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Camila Cabello - Cry For Me (Lyrics)

cotton candy

cotton candy

Published on 1 month ago

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Spiritual Cabello

Spiritual Cabello . 3 days ago

Camila:Hey Shawn! Shawn:Sup Camila Camila:Will you cry for me? Shawn:.....I’ll be Crying in the Club Camila:OMG! Shawn:Camila you will never be the same Camila:Ok something’s gotta give Shawn:Look for some Real friends. Camila:You ain’t worth it Shawn:Oh no your making me a liar Camila:Shameless


R FM . 3 weeks ago

I really like the bridge 😍

Simran Singh

Simran Singh . 3 weeks ago

Such a great song!😍🎶🙌 Great video, as always.😊👍 Thanks!🙏💕

Spiritual Cabello

Spiritual Cabello . 3 weeks ago

Huge fannnnnn

Aya Karma Akabane

Aya Karma Akabane . 1 month ago

Hi friends i love camila this sing is the best and like please

Rishabh Chahal

Rishabh Chahal . 1 month ago



Kalia . 1 month ago

Tini: don't cry for me Camila: cry for me

Smita Panggam

Smita Panggam . 1 month ago

Now days every song sond the same like if I am right

Lava Dana

Lava Dana . 1 month ago


Cordellia Purple

Cordellia Purple . 1 month ago

Who love Camila cabello? Hit the like.

parimal ghosh

parimal ghosh . 1 month ago

Please reply

parimal ghosh

parimal ghosh . 1 month ago

Very nice voice love it 😄😃😃😃😃

Mohammad Ali

Mohammad Ali . 1 month ago

Maria Rinta-Rahko

Maria Rinta-Rahko . 1 month ago

This song is so good, chatchy, cool, powerfull and sassy🔥. Camila has such a beautiful, powerfull, unique, sweet, cool and cute voice👍. She looks like Dua Lipa and Lana Del Rey she's gorgeros😍.

Little Mix Line Distribution

Little Mix Line Distribution . 1 month ago

What do u use to make your lyric videos

Still a piece of Garbage

Still a piece of Garbage . 1 month ago

12th person to see this sing but I love this song😍


SergioChanLol . 1 month ago

Hello there

Queen Harley

Queen Harley . 1 month ago

I love this song now!!!!😍

wissal mjahed

wissal mjahed . 1 month ago


Asjah Julian

Asjah Julian . 1 month ago

Camila😍😍😍 In love with the song


AMINE BOUGHANI . 1 month ago

I love you camilla

jessy sameh

jessy sameh . 1 month ago

Ilove u so much camila iam from egypt ♥🌸

m.h. tousif

m.h. tousif . 1 month ago

2019-saw 2030-will be seeing ❤❤❤ Edit:Give me like for such music lovers

ünlüler hakkında

ünlüler hakkında . 1 month ago


Appril Mayot

Appril Mayot . 1 month ago

First viewer can I please get likes🥺🥺🥰

Arames S

Arames S . 1 month ago

Oh my god I'm first!!!

Brisiela Markeshdedaj

Brisiela Markeshdedaj . 1 month ago

First view comment like heyyy❤❤❤💖

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