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HEALTHY 1-MINUTE SNACK IDEAS | quick, easy snacks

Meghan Livingstone

Meghan Livingstone

Published on 1 year ago

Last week I shared 5 healthy snack ideas, and today I'm taking it up a notch with some of my favourite 1-MINUTE SNACKS :) These are all super healthy and super quick to prepare. SUBSCRIBE for weekly videos: http://bit.ly/2nn24pd

→ Chocolate Hemp Milk Recipe: https://bit.ly/2N1JkJ3
→ 5 Easy & Healthy Snack Recipes: https://mp3download.xyz/watch/jHfn6IATzVg
→ More healthy recipes: https://bit.ly/2MIk4s9

→ Rice cakes: https://amzn.to/2N33QsR
→ Sunflower seed butter: https://amzn.to/2KKPXKF
→ Hemp Seeds: http://amzn.to/2DvPc5p
→ Cacao Powder: https://amzn.to/2MfC9xo
→ Medjool dates: https://amzn.to/2PTl3ng
→ Pecans: https://amzn.to/2BZTdTp
→ Canned Tuna (my favourite brand): https://amzn.to/2CedZ1N
→ Canned Salmon (my favourite brand): https://amzn.to/2C492se
→ SHOP my favourite healthy items: http://bit.ly/2nx8NMm

→ Website: http://www.meghanlivingstone.com
→ Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/meghanlivingstone
→ Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/mlivingstone11
→ Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/mlivingstone1

→ Camera: Canon t3i
→ Lens: http://amzn.to/2k5Gmow

→ Tomorrow Town by Finn's Fandango
Courtesy of Soundstripe

Disclaimer: This video is for informational purposes only and does not substitute or replace medical advice. All opinions expressed are my own. This description contains affiliate links, which means that if purchases are made when clicked, I’ll receive a small commission. Thank you!

Meghan Livingstone, CNP
Certified Holistic Nutritionist

Comments :

Natalie Robinson ELM

Natalie Robinson ELM . 6 months ago

not cocolot milk thair is no milk milk is much beter gives you stron bons

Caitlin WIlliams

Caitlin WIlliams . 8 months ago

This is probably a stupid question but is cocoa powder vegan ?

Hannah Bradshaw

Hannah Bradshaw . 9 months ago

PEEcan or PUHcan

Bridget Gorrie

Bridget Gorrie . 9 months ago

if you can’t find hemp seeds, they sell hemp milk in most grocery stores! it’s not in the refrigerator though.

talhaa ameer

talhaa ameer . 10 months ago

thnx so much. i needed to my a healthy snacks for school

Jade Lynn

Jade Lynn . 10 months ago

nice video! cant wait to try the hemp milk. just out of curiosity.....what kind of camera and mic do you use? thanks

Peris Ndirangu

Peris Ndirangu . 1 year ago

Soak the nuts pls

Peris Ndirangu

Peris Ndirangu . 1 year ago

Apart from hemp seeds .. u can make cashew milk and u do to....have to strain like .......almonds Which. u have to use a strainer ..

Peris Ndirangu

Peris Ndirangu . 1 year ago

I love rice cakes .. but I heard they are not healthy ...is that true ...

Kisha Phillips

Kisha Phillips . 1 year ago

Thank you Meghan I am going to try this, I am always looking for healthier snacks for my family and although different I ready to try. Also I was looking to speak to a holistic person who can guide my body back to a healthy state

Prolific Powers

Prolific Powers . 1 year ago

Amazing material! Keep track of the videos, excited about observing more of them

Diana Pirajan

Diana Pirajan . 1 year ago

seem great ideas, however where can you buy those seeds? in my contry it is not available :(

Angela K

Angela K . 1 year ago

I eat an avocado with salt (and pepper) almost everyday - it is so good! 💜💜💜

Rikke Luveplants

Rikke Luveplants . 1 year ago

They look exiting, most of them :)

Emilie Lundsgaard

Emilie Lundsgaard . 1 year ago

Hi Meghan! Thank you so much for the snack ideas, it's very helpful! I was thinking, would you consider doing a video (if you haven't already) about eating healthy on a budget? Like tips on healthy, cheap meals and planning your meals and stuff like that. I'm very bad at it and I spend way too much on food in general. I really want to be better at planning so I can live cheaper and throw away less, but at the same time be healthy. I feel like you would have a lot of insight on this topic and I enjoy all of your videos and tips ❤️

Silvia Rey

Silvia Rey . 1 year ago

I just love it! 😍 thank you so much. It’s refreshing to a have new ideas to prepare some snacks! 🙏🏻

RiRi Rodriguez

RiRi Rodriguez . 1 year ago

So glad to see the date/pecan combo make an appearance here!😆 for those of us who watch your channel, we know this a favourite of yours! It is lovely too! Some great other ideas here, looking forward to trying them 😋xxx

Lauren Babbidge

Lauren Babbidge . 1 year ago

Great ideas! Thank you! !!

Fleur MP

Fleur MP . 1 year ago

The date and pecan bites are amazing - tfs x


Cosmicladybug . 1 year ago

Love this!!

Marissa Dodgen

Marissa Dodgen . 1 year ago

Love the hemp milk idea.


gracesimplified . 1 year ago

Apple slice with date and nut taste like a Carmel Apple.


kirstensascha . 1 year ago

I love all these! Thank you so much for the ideas!

Sara Wood

Sara Wood . 1 year ago

Love these snack ideas! I always resort to crap for snacks because it’s fast and easy but I forget how easy some healthy snacks can be. I need easy! And cheap! Keep the ideas coming! I still like a snack I had as a kid - Ants On A Log ☺️. It’s celery with peanut butter, topped with raisins. Good stuff. Eating healthy really can be easy it’s just a matter of knowing what to put together. I need to make a list of healthy snacks and put them on my fridge so that I can always see them. Out of sight out of mind for me 😜


Jewels . 1 year ago

Yum! these all look good! I always put nut butter on apples..kinda like a caramel apple. I must try the dates with pecans. Thanks for all the suggestions ;)

Tamarah Plummer

Tamarah Plummer . 1 year ago

Freaking amazing video. This is the best snacking video I’ve seen in awhile from any of my favorite YouTubers. Thank you Meghan! Xxxxx

Ally Pumpkin

Ally Pumpkin . 1 year ago

I just recently stumbled across your channel and your content is amazing ‼️‼️💓

Project Jessica

Project Jessica . 1 year ago

Well I didn't know you can eat the courgette raw! Leave it out! Your winding me up lol

Project Jessica

Project Jessica . 1 year ago

That choc milk looks yum!

Adriana W

Adriana W . 1 year ago

Try “stuffing” the dates with strawberries. I promise you won’t regret :)


Nesryn . 1 year ago

I love this video! Perfect for helping me determine what to grab at the grocery tomorrow! One of my favorite snacks ever is slices of cucumber with just a tiny tiny bit of cream cheese and a sprinkle of fresh dill <3

Marie D

Marie D . 1 year ago

The tuna one is genius!! Can’t wait to try it along with the hempseed chocolate milk! 😋


wisdomandcommoncents . 1 year ago

Love these ideas so much. I never have trouble eating healthy at meal times. But, when it comes to snacking, I can never think of anything. I'll be using these ideas👍 I will say, I am a "use a date as a spoon to scoop peanut butter out of the jar" girl!

The Brock Babes

The Brock Babes . 1 year ago

Looks amazing!

Ana Clara Barreiros

Ana Clara Barreiros . 1 year ago


Nina Wang

Nina Wang . 1 year ago

Everything looks so yummy!!! Thank you for sharing😍💖

David Guevara

David Guevara . 1 year ago

Great stuff Meghan:)!

Alicia Bowman

Alicia Bowman . 1 year ago

Love it! In the most respectful way I also love that you are not vegan. I love many vegan vloggers but it doesn’t work for my body. Paleo is my favourite way to eat so I love all your snack ideas. Rice products work for me too so I will try some cakes soon. I like to make little sandwiches with super dark chocolate, nut butter of choice, a date and sprinkle of cinnamon or cardamom. ❤️😍🙏

Vicki Watkins

Vicki Watkins . 1 year ago

I have diverticulosis so I kinda shy away from nuts and seeds. Any more good nutless, seedless ideas?

Karen Schmidt

Karen Schmidt . 1 year ago

These all are great ideas,thank you🌿

Em LeBar

Em LeBar . 1 year ago

Love these ideas!! One of my fave semi-quick snacks are diced oranges and avocado - mix together w a little olive oil, salt and pepper. Idk what it is but that combo is out of this world 🌠


emzz1310 . 1 year ago

This is the best video ever! Such good ideas, and quick! No more excuses, I’m gonna try them all!


LOLITA . 1 year ago

Meghan, thanks so much for the recipes, especially the hemp chocolate milk -- I'm definitely gonna try it! By the way, I've heard that you can stuff dates with peanut butter, dip them into melted chocolate and freeze for a couple of hours and they taste similar to a Sneakers bar! Also, for vegans, in the last snack idea -- you can substituted tuna with mashed canned white beans -- they taste almost the same.


brightpurpleviking . 1 year ago

YUMMY! Thanks for the suggestions. I often forget how simple and delicious snacks can be. And I’m excited to try hemp milk. I admit it sounds like it squeezes out of a hippie yak but I will give it a try with an open mind!!

Rachel Cischke

Rachel Cischke . 1 year ago

As I sit here eating a Justin's dark chocolate PB cup 😂

amy zee

amy zee . 1 year ago


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