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Published on 1 year ago

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Tommy Boy Music is a legendary Hip Hop & Electronic record label founded in New York City in 1981. The label is credited with launching the careers of notable legends Afrika Bambaataa, Coolio, Queen Latifah, House of Pain, De La Soul, and Naughty By Nature.


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Party people
Party people
Can y'all get funky?
Soul Sonic Force - can y'll get funky?
The Zulu Nation - can y'll get funky?
Just hit me
Just taste the funk and hit me
Just get on down and hit me
Bambaataa's gettin' so funky, now, hit me
Just hit me

It's time to chase your dreams
Up out ya seats, make your body sway
Socialize, get down, let your soul lead the way
Shake it now, go ladies, it's a livin' dream
Love Life Live
Come play the game, our world is free
Do what you want but scream

We know a place where the nights are hot
It is a house of funk
Females and males
Both young and old, called the disco

The D.J. plays your favorite blast
Takes you back to the past, music's magic (puff)
Bump bump bump get bump with some flash, people

Rock rock to the Planet Rock, don't stop (x2)

The Soul Sonic Force - Mr. Biggs, Pow Wow, and M.C. Globe
We emphasize to show, we got ego
Make this your night, just slip it right, and by day
As the people say, live it up, shucks
No work or play, our world is free
Be what you be - be

Rock rock to the Planet Rock, don't stop (x2)

You're in a place where the nights are hot
Where nature's children dance and say the chants
On this Mother Earth, which is our rock
The time has come, and work for soul, show you really got soul
Are you ready hump bump bump, get bump, now let's go, house

Twist and turn, the you let your body slide
You got the body rock and pop, bounce and pounce
Everybody just rock it, don't stop it
Gotta rock it, don't stop
Keep tickin' and tockin', work it all around the clock

Everybody keep rockin' and clockin' and shockin' and rockin', go house
Everybody say, rock it, don't stop it (Crowd repeats)
Well hit me, Mr. Biggs (Crowd repeats)
Pow Wow (Crowd repeats)
G-L-O-B-E (Crowd repeats)
The Soul Sonic Force

You gotta rock it, pop it, cause it's the century
There is such a place that creates such a melody
Our world is but a land of a master jam, get up and dance
It's time to chase your dreams
Up out your seats, make your body sway
Socialize, get down, let your soul lead the way
Shake it now, go ladies, it's a livin' dream
Love Life Live

Zih Zih Zih Zih Zih (ad lib)

Everybody say, rock it, don't stop it (Crowd repeats)
Everybody say, shockin' and clockin' (Crowd repeats)
Everybody say, ichi ni san shi (Crowd repeats)
Say, Planet Rock (Crowd repeats)
It's the sure shot (Crowd repeats) (x2)

So twist and turn, then you let your slide n' glide
You got the body rock and pop, bounce and pounce
So hit me
Just taste the funk and hit me
Just get on down and hit me
Bambaataa's gettin' so funky, now hit me
Every piece of the world
Rate the message of our words
All men, women, boys, and girls, hey our Planet Rock is superb
Get on it
You got the groove, move (ad lib)
Feel the groove - feel it
Do what ya want but ya know ya got to be cool and boogie
Out on the floor, go down
Bring it low
Close to the ground
Everybody just rock it, don't stop it, gotta rock it
Don't stop
Keep tickin' and tockin'
Work it all around the clock
Everybody just rock it, don't stop it
Gotta rock it, don't stop (repeats)

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Comments :

Julio Minera

Julio Minera . 1 day ago


Damian Harezlak

Damian Harezlak . 1 day ago

Amazing Video on History

lenildo lira

lenildo lira . 2 days ago

Isso sim é funck

Daniel Osayande

Daniel Osayande . 2 days ago

This plays on nba 2K20 mobile during timeouts


RPGEEKS . 2 days ago

+ 1 T

Carlos Domenech

Carlos Domenech . 3 days ago

Si eres boricua te acuerda de esto en los 80...recuerdos brutales!

Gustavo Ramos

Gustavo Ramos . 3 days ago

true hip hop

TarTimur channel

TarTimur channel . 4 days ago

When my mom takes my PlayStation away so i take away her weird pink lightsaber i found in her closet

SH Room

SH Room . 5 days ago

That's too bad Afrikan Bambatta was found out to molest little boys. Just disgusting man....

series TV Gil Florez

series TV Gil Florez . 6 days ago

Que recuerdos,, la época de los 80s con el breaking,, cuando bailabamos en el colegio el gimnasio de occidente,, de Cali.. JAJA JA,, en esa época había un programa de TV llamado "BAILA DE RUMBA",, se presentaban concursantes de este GÉNERO...


MARIA NEGREIROS . 6 days ago

Massacrada Penha sp

Tania Sotero

Tania Sotero . 6 days ago

Tempo bom dancei muito está música no Cassiano bangu.

Antonio Marcos

Antonio Marcos . 6 days ago

🇧🇷 Tem Brasileiro aqui ?? Essa aí foi a primeira Batida Eletrônica, E foi assim que tudo começou no mundo do verdadeiro Funk 🎛🎵🎶

Bebé bettygirl

Bebé bettygirl . 7 days ago


Fabio Quirino

Fabio Quirino . 7 days ago

Kraftwerk rules !!!!


影山剛 . 1 week ago

Godzilla 松坂屋 時の番人

May Waves Everyday

May Waves Everyday . 1 week ago

Да это грибы

Угар ТВ

Угар ТВ . 1 week ago

Круть!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Бесподобно!!!!! Новому поколению не понять))))

jv America

jv America . 1 week ago

Shaw U Bear's Den

Mark Snow

Mark Snow . 1 week ago

I remember this song didn't it come out in 1980 or 1981?

Courtney Walcott

Courtney Walcott . 2 weeks ago

Listening in 2019

whittak s

whittak s . 2 weeks ago

Manchester - Hacienda. Date unknown. 😳🍺😂 198’ish

Arben Krasniqi

Arben Krasniqi . 2 weeks ago

Mit 16 Jahren in diese Musik ich war gute Tänzer

Ildebrando González

Ildebrando González . 2 weeks ago

The Parliament Funkadelic + Kraftwerk =

João Carlos Natal

João Carlos Natal . 2 weeks ago

Mais alguém ouvindo em dezembro de 2019?

Island Drum And Bass TV

Island Drum And Bass TV . 2 weeks ago

As a kid, I played this Track every day. I fell in LOVE with Breakdancing, Graffiti And Hip Hop on this DAY, meaning time and space. The beginning of it all, MY Culture...

Rogerio CARECA Braga Santos Siqueira

Rogerio CARECA Braga Santos Siqueira . 2 weeks ago

Afrika é o marco . Quem gosta vai curtir com certeza em 2019💖👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾💖👍🏾💖👍🏾

mike yan

mike yan . 2 weeks ago

Like the black village people


incer3 . 2 weeks ago

featuring faithless? many artists inspired by these roots imo

Dupree Branch

Dupree Branch . 3 weeks ago

Kraftwerk !

Stuart Dooley

Stuart Dooley . 3 weeks ago


Raymond Nerona

Raymond Nerona . 3 weeks ago

Uh oh here we go

Carlos Medrano

Carlos Medrano . 3 weeks ago

I don't hear this song the same after hearing Arthur Baker's interview about recording this song. Bam was the only one giving this track a chance but his whole crew thought it was wack that they threaten to leave the group because they thought it was corny. Baker also talked about how the "zeh zzzeh..." part was Bam forgetting his lines so he did that but they left it in.

zonkldz LordamianZoN

zonkldz LordamianZoN . 3 weeks ago

Amemosnos unos a otros como Jesús nos ama Adquiera el mensaje de amor de Jesús

Marcos Barriere

Marcos Barriere . 3 weeks ago

Afrika like where Hassan and 🐝 stinga

Celso Custodio

Celso Custodio . 3 weeks ago

Meu dancei e danço até hj essas musicas sim te fas sair do lugar e dançar pra caralho 😂😂😂😂😂

Ernandesferreira Ferreira

Ernandesferreira Ferreira . 3 weeks ago

Tempo bom

Oscar Cavez

Oscar Cavez . 3 weeks ago

Rip to my best friend Steve

Edmundo Vieira

Edmundo Vieira . 4 weeks ago

muito legal curtindo 2019

Glenda Ruiz

Glenda Ruiz . 4 weeks ago

1980s era yes baby! 🔥🔥❤❤

Hake Jason

Hake Jason . 4 weeks ago


Melissa Hosana

Melissa Hosana . 1 month ago

Trans Europe Express

Roberto Ramirez

Roberto Ramirez . 1 month ago

I DON'T HEAR ANYTHING ABOUT NATIVE AMERICAN CULTURE APPROPRIATION!!??? but black dudes do it so that's ok ... ??!😒😒😒🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️

Mardiney goth

Mardiney goth . 1 month ago


Shane Johns

Shane Johns . 1 month ago

New Tamp Anthem

Finn Jons

Finn Jons . 1 month ago

If you listen to Hip-Hop but don't know Kraftwerk you should be ashamed


Jonoliver . 1 month ago

2019 song is still hot.

rob dem

rob dem . 1 month ago

Hip hop in his clearest form - miss that time😭


littlerascle59 . 1 month ago

This song was ahead of its time. Absolute classic.

Rodrigo Falcão

Rodrigo Falcão . 1 month ago


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