Everything you need to know about low carb diets for bodybuilders. Low carb and ketogenic diets are relatively effective at burning fat... but how does that fit into a bodybuilder lifestyle of trying to keep massive muscle? Jerry Brainum gives you the straight facts.

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Comments :

google inc

google inc . 3 days ago

i love the moron top comment is some weeb idiot who only cares about the shortcut notes, its hard to please people, you see a person whos some roided up idiot talking about their product people get mad calling them sellouts, you get SCIENCE in a video and people want to just skip to the important parts.......these people usually fail really quickly in fitness because they give up because they only care about the phase not the love of fitness


Davidento . 7 days ago

My question would be did you eat enough calories when you started losing muscle? Losing muscle just because you stopped eating carbs completely just doesn't make sence. Even if you ate a lot's of protein which actualy goes against ketogenic diet to be honest because you need to keep protein modarate to stay in ketosis.....as long as you didn't have enough calories and as you said you didn't have anough fat storage it would be natural for your body to start eating muscle. But if you would be eating enough calories there is simply no reason why your body would start losing muscle. In fact the opposit would be true because ketones are proven to have positive effect on preventing muscle wasting. So i think the lesson is eat enough calories if you want to keep/build muscle no matter what dietary lifestyle you are folowing.

Daniel Smith

Daniel Smith . 4 weeks ago

Great video, I beg to differ check out keto savage, I've been low to carb diet, and I train daily for 10 months now with no adverse effects

Mice Elf

Mice Elf . 1 month ago

No... that's the short answer to the title. Of course that's just my opinion.

S. Aleks.

S. Aleks. . 2 months ago

regarding that effect keto supplements produce in the body (preventing from using own fat for energy), is it correct to assume, that being on low fat low carb diet as long as you have some body fat left will be better for weight loss?

Firas Hajbi

Firas Hajbi . 3 months ago

that's horseshit. People are on ketogenic diets for years and thomas delauer is one of them. The crappy feeling can be simply avoided with some table salt and water. potassium can never be flushed out of the body as it's reabsorption rate is 99% . Also like 95% of potassium is inside the cell so this doesn't make sense. Keto contains a lot of veggies and fiber. Here's a study that prouves what says this guy is total shit https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC4271639/ Keto is better for building and maintaining muscles for like 8 months +

Keto Beach

Keto Beach . 3 months ago

Moved to Florida, started keto, lost 40 lbs including beer belly in 3 months and got pretty ripped at 56 years old.  Vlogged the whole thing beginning to end.

Dejan Kojic

Dejan Kojic . 4 months ago

Love this guy.

Robert Norton

Robert Norton . 5 months ago

Great video well explained easy to understand great info without all the complicated science I am converted new watcher thank you

Mario Thaci

Mario Thaci . 5 months ago

So much free information . Thanks a lot 👍

sagar ekbote

sagar ekbote . 5 months ago

for water problem just supplement with creatine.

Steven Arcand

Steven Arcand . 6 months ago

He's talking about Atkins (said zero carbs and Atkins is more protein than fat), KETO (once you are fat adapted) you can get 50 - 100 (or more ) carbs (not sugar or starchy carbs UNLESS, you are fat adapted and only after your workout to get your protein in faster). Just to start Keto (not Atkins) you are LOWER carbs (20 - 50), this guys only thinks he knows what he's talking about folks, why he experienced muscle losses is because the super high protein and no carbs from plenty of veggies, which the liver converts to glucose through gluconeogenesis, but with enough carbs from veggies (fiber) and higher fat than protein (slows down absorption of protein, which slows down or halts gluconeogenesis). Oh, and you do replace electrolytes with Pink Himalayan salt and super foods like Avocado's and Kale. Remember, BACON is a super food on keto : ) Do not eat fake ketones from supplements is right. Lack of Fiber?? You are not talking about Keto, you are talking about ATKINS. Keto embraces ass loads of vegetables, what is in vegetables?? You guessed it, loads of fiber, potassium, magnesium, too many trace vitamins and minerals to list, and you add your Pink Himalayan salt. Once you are fat adapted, you CAN get away with eating some starchy carbs after your workout so you can get your protein in. Sure, you will be out of keto for 1 hour but since you got fat adapted for a month, your body knows fat is fuel, so your insulin returns to normal, and you continue being a fat burning machine. Remember, false information by just pretending Keto is Atkins and then saying stating facts from both and still calling it all Keto is misinformation. It's like saying a watermelon is good for you because it's a fruit, so the avocado is not needed.

Guy Appino

Guy Appino . 6 months ago

This guy presenting this video is brilliant and his knowledge is deep based on years of experience and following his passion. From now on, I nickname him "The Truth".


jaih12 . 7 months ago

So the optimal for fat loss, and leN muscle production is 5 on 2 off?

Sijun Xiao

Sijun Xiao . 7 months ago

Ketogenic diet does not lack fiber! a keto plate consists mostly of vegetables! Other than this Jerry is very accurate about everything he says.


James4wd . 8 months ago

Soooooo carb up for bulking, and weekend carb cycling for cutting. 👌👌


Rawhealthbitch . 8 months ago

You have a lot of facts wrong, you need lots of veggies to clean the fats and proteins from the liver to prevent a fatty liver and it is not a diet for a few weeks or months, it is a lifestyle

josh greg

josh greg . 8 months ago

So yes or no because you said It ate your muscle but them explained how if you do it differently that it raise hgh and testosterone to help you gain muscle

Bryan C.

Bryan C. . 8 months ago

I was in the hospital for 3 days from diabetic ketoacidosis. Lost a lot of weight and in the aftermath I became a Keto/low carb guy. I’m also a lifter who uses a Keto preworkout powder


Kane6676 . 9 months ago

Bodybuilders have amazing genetics and can eat carbs if they want. Their bodies don't store fat which is what allows them to be a body builder in the first place

elmer cook

elmer cook . 9 months ago

Speak the fuck up

Will D

Will D . 9 months ago

Dr Berg's recommendation for keto stresses fibre...from veggies (kale, spinnach etc)

Will D

Will D . 9 months ago

Thanks for clearing up the 'Experts' version of the Keto diet. Respect

David Kymdell

David Kymdell . 9 months ago

Banting diet = about 5% carb, high protein and high fat, body will sustain itself through gluconeogenesis. A true keto diet is about 5% carb, 15% protein and 80plus % fat. The former is what most people think is actually a keto diet, the latter is the diet that was developed for epileptic in the early twenties. A true keto diet is heavily unsustainable and will fuck you up like the dietician tell you it will. I just don't see the point in going through all that shit when you can find plenty of dudes online that are 5-10% all year round that eat plenty of carbs

Adrenaline Family

Adrenaline Family . 9 months ago

Good video


geoopa . 9 months ago

Dave Palumbo says that if you ingest any carbs you can't achieve ketosis. My understanding is that a keto diet has zero carbs. Who do you chose to believe. I guess that's why I'm about over with You Tubers giving advice.

Jack Meoff

Jack Meoff . 9 months ago

My question is could this work for a lean bulk ?


Whoisjayexquisite . 10 months ago



Whoisjayexquisite . 10 months ago

Science is politics! Same reason March and sciences split in the 13th century- furthermore as human beings we all strive to know it all yet we are definitely all different in our chemistry and our with our bodies are different and for that reason this guy is bullshit. I said it... @Lionpackfitness_official


Hotwheel66 . 10 months ago

I did Keto and lost 30 pounds, But got to a point where My energy was gone and hard to lift Heavy. So I raised My Carbs to about 75 grams or less a day and My strength and energy returned and I also maintained My weight loss.

Robert Lulek

Robert Lulek . 10 months ago


Mack Dack

Mack Dack . 10 months ago

Can you use the 6 days low carb and 1 day with carbs to both lose weight and gain mass? Do you just tweak your calories?

Nosh Montgomery

Nosh Montgomery . 11 months ago

As an especially carb insensitive individual which types of carbohydrates can guarantee I will grow in the right places? Complex ones only?

Larry Christy

Larry Christy . 12 months ago

No fibre? Ever heard of cauliflower?

Meso Horny

Meso Horny . 12 months ago

If drinking coffee puts you in a state of ketosis why is it then that everyone who drinks it all day long is usually fat ?


eriksonja . 12 months ago

Ketoacidosis happens when ketone levels AND blood glucose levels are high, which never happens in Low Carb people. Type 1 Diabetics have to be careful with Keto diets because of their inability to shuttle the glucose out of the blood without meds. For type 2 diabetics keto is rarely problematic

Cranjis McBasketball

Cranjis McBasketball . 1 year ago

keto guido!!!


ppucks . 1 year ago


Andrews Ohene

Andrews Ohene . 1 year ago

The great lee haney said it best Low carb diets are for fat boys stay in shape

Mal Davies

Mal Davies . 1 year ago

Well researched Jerry! I've been on Keto for two yrs now and I agree with most of what you said. There is only one minor difference and that is I only have one day for carbs which is solely for the purpose of keeping my body's ability to breakdown sugars. I've never fatigued or lost muscle but I also haven't been on any regime to cut up for competition. Ketone supements knocked me out of ketosis and I quickly became tired/fatigued - so stopped taking them. Have you looked into intermittent fasting as it boosts testosterone massively! I never feel better than when I'm intermittent fasting - which I do about 2/3 days a week. Really enjoyed the vid! Information is very accurate from my own experience! 👌

John Manganello

John Manganello . 1 year ago

Without insulin, how can your body absorb all the nutrients you eat?


NSA KEY . 1 year ago

Your channel is second to none for its genre; always very informative and intelligently composed. Thank you for sharing your valuable knowledge.

Terje Oseberg

Terje Oseberg . 1 year ago

When you experienced severe muscle loss on the low carb diet when you had such low body fat, were you eating nothing but protein and no fat in your diet either? I mean, were you on a low carb, low fat, high protein diet, or were you on a low carb high fat diet? Obviously if you are consuming no carbs and no fat, your body is going to have to somehow produce ATP. If you have no dietary fats or carbs and no body fat to speak of, you're going to experience some ill effects. If that's what you were trying to do, you're lucky you didn't die.

tank abott

tank abott . 1 year ago



kickn-aDead-cat . 1 year ago

I’m 66 years old and have been on a keto diet for seven weeks. I’ve lost 18 pounds all of it around my middle and chest fat. I’ve been a skinny fat guy most of my life. Thin arms and legs but a bit of a potbelly. I also do a 16 eight intermittent fasting regimen. Even though when I was younger I did join gyms and try to work my muscles to get them larger that never seemed to happen. I joined the gym again started working out with weights. First off my energy levels are through the roof. I actually have to stop myself from doing more in my workouts, so I dont hurt myself. After just three weeks my biceps and triceps feel rocksolid. When I flex my arm I can see and feel biceps muscles getting larger. I do typical keto regiment around 20 carbs or less or from vegetables. The only fruit I have are berries. I thought I was having too much protein than fat so I started doing bulletproof coffee in the morning. After fasting for 16 to 18 hours I have a bullet proof coffee and go to the gym. My blood pressure which was high is now an athletic range. I measure it fasted in the mornings and it’s usually around 116/68. I also learned about Circadium Rhythm and I’m getting good eight hours sleep every night. Are use blue Blocker glasses at around 9 o’clock at night and take 3 mg of melatonin. So if you’re getting older I want to change your life for the better keto is the way to go.

Esmeralda/ lifthardeatsmart

Esmeralda/ lifthardeatsmart . 1 year ago

Carb rotation works great for me. If you suffer from hypothyroidism a ketogenic diet isn't for you; you need at least 30 gr of carbs/day to produce the proper hormones. Coffee, coconut oil before training and BCAA's during training sessions make me going into ketosis even eating carbs, I know this because of the way my sweat smells when training. And as Jerry said; don't prolong the ketosis for a to long period of time; if've experienced myself that when cutting too much on the carbs my muscles start to look 'flat and empty'. I'm also a natural lifter.

Hugo Olmos

Hugo Olmos . 1 year ago

One of the best and informative videos ... thank you


OnToBetterThings . 1 year ago

I wonder what his take on @anerobixx's pure protein diet which is zero carb and a 80% protein to 20% fat ratio for extreme fat burning and muscle retention


bkohler89 . 1 year ago

14:29 OMFG STOP calling it "Brain fog" im so sick of hearing that, call it what it is. You feel "Lightheaded" cause of low blood sugar and your temples feel so tight you feel like your head's gonna explode. Tha'ts what low blood sugar feels like, don't call it brain fog it's sounds stupid

Kalashnikov Cortez

Kalashnikov Cortez . 1 year ago

no human population has been found to be in ketosis, not the Eskimos, not the Maasai, not Olympics athletes. Yet, you want us to believe in ketosis?

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