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Drea Ocejo

Drea Ocejo

Published on 4 years ago


Everything you want to know is right here…

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Jennifer Magallan

Jennifer Magallan . 1 week ago



Lizziegirlnyc . 3 weeks ago

Eating before a workout??.. Do you wait about 2 hrs before starting your workout?

Gavin Lynas

Gavin Lynas . 1 month ago

If know that with the keto diet you eat very low carb and in about three days you body is completely empty of all glycogen (carbs) and you are in ketosis. You have normal days where you eat the regular amount of calories that your body is used to (say 2000) and you're supposed to get around 70% of those calories from fat, and then have days (say Mon, Wed, Fri) where you you eat less calories overall (say 1000) and therefore eat less fat so that your body is forced to use body fat to make up the difference and hence you lose fat weight. However with carb cycling I'm struggling to see how the body is 'burning fat fast' since it doesn't seem to ever need to dip into its fat reserves since, although you're eating less carbs on some days and forcing the body to burn it's glycogen stores, you never get to a point where those stores are empty since you have days that top it back up again. If I was to guess the answer I'd say that the body doesn't have to be completely rid of glycogen to burn extra fat, that the lower your glycogen levels get the more and more fat your body starts to burn, that on the days you don't eat much carbs you trigger more fat burning than usual because your glycogen stores are getting lower PROVIDED you don't eat extra fat on those days which would just be put back into your fat stores. So essentially you're doing a less strict keto diet (low carb) on some days without eating the large amounts of fats to compensate for the calorie difference, and then pulling yourself back out again by eating extra carbs because you can't sustain a low calorie diet without eating either extra fat or extra carbs. You could even sum it up as - Mon & Tues eat half the carbs and fat you normally would and eat more meat and veg to help feel fuller, Wed eat normally but don't overdo the fats, Thur & Fri eat the same as Mon & Tues, Sat & Sun the same as Wed. Am I missing something here?

Giselle Heart

Giselle Heart . 2 months ago

2019 the free weight-loss tracker is not free anymore 🤷🏼‍♀️ just tried it

C García

C García . 2 months ago

Tienes una cara de barranquillera


Palpatine . 2 months ago

fun fact eating 161 with your body compisition may lead to gluconeogenisis which turns protein into sugar

David D

David D . 3 months ago

Just show those hot pics

Tim Norton

Tim Norton . 3 months ago

Lots of good information I'm sure but at 20 minutes sorry intro was so long and so much rambling just couldn't do it past 10 minutes... give thumbs up but no sub sorry just so much rambling...

john smith

john smith . 3 months ago

This girl just talks endlessly - MY GOD LAND THE PLANE

Samantha ?

Samantha ? . 4 months ago

I eat 1 high carb meal on a Saturday and 1 on a Sunday and it helped 🤷🏼‍♀️ with low carb meals on weekdays

Sidney Vazquez

Sidney Vazquez . 4 months ago

This won’t work for everyone, I keep seeing people comment that’s too much calculating or stressful.... etc. But this works for Endomorph body types. If you aren’t this body type then this will obviously be too stressful for you. But nothing works for me (endomorph) But this. Because of how we are built and because our metabolism is slower than the other types. So if this is not working for you, find out your body type so you can do what your body needs.

Z. M.

Z. M. . 4 months ago

Ugh I really wanna try this but it seems so complicated!

Shannon Lim

Shannon Lim . 4 months ago

blah blah blah blah wow

LL 123

LL 123 . 5 months ago

This sucks..get on with ur freaking point

Nique & Yancie Lifestyle

Nique & Yancie Lifestyle . 5 months ago

Your so much better then all the.other people who tryed to teach me to eat better 😍❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤


heythereDeLILAH03 . 5 months ago

Ok this is great but how the hell do you know this? Google?? Do you have a background in nutrition that helps you understand all body types?

ed wardo

ed wardo . 5 months ago

Where does sugar play into this? Avoid sugar or carry on as usual?

Poet Victoria Hunter

Poet Victoria Hunter . 5 months ago

I am 42 down 90lbs and muscle gaining and cutting a bit more. You can eat 100grams of carbs and have black coffee and shot of acv with mother in it. Doctors say 100grams of carbs is powerful. I have 50 to 100 grams of carbs on high carbs days. My schedule is Mon - Wednesday low carbs. Under 30 grams. Protein is at least 100 grams. My fats is about 60 grams. Workout, brief walking (no intense cardio) Thursday - carbs only from certain veggies. High protein (over 100) and low fat. Cardio, no high intense workout. Friday and Saturday high carb (under 80 grams. No more than 100). High intense workouts including cardio. Sunday low carb day (under 50 grams of carbs) no workout.

Poet Victoria Hunter

Poet Victoria Hunter . 5 months ago

Eat whole grain bread instead. Eat blood type diet and you home free. I eat blood type diet and feel great and 90lbs down and growing muscle fast. Pork is meat that can be eaten by all diet but not every day.


originalmrgrta . 5 months ago

There are two different types of carbs: Simple carbs and complex carbs. Simple way to explain it is: Complex carbs are harder for your body to burn therefore the longer those carbs are in your body the faster they turn into fat. Simple carbs are natural (coming from fruits and vegetables) and are easier for the body to burn and get rid of.


YouGottaBeKidding . 5 months ago

I want to do this! I prefer counting calories on high carb days. I plan to limit to less than 2000 calories. On low carb days probably less than that. Oh yes, minimal exercise. I have 32 pounds to lose. This won't make me skinny but is a good weight for me. Will I still lose weight?

Garfit Gar

Garfit Gar . 5 months ago

Specialist sports nutrition



Carbs are not essencial for your body at all. There are essential aminos and essencial fatty acids. There are no essential carbs. Glucose is produced in the liver as needed. There is a clear advantage to fueling certain forms of exercise, like strength training. You do lose strength when glycogen depleted. Just dont say they are essential to your body.

Federica Di Fraia

Federica Di Fraia . 5 months ago

I have experimented with several fat loss plans already but none of them provided me the results just like I acquired from this “Yamzοkο Weebly” (Google it) plan. Also I am not eating much as I used to be, I still don’t really feel jittery or even feel a crash I have lost about 15 lbs ever since applying this item. .

Cocina De Soul

Cocina De Soul . 5 months ago

What do you when you eat out? I am a college student and I eat a lot on the cafeteria how would I measure macros?

Liberty Angel

Liberty Angel . 5 months ago

How long did it take her to transition between her before and after pictures at the beginning of her video

Avacado and Greens

Avacado and Greens . 5 months ago

Had to dislike because you said BREAKFAST IS THE MOST IMPORTANT MEAL OF THE DAY! You obviously don't do IF.

Stevie G

Stevie G . 5 months ago

Makeup is insanely FLAWLESS!!

Gregory Cicherski

Gregory Cicherski . 5 months ago

i thought that carb cycling included medium carb days. Am I wrong?

Samantha Edwards

Samantha Edwards . 5 months ago

What lipstick are you wearing?


carolfouache . 6 months ago

Hi from Brazil! Great video! Congrats!

Brett Bergen

Brett Bergen . 6 months ago

Quick question...On days where you low-carb and eliminate stuff like potatoes, brown rice, and wheat bread; what do you replace for those foods to make up for the calories


RUS . 6 months ago

Your teeth are beautiful. I should try this carb cycling, great explanation video!

Madison Freeman

Madison Freeman . 6 months ago

what if i’m vegetarian? 😅

Andrea P

Andrea P . 7 months ago

Do you have an recommendation for those who are vegan (protein)?

Danielle Williams

Danielle Williams . 7 months ago

Love your videos

lucila maria

lucila maria . 7 months ago

Carbs are the homies

Stephanie Slaughter

Stephanie Slaughter . 7 months ago

Ok im definitely NOT A UTUBE NUTRITIONIST in the comments so I need to know what a healthy fat is....lol

Mary K

Mary K . 7 months ago

@Drea, your instagram not working, can’t find your account

Sonia Chesnut-Meléndez

Sonia Chesnut-Meléndez . 7 months ago

Thank you Andrea, this is very helpful. I heard about carb cycle from an advertising. Instead of buying their program I figure I could save money and look on YouTube, with this I found you!!! Thanks again, lots of information. I love it!!!!!


cocoj126 . 8 months ago

I would not recommend iifym.com. The macros they gave me were extremely high.

trans form

trans form . 8 months ago

iifym.com 6:45

Tabitha North

Tabitha North . 8 months ago

6:50 for website info o.o

Dianne Gaudreau

Dianne Gaudreau . 8 months ago

Excellent info, however you do mention that you do get cravings at times with this......Im not craving yet since im on the Warior fastting diet lower carbs---I lost 12 pds in 6 days and have 100 pds to lose--I love your info because I have lost alot of weight in the past and with only the 40 pds left to lose I reached a plateau and gave up only to gain more weight---I do fear the cravings with the high carbs but im giving it a try--THANKS:)

why so serious

why so serious . 8 months ago

When does the actuall video start....?????

dietary supplements

dietary supplements . 8 months ago

Green Barley Plus is a multi-component food supplement that supports fat metabolism and liver function. Green Barley Plus improves fat metabolism thanks to garcinia cambogia extract. http://nplink.net/GXohL5JI

Krysten Chambers

Krysten Chambers . 8 months ago

Veggies have fiber which cancel out the carbs.

Lena Harman

Lena Harman . 8 months ago

Hey, I've started carb cycling and was amazed with how much energy I had on my low carb days, I'm now on a high carb day and feel DEAD, my energy levels have never been lower and I'm so confused because I thought that carbs give me energy. I read somewhere that its my serotonin levels... but i have no idea, can you explain?


ramram92 . 8 months ago

I think im doing like high, high, low, high, low, beer (i mean high) 😂😂 the good thing for me is that im eating wheat! Instead of white

Vann Helsin

Vann Helsin . 9 months ago

I'm sold

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