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Why You Should Count Total Carbs, NOT Net Carbs on Keto

Dr. Anthony Gustin

Dr. Anthony Gustin

Published on 11 months ago

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To reach ketosis, most people will have to limit their carbohydrate intake to below 50 grams of carbs per day. But does that mean total carbs or net carbs?

The total vs net carbs debate is a strong one and I can see both sides. But in order to get into ketosis quickly and stick with the ketogenic diet the longest, I recommend starting by counting total carbs instead of net carbs if you're going to be tracking your macros.

What are the differences between net carbs vs total carbs?

Total carbs are just that. They are all the carbohydrates in a food, including the fiber, starches and other sugars.

Net carbs are total carbs - fiber.

The argument for counting net carbs is that since fiber doesn't get digested in your gut, it doesn't affect insulin and if your insulin isn't affected then it doesn't matter.

The reason that I suggest counting total carbs vs net carbs in the beginning of your ketogenic diet is because if you can keep your TOTAL carbs to 5-10% of your diet, it will be so much easier and simpler to ensure you stay in ketosis.

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Comments :


DAV URGE . 3 months ago


Robert Blanche

Robert Blanche . 6 months ago

fiber is important for diet, 38g/day for males under 50. Is it possible to reach that without going over 20g total carbs?

Nicola Mitchell

Nicola Mitchell . 6 months ago

Doesn’t simplify things for us in the UK as our fibre is already subtracted. I just stick to 20 net carbs it’s easier.


Dream . 7 months ago

Net carbs actually simplify my life more. Cause I don’t gotta worry about going over 50gs since most of those are fiber. All in all really confusing. For example an avocado has 10 grams of fiber and 2 net carbs in a cup.

Chupa Chups

Chupa Chups . 7 months ago

Using total carb means you don t get to eat veggies enough. Most ppl don t eat enough veggies anyway, that s why they don t bother. But if you go keto to stay healthy and not just to loose weight you definitely want to eat veggies too

Reality isnt A choice

Reality isnt A choice . 9 months ago

As long as your eating whole foods in their original form and no processed or artificial sweeteners. Keeping it around 20ish net is fine. Without enough fiber we get the glass for number 2 . Just be reasonably active and don't eat until your stomach pains wont go away. Don't over drink water. Your shouldn't be peeing like a racehorse all the time. And anything processed and labeled keto is processed and has some kind of suger in it. Don't eat it. It's there to kick you out of ketosis. If your in ketosis, then skipping a meal will probably be happening more often than you think because your not hungry. Keep your meals simple. Keto baking is only for skinny lean people to make them fat again.


BringBackTheOldKanye . 9 months ago

This guy is just plain wrong... Keto is all about net carbs.

steven yany

steven yany . 10 months ago

Good luck being healthy and staying long term on <20 total carbs. Veggies have lots of fiber and are a staple to a healthy keto lifestyle. Don't listen to this b.s. its not difficult to track just use a tracking app if you are that lazy. Just do carnivore if you want under 20 total carbs because veggies and avocados are out when keeping under 20 total carbs. Too restrictive, not necessary, and not going to keep u out of ketosis. This is like the 5th video in a row from this guy I disagree with.

Crystal Knauer

Crystal Knauer . 11 months ago

I’m confused because on your website (correct me if I’m wrong) you say to track net carbs. What’s the deal? I’m looking to start keto soon but now I’m confused. Thanks in advance!

Art Blackwood

Art Blackwood . 11 months ago

Net carbs for me! ~20g per day.


Keef . 11 months ago

On and off keto for 2yrs now and always just track net carbs and keep things in the 15-25g range. That same range using total carbs doesn't equate to much food at all, might as well just go carnivore.

Kathleen Maulorico- Grant

Kathleen Maulorico- Grant . 11 months ago

Total carbs. That's how I first learned it and I'm glad I did because I've lost 31 lbs since Oct. 1st, 2018, so only 3 months. I've read lots of facebook group posts where people are counting net carbs and they cant figure out why they're losing weight so slowly, or even not at all after months on keto. I'm a huge proponent of tracking total carbs and keeping them below 20/day.

Gay Preator

Gay Preator . 11 months ago

“Yes keep it simple (stupid).” No disrespect just a nice way to coach yourself. KISS. 👍

Lindsay Rhoderick

Lindsay Rhoderick . 11 months ago

If we’re counting total carbs, is the goal to stay under 20-30g?

Brandi Lee

Brandi Lee . 11 months ago

What about veggies? If you don’t subtract the fiber then I don’t think I could have very many veggies? Some keto doctors out there say you can have a lot of veggies and some say no. What is your take on it?

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