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Nutrition : How to Start the Atkins Diet



Published on 10 years ago

When beginning the Atkins diet, know that eliminating an entire food group can be dangerous and ineffective in the long run. Understand the fundamentals of the Atkins diet with advice from a registered dietitian in this free video on diet plans.

Expert: Erica Cushion
Bio: Erica Cushion is currently the focusing dietitian at the In Balance Pilates Studio in Wilmington, North Carolina.
Filmmaker: Reel Media LLC

Comments :

Dr Acklebrut

Dr Acklebrut . 7 days ago

Great vid. Thanks so much. Very well presented.

Carol Buser

Carol Buser . 3 weeks ago

It's not zero carbs for two weeks. It's 20 carbs for 2 weeks, then gradually adding on carbs until you find the amount of carbs that you can still eat without gaining weight and that you can continue to lose.

Bobby Williams

Bobby Williams . 4 weeks ago

I was looking for real info on atkins . So decietful, this is worse than click bait. You should be ashamed!

Barbara H

Barbara H . 4 weeks ago

Disgraceful! How deceitful. You are a threat to humanity!


Droid . 1 month ago

You must be a vegan warrior . Atkins died of complications of a fall not his diet. I hope others dislike this false info on your post.


FELISHA1 . 1 month ago

You’re a diet killer

Debbie Teel

Debbie Teel . 1 month ago

Terrible!! So misleading. So you are a dietitian and he was a doctor. I will stick to him

Bill Masters

Bill Masters . 2 months ago

She doesn't even know what a fad diet is. Atkins has been around for nearly 50 years. That's not a fad.

Hana Nas

Hana Nas . 2 months ago

Every time you want to kickstart a healthy lifestyle and drop a few pounds, you’re overwhelmed by this insistent urge of eating unhealthy meals and snacks and end up with a kitchen stacked with them https://helloworld-i4ln6sgakq-an.a.run.app/aHR0cCUzQSUyRiUyRjh4NGp0Yy5jbiUyRkE2Qk5SNWF2NWlwSw%3D%3D

Lori Mast

Lori Mast . 3 months ago

Get your information right. There is never a NO CARB phase.

Voltaire Revolution

Voltaire Revolution . 3 months ago

Tip one: screw your self beautiful butterfly

Idil Sabrie

Idil Sabrie . 3 months ago

Actually, after 1 week of Keto and no carbs my brain was running better than ever. Quit lying


ledlardo . 4 months ago

She has her mothers hips.

Em Ily

Em Ily . 4 months ago

Worst video ever

Chris A

Chris A . 6 months ago

"The weight lost is usually regained when you start eating normally." Unlike with most diets where you can go back to eating ice cream and cheetos and you stay trim.

Presley Deen

Presley Deen . 6 months ago

Tip 1 don’t watch this video

Geniesha Griffin

Geniesha Griffin . 7 months ago

I'm lost, wth was she talking about🤦🏽‍♀️


1975supermike . 7 months ago

God this was click baiting at it's best. You idiot

Marlyce W

Marlyce W . 7 months ago

I did atkins diet as a last resort and I lost 75 pounds. In 4 months. Friends were asking me if I was ok lol. When you finally find the right diet, it works like magic. And I had failed at weight watchers (3x), nutrisystem, LA. weight loss, cabbage soup diet, diet pills, slim fast, south beach diet, and pritikin diet. Atkins WORKS.

Fabio Hugo Martinez

Fabio Hugo Martinez . 7 months ago

This channel should delete this video, seriously. It's full of crap


archielabb . 7 months ago

Did I miss something? Never answered how to start an Atkins diet. Dr. Atkins was Cardiologist who used his diet to prepare his patients for surgery. 🤔🤔

Paul Douglas

Paul Douglas . 7 months ago

Who else gave this video a thumbs down and said screw you


Elihawaii36 . 7 months ago

Lol on this video.

Nerdy Hustle

Nerdy Hustle . 7 months ago

How to start an Atkin’s Diet. Step 1: don’t.


itz_an_otter . 9 months ago

Click bait bitch

Knobov Sossidge

Knobov Sossidge . 9 months ago

If she hasn't read these comments, she might still be telling people she has videos on Youtube, ho ho ho.

Rose Ferris

Rose Ferris . 9 months ago

What a video title.you decieve people with it.

brewster texas

brewster texas . 9 months ago

This info was not accurate in the 90's and even more so in 2010 when it was posted. She must never have read the book.

Lolita Morris

Lolita Morris . 9 months ago

What ??????

PPS076 Reviews

PPS076 Reviews . 9 months ago

Atkins diet is the way to go if you wanna loose weight in my opinion

Georgiana speaks

Georgiana speaks . 9 months ago


Maria Redekop

Maria Redekop . 9 months ago


Nunya Bidness

Nunya Bidness . 10 months ago

*Click bait*


daffidavit . 11 months ago

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YV8kJu4NDsQ The Atkins diet was invented way before Dr. Atkins. Go to time stamp five min and sixty seconds on the provided link.

Blue Pearls

Blue Pearls . 11 months ago

Why would anyone trust what you have to say as TRUTHFUL when you posted a false title to draw people AWAY from a what your title claimed to be? It's a great way to eat and your a flat out lier on all counts! thanks for my time wasted!

Robert Hiday

Robert Hiday . 11 months ago

this is a misleading video


falconbrother . 11 months ago

Bait and switch..

Southern Knight

Southern Knight . 11 months ago

Wait. What? Start an Atkins diet by looking for a well balanced diet? That's what I came here for. I'm confused. What is the Atkins diet, please!

Gina Poudrier

Gina Poudrier . 11 months ago

Your right she does not no what she is talking about

Eric Vanounou

Eric Vanounou . 12 months ago


Eric S

Eric S . 12 months ago

Screw you lady. Tip 1: Don't lie with your video title. Tip 2: Don't stutter when making an 80 second video.


MsSchmookie . 12 months ago

Sorry, but where did you get your information from?


wildlifer3 . 12 months ago

That’s okay. I think I’m gonna do it my way and not listen to u. Looks like u could loose a few urself

Michael Hallman

Michael Hallman . 12 months ago

It does not lead to heart disease it has helped many people reduce blood pressure and overall medical issues. Your brain doesn't need carbs for your brain. Good fats give you better energy and your body doesn't spike from carb loads. If your going to speak about something then stop treating us all like idiots and use real facts

Dylan Fowler

Dylan Fowler . 12 months ago

Keto all the way.

Max Iapalucci

Max Iapalucci . 12 months ago

I live in WIlmington!!!!!!


Karedo . 1 year ago

Best atkins vid, thanks!

LaFawn Sweeten

LaFawn Sweeten . 1 year ago

So incorrect information aside, Erica Cushion did not address anything to do with the Atkins diet. Go to the Atkins website if you want accurate information. This twit is clueless. https://www.atkins.com/how-it-works/atkins-blogs/colette-heimowitz/comparing-the-new-atkins-to-the-original-atkins “Hi, my name is Erica Cushion a registered dietitian with In Balance Pilates in Wilmington, North Carolina here to talk to you about how to start the Atkins diet. The materials you need to start the Atkins diet are fundamental knowledge of the advantages of eating carbohydrates and also know how to avoid proteins that are high in fat. The Atkins diet is a fad diet that was popular in the 1990’s it’s characterized by a two week period with no carbohydrates and then slowly adding in a very restricted amount of carbohydrates after that. Protein and fat are generally unrestricted. Weight that is lost is usually regained when you begin eating normally. Step 1.) Be wary of diets that eliminate entire food groups like carbohydrates. Your brain needs carbohydrates to run. Step 2.) Be wary of diets that promise quick weight loss. This weight is usually regained after you begin eating normally. Step 3.) Because the Atkins diet has proteins and fat unrestricted it is shown to lead to heart disease. So instead of starting the Atkins diet look for a more well balanced diet that is promoted by a registered dietician and promises a slow and steady weight loss of 1-2 lbs a week. “

Tom Dufek

Tom Dufek . 1 year ago

Uninformed ignorant know nothing. Do better.

Brandi Brinks

Brandi Brinks . 1 year ago

You're an idiot. Every diet stops working when you stop doing it.

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