BMI is 23 ...i don’y really have a weight issue, I am fit. But I still have a small spare tire around the waist that just won’t go away! Waz-up wit dat!
Pls Lui

Pls Lui . 1 week ago

I like avacado but with food lul

OOGA BOOGA . 1 week ago

Are has browns good or not
jack jack

jack jack . 1 week ago

I eat lots of these, I just eat 5 chocolate bars along with it
Antony Zhang

Antony Zhang . 1 week ago

Anyone tried the Custokebon Secrets? I have heard several extraordinary things about it and my cousin lost a ton of weight with Custokebon Secrets (just search it on google).
Kim Taehyung

Kim Taehyung . 2 weeks ago

Me: trying to have a diet plan Also me: lays down, eats chocolates and watches a thousand diet tips on youtube
harika nivas

harika nivas . 2 weeks ago

Ok then i'll continue eating my potato chips
Mariem Boukhris

Mariem Boukhris . 2 weeks ago

Yall I drank 3l to 4l of water a day and I lost belly fat in like a week or two here you go
Erfan Ferdosian

Erfan Ferdosian . 2 weeks ago

Carbs INCREASE insulin, not decrease it
brook duncan

brook duncan . 2 weeks ago

brook duncan1 second agogreat video thank its an inspiration  I find the 5 second hack is a great way to lose1lb every 72h. if u want to learn moor email me  [email protected]
Rita Lavigne

Rita Lavigne . 2 weeks ago

Hi everyone! I am not sure if my story can be categorized as an inspiring one but I lost 13 Kgs of weight in 70 days. So here goes my story. I am 5′7 and my ideal weight as per BMI was 68. I was weighing 83 Kgs and that’s the time when I decided to take the plunge in achieving fitness and my ideal weight. Since I was staying away from my family with flat mates, following an ideal diet plan was difficult for me. Hence I focused more on physical activity rather than following a strict diet schedule. So here goes my daily routine. 1. Wake up at 5 in the morning.(Most difficult and most important step of my schedule) 2. Drink Green tea 3. Go out for running/jogging/walking for 45 minutes. 4. Prepare breakfast. (Mostly it was white Oats with milk except Saturday and Sunday) 5. Get ready and leave for office at 7:15 6. Reach office by 8. 7. By 12 P.M, I used to take light meal consisting of a salad, half sandwich and a juice. My office canteen has this in their menu.(Lucky me) 8. By 3 P.M I used to close all my work and go to recreational club. 9. From 3:30 to 7:30, I used to do combination of gym, badminton and aerobics. 10. At 7:45 I used to take my dinner. Mostly it was fruit salad, followed up by some juice or a light meal of 2 chapattis and a vegetable. (Again this was available in my office canteen) 11. By 9 I used to reach home and by 10 I went to sleep by drinking a green tea. Other things which I did to achieve my fitness mission are - Started using stairs only. (My flat was at 8th floor and my office desk was at 5th. Hence I had pretty decent workout by just using the stairs) - Started having green tea 5 times a day. These are few of the challenges I faced in achieving the target . - Waking up at 5- It was the most difficult thing to do initially. Every Monday this became a major issue and the only way out of this is firm determination. Some Mondays it worked and some Monday’s it didn’t. - Diet control on weekends- We did not hired a maid. Weekdays I used to get my diet managed thanks to office canteen but on weekends I mostly used to order from outside and hence my calorie consumption used to go up. - Reducing the weight after hitting weight loss plateau- This term I came across when I started researching the reason for not losing weight once I hit 74 kgs. I figured out that my body got used to the routine and my routine needs to be changes to reduce weight again. For 2 weeks I tried different methods and then I saw the weight loss. Even after all these things I did not achieve my target of 68. I reached to 70 Kgs but the target of being fit was achieved though..

Daniel . 2 weeks ago

Every like I do 5 push ups
AdaywithShaye l Vlogs and more

AdaywithShaye l Vlogs and more . 2 weeks ago

this will be EASY!

Pyro . 2 weeks ago

I'm 107 pounds I'm trying to lose weight I'm 13
Zach Shult

Zach Shult . 2 weeks ago

2:16 my girls ears perked up
titroo Next Gen Nutrition and Calorie Counter App

titroo Next Gen Nutrition and Calorie Counter App . 2 weeks ago

Hi , If you are looking to bring balace to your diet try "titroo" a Next Gen Nutrition and Calorie Counter app our moto, "All food should be part of our diet from the sweetest temptation to the so called superfoods".
jose Rivas

jose Rivas . 2 weeks ago

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uhavemooface . 2 weeks ago

Please tell us to subscribe and like the video at the end of the video that is just not making me want to subscribe or like the video.
Ayush Khadka

Ayush Khadka . 2 weeks ago

Every like I get I'll do a push ups per day
AdrianBruh Fortnite

AdrianBruh Fortnite . 3 weeks ago

Body hub moreuke p hub
Lacie Pratt

Lacie Pratt . 3 weeks ago

Mentions peanuts as a nut, but not a legume 😂
Alberto Gonzalez

Alberto Gonzalez . 3 weeks ago

No one: Absolutely no one: YouTube ad: “ if you trying to lose weight”
Stress Cure World

Stress Cure World . 3 weeks ago

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pramilaflower pramilaflower

pramilaflower pramilaflower . 3 weeks ago

Please tell me a weight loss in easy please
roberto Almanzar

roberto Almanzar . 3 weeks ago

Hello i found this information very nice please e-mail me to send you the information at [email protected]
Simon Phoenix

Simon Phoenix . 3 weeks ago

Every like I get, I will do 10 push ups. 😀
The Woodsy Type

The Woodsy Type . 3 weeks ago

Goodbye sweet beer of mine 😪😪😪

Coms1 . 3 weeks ago

Not being disrespectful here or anything. I never thought of dairy is being a source of burning belly fat I always thought of green leafy, fruit an herbal products.
Haha Haha

Haha Haha . 3 weeks ago

I was joking I have not tried it but I’m sure if I do I will get abs
Bunny E

Bunny E . 3 weeks ago

little pig little pig let me in
Braydon King

Braydon King . 4 weeks ago

Bruh I love peanut butter I can eat a whole jar in a hour
Tom Banta

Tom Banta . 4 weeks ago

I disagree with the Grains, Beans, Potatoes and the Low Fat dairy, if you have Insulin resistance.

Izzy . 4 weeks ago

Am I the only one that LOVES avocodo? yep i knew it just me
Christof Morphius

Christof Morphius . 4 weeks ago

Plant based foods are the only foods humans should eat. Animal products aren't food. You should learn how to contast words on screen with background better.
Garnett Johnson

Garnett Johnson . 4 weeks ago

I started 3 days ago and seeing no results. Why is it taking so long?

Cquenctial . 4 weeks ago


GioShmackedYew . 4 weeks ago

Imagine having a nut allergy
give me Cookies

give me Cookies . 4 weeks ago

That’s funny I was eating berries just now
Prince Bhati

Prince Bhati . 4 weeks ago

(Top5) Vegetarian Juices For Fat Loss in 2020 Check it out if you like it http://aktalks5.blogspot.com
Goran Seso

Goran Seso . 4 weeks ago

This is expensive . I got one eat what you WHONT ex 30 min a day drink water and MOST IMP. DON'T EAT NOTHING AFTER 7. ONLY WATER. THEATS IT... AND STOP SITING IN FRONT PC OR PS2 OR WHAT EWER. BAY A DOG OR BIKE

stratocluster . 4 weeks ago

Dairys!!! Lose fat, get cancer 👍
Jijo Jijo

Jijo Jijo . 1 month ago

Dardo Quintana

Dardo Quintana . 1 month ago

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Karan Pawar

Karan Pawar . 1 month ago

Tu zhya aaicha boch
Haha Haha

Haha Haha . 1 month ago

Every like I get I will do 10 sit ups
Panda Battleships

Panda Battleships . 1 month ago

Life hack use white potatoes on a healthy potato chip maker
Ricky Francis

Ricky Francis . 1 month ago

Spectacular, very encouraging and fortifying

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