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Hozier : From Eden Lyrics

With Razan

With Razan

Published on 6 years ago

From Eden by Hozier
Apologies for the mistake and typo in the lyrics. It was too late to change.

Comments :

Amy _17

Amy _17 . 3 days ago

Ineffable Husbandsssss

Meepsicle 118

Meepsicle 118 . 7 days ago

This reminds me of my first house in minecraft switch and its beautiful

ryhab khan

ryhab khan . 2 weeks ago

God the lyrics, the music, the voice, I can die for this man

bare bevy

bare bevy . 2 weeks ago

yeah i know the lyrics👌 🙄


wensenam . 3 weeks ago

super nuta

Dale A. G.

Dale A. G. . 3 weeks ago

Crowley: I influenced someone to write a song about you

Mirza Yıldız

Mirza Yıldız . 1 month ago

baaabe there’s something magic about you;)


Space . 2 months ago

Can't listen to this without getting chills. Besides it being perfect for my favorite ship ( ineffable husbands) it's just such a beautiful and meaningful song.

Rattatattat tattat

Rattatattat tattat . 2 months ago

Hoziers songs hit way too close to home. How..


Micaela . 3 months ago

Okey but Lucifer and Eve

Gugu Mapalala

Gugu Mapalala . 3 months ago

Good morning to the world thank for such a lovely message

Jenna Sadler

Jenna Sadler . 3 months ago

When he said "prisssson" I felt that holy shit


Kayleigh . 3 months ago

The percussion in this song reminds me of Led Zeppelin’s Fool in the Rain A high compliment indeed

Tam Bek

Tam Bek . 3 months ago

I was sure no one was gonna know good omens in the comments section. Guess I was very wrong

Roselia Stratton

Roselia Stratton . 3 months ago

I 'm liking every freaking comment to do with Good Omens and I'm out breath.

Jen Hart

Jen Hart . 3 months ago


Stormy Lovely

Stormy Lovely . 4 months ago

I want to slow dance to this song with my girlfriend


jillian . 4 months ago

I don't think he's actually capable of writing a bad song

Albert Chhab

Albert Chhab . 4 months ago

Coool! I am Syrian too. شكرا

Simona S

Simona S . 4 months ago

I like how majority of us is here because of Crowley and Aziraphale


laamiroly . 4 months ago

Hozier commented that the song was based on songs from blues music (I believe) where God and the Devil are relegated and treated as people. He stated that his song was like the Devil's ode to God. And his lament to having fallen from grace and missing it as well as his love of or for God. Essentially, a love song of how evil misses and loves where it originally came from.(Superconsciousness)

cyber th0ts

cyber th0ts . 4 months ago

that moment when you just wanted to listen to one of your favorite songs & then the comments are about ineffable husbands 😔👊

Anthony J. Crowley

Anthony J. Crowley . 4 months ago

Oh how dare he expose me

Emily Lockling

Emily Lockling . 4 months ago

Okay but which version is this because I love it so much and it sounds different from the one on spotify

joe bob

joe bob . 4 months ago

NO TIRED SIGHS NOT no tight side wtf???


UnwrittenChic . 5 months ago

Cant believe im just hearing thisss


HideoutPhilosopher . 5 months ago

Every time I listen to this, I have this weird feeling in my chest. But it's a good feeling Also-Ineffable Husbands

Patricia Sjoerds

Patricia Sjoerds . 5 months ago

Nice.. text is perfect fit in life..

Music Lover

Music Lover . 5 months ago

Aziraphale and Crowley

Septic Rabbit

Septic Rabbit . 5 months ago

I love this song so much! Even if I don't understand the story it's trying to tell. 😅

Selina Sinister

Selina Sinister . 5 months ago

hozier literally confirmed this was a love song from the serpent's perspective, like, the snake from eden being in love. that's LITERALLY ineffable husbands. how the hell did they do that. how is it so perfect.


ChocolateSpringrolls . 5 months ago

Hehe my name is Eden

Courtney Waller

Courtney Waller . 6 months ago

Estranged wife you are so blessed and missed

Brooke Linton

Brooke Linton . 6 months ago

This song sounds like a fall morning-- everythings calm and the sun is really bright.

Renee Rogan

Renee Rogan . 6 months ago

I was gonna comment something about Aziraphale and Crowley but I guess other people are just as obsessed with Good omens😂😇❤😈


SAILOREARTH89 . 6 months ago

I found this song from the good omens fandom. also pale blue eyes by the velvet underground

Neptune Productions

Neptune Productions . 6 months ago

This reminds me of my old boyfriend, we only had a year difference in age but so much of him reminded me of myself when I was younger. The idealism and the cynicism. Those characteristics are what pulled us apart before geographic distance could split us apart.

Molly 2e

Molly 2e . 6 months ago

all of you good omens fans in the comments are going off dsjifheiuwsjui

Queencess Jessy

Queencess Jessy . 6 months ago

Innocence died screaming. Honey ask me, i should know. 💔 love this lyric

Queencess Jessy

Queencess Jessy . 6 months ago

Thank you somuch for making this video💗💗💗💗

Animated Introvert

Animated Introvert . 6 months ago


Alice Smith

Alice Smith . 6 months ago

Came here for good omens, stayed for the great song. Honestly it’s amazing how have I not listened it before ?

Gamzee Pope

Gamzee Pope . 6 months ago

"chivalry falls on it's sword" god that hits HARD


K L . 6 months ago

Why are half the comments about Good Omens akdboahdovakshwo Love that show but that's not the point

Miana 22

Miana 22 . 6 months ago

There's something about this song that makes me think about Good Omens :,) anyway, I love it❤

Nira Banerjee

Nira Banerjee . 6 months ago

Please tell me that someone else notices that the lines “Where to begin?” And “Babe, there’s something broken about this, but I might be hoping about this” are missing from this video


Pi-chan . 6 months ago

IDKW but I'm tearing up right now

Fresca J

Fresca J . 6 months ago

Can't believe Hozier wrote a song about Aziraphale and Crowley


EmmaCLilley . 7 months ago

I have never listened a Hozier besides Take Me To Church until now. I'm glad I made this choice. This song is heavenly.

Bianca Pilichi

Bianca Pilichi . 7 months ago

Oh Ineffable Husbands feelings...

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