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Cooking Is Pun

Published on 4 years ago

Copycat Walden Farms Pancake Syrup Recipe | FAT FREE - SUGAR FREE - CALORIE FREE

This is the EASIEST calorie free recipe maple syrup recipe you will ever find! The best part about it is you can customize it to your taste and needs. For example, I used stevia rather than sucralose because I prefer it as a sweetener.

You can use this syrup in anyway you would use sugar laden syrup; it makes a great copycat Starbucks Maple Macchiato (my favorite!) or as a replacement for Fontana Syrup.

This syrup fits an array of diets: from low carb to keto to iifym to Adkins! Try in on my Puncakes for a sweet, low carb breakfast:

1 teaspoon Stevia Extract ( $0.12
1 teaspoon Maple Extract ( $0.12
1 teaspoon Vanilla Extract ( $0.17
¼ teaspoon Himalayan Salt ( $0.02
2 cups water Water: $0
1 teaspoon Xanthan Gum ( ):$0.16
Makes 16 oz. for $0.59
COMPARE TO 12 oz. Walden Farms Pancake Syrup: ( $8.37 ( $4.99

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Comments :

Betsy Bird

Betsy Bird . 2 weeks ago

Beware diabetics. Xanthum Gum is sugar.

Betsy Bird

Betsy Bird . 2 weeks ago

Waldon products hide sugar in thier products that affect diabetics and the general public. They claim to be a company that sells healthy products, however they can't be trusted thier a syrup company. Shame on them

Christina Paggett

Christina Paggett . 1 month ago

Do you have to refrigerate the syrup?

Linda P

Linda P . 2 months ago

I tried to make this today and ended up dumping two batches. First of all, xanthan gum must be placed in already moving liquid or it will not break down. Secondly, the color never changed after adding both vanilla and maple extract. Instead I got this grayish white looking thing. I figured ok, maybe it tastes great even if it doesn't look great but it tasted horrible. I added more maple and stevia and still horrible. I know one thing, when you try a recipe twice following all the directions and it still doesn't come out right, it's not a good recipe.

Carson Kramer

Carson Kramer . 3 months ago

I am wondering if anyone has tried this with Jordan's skinny syrup. Maby boiling it first and then adding xantham gum? I'm not sure what would work.


buckeyedav1 . 4 months ago

Very nice so many possibilities and you can use other flavorings that aren't extracts candy flavored extracts that you use to make hard tack candy.. Butterscotch, Strawberry, etc. would probably have to experiment but those are sugar free Thank you so much for sharing your recipe, AnnaInOhio

Mike Breler

Mike Breler . 5 months ago

Good job! No Erythritol which is made from GMO corn.

Mike Breler

Mike Breler . 5 months ago

Good job! No Erythritol which is made from GMO corn.

Mike Breler

Mike Breler . 5 months ago

Good job! No Erythritol which is made from GMO corn.

Mike Breler

Mike Breler . 5 months ago

Good job! No Erythritol which is made from GMO corn.

Mike Breler

Mike Breler . 5 months ago

Good job! No Erythritol which is made from GMO corn.

Mike Breler

Mike Breler . 5 months ago

Good job! No Erythritol which is made from GMO corn.

J YJim

J YJim . 5 months ago

How long does this last? In the fridge or on shelf? Thx.

timshel Leo

timshel Leo . 7 months ago

Thanks a bunch for the great recipe!👍

Christina Hilalian

Christina Hilalian . 8 months ago

Thanks for the recipe! It tastes unbelievably like regular maple syrup... thanks so much!

Traci Vosberg

Traci Vosberg . 8 months ago

Fyi this is good in milk.

Jessica Stepnowski

Jessica Stepnowski . 8 months ago

So excited to try this!

Mike Dowell

Mike Dowell . 9 months ago


Joey JoeyJoey

Joey JoeyJoey . 12 months ago

Cool. I love that syrup. Does stevia gives bad stomach aches like Splenda does? I’m diabetic also.

Thomas Scott News

Thomas Scott News . 1 year ago

I need to gain weight.

Iris Derrickson

Iris Derrickson . 1 year ago

Mos def gonna try this!

Kati F

Kati F . 1 year ago

Mine is quello like - what did I do wrong? Used the exact same ingredients. HELP! I am a Waldenfarms Panacke Syrup addict so this would help me so much!!!!

Carisa noneya

Carisa noneya . 1 year ago

I made this tonight, i didn't like it at all. I like stevia like in my tea, but not in this recipe.. Ugh

Emily Todd

Emily Todd . 1 year ago

Omg lifesaver!

Maya Shah

Maya Shah . 1 year ago

Lovely!! Any advice to make it sticky?

Kati F

Kati F . 1 year ago

How long can I keep it in the fridge?

Desire Love

Desire Love . 1 year ago

Could you dupe the ketchup, dressing, and bbq sauce?


turkeybuttsammich . 1 year ago

Just tried -- perfecto!Thank you sooooo much!


Dylan . 1 year ago

can I make their mayo or BBQ or anything else


FREE TO FAMILY . 2 years ago

Where is Walden Farms sold???


ConstantCompanion . 2 years ago

I wish this crap didn't have Stevia in it.


DeathMarkz . 2 years ago

Would we be able to replace the xanthan gum with psyllium husk? I don't have xanthan gum :(


LoveIsHope . 2 years ago


Sugar Brown

Sugar Brown . 2 years ago

Your keto syrup tasted better than the keto pancakes.

Mariane Bourque

Mariane Bourque . 2 years ago

I bought Lorann Oils Butter and maple extract(emulsion) thinking i was buying the best out there. and my syrop taste like chemicals. If i put to little it doesnt taste like maple syrip and if i but the right amout it taste very chemical so sad i bought alll this stuff doesnt know what to do with it now


Wookiemonsterfreak . 2 years ago

I watch you vid on resistance starch. Know that you know about them, why bot try your recipe substituting xanthum gum with, say, tapioca starch? Or reduce the amount of XG with TS? I plan on trying this my self. As for waffles from another vid of yours, I like using collagen protein. I will play with additions of buckwheat flour, and soon rice flour thats been heat and cooled a few time for the resistance benefit.

Trish Truitt

Trish Truitt . 2 years ago

Absolutely brilliant!

Bill Schroedel

Bill Schroedel . 2 years ago

Great recipe. Thamks. I want to definitely try it.

Grandma DC's Insanity

Grandma DC's Insanity . 2 years ago

I was thinking the same thing...thanks for doing the ground work...fantastic


JewelsFromVenus . 2 years ago

Oh my...gawd...pure genius!!!!! I am about to make this Right Now!!

Patricia R

Patricia R . 2 years ago

Wow! Definitely I will make this syrup!! How do you storage? Refrigerate is needed?

Amy Lichach

Amy Lichach . 2 years ago

OMG I CANT WAIT TO MAKE THIS ! I was almost about to spend 9$ to get waldens off amazon since i havent been able to find here !!! Thnx girl!!!!

Ethan T

Ethan T . 2 years ago

Did not taste good

F Rivers

F Rivers . 3 years ago

thank you for making this video...!


hipretty . 3 years ago

OMG I Love you for this. I used to use walden farms it is already pricey, but it started to get super pricey for me because I was eating protein pancake everyday! How long does this stay in the fridge?

jenna crawford

jenna crawford . 3 years ago

I subbed because of this video!❤

Jim Battiston

Jim Battiston . 3 years ago

Honestly Real Maple syrup from a tree. For Me. Life is short , Enjoy nature's gift.

Mykala Shew

Mykala Shew . 3 years ago

I struggle with an eating disorder and this has made me feel so much better about eating syrups and stuff. (I've made maple, strawberry, and vanilla with this recipe) so now I can eat syrups. thanks!

Lisa Granberry-White

Lisa Granberry-White . 3 years ago

So excited to try this! I was very skeptical about spending $5+ for the Walden just to possibly not like it, so this is great. Question, does it need to be refrigerated? How long will it last meaning shelf life? Great video thanks for sharing.

Slick Willie

Slick Willie . 3 years ago

I was hoping there was a way to do this.

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