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How to Make Pho w/ Zero Calorie Miracle Noodles (FOOD Bites)



Published on 8 years ago

http://www.blogilates.com Cassey makes Miracle Noodle Pho or Vietnamese beef noodle soup using calorie free, carb free, gluten free noodles. She makes vegetarian pho and regular beef pho!

You can buy Miracles Noodles here: http://www.shareasale.com/r.cfm?B=311090&U=525898&M=33004

BLOG: http://www.blogilates.com
FACEBOOK: http://www.facebook.com/blogilates
TWITTER: http://www.twitter.com/blogilates
DESIGNS: http://www.ogorgeous.com

SONG: "Urban Spy 2" from http://www.pacdv.com/sounds/free-music-20.html

Comments :

Kayla Cooper

Kayla Cooper . 1 month ago

Sorry but the amount u put in the bowl is very small

Al Wa

Al Wa . 8 months ago

My love ! Omg yessssssssssssssss!!!

Coburn Karma

Coburn Karma . 10 months ago

I bring my miracle noodles with me when ever I eat Pho.....Just order #22 large without the noodles, then dump miracle noodles in. Tastes the same.

Ivan Rowe

Ivan Rowe . 2 years ago

2 servings.. lol...half serving for me

joe ferguson

joe ferguson . 2 years ago

this video brings out the unhappy and the unlucky .. haters, go have a burger

Jack Meoff

Jack Meoff . 2 years ago

I love your videos and your posts on Instagram !!! Keep posting and sharing your knowledge please !

briana m

briana m . 2 years ago

organic but using condiments with added sugars and preservatives

Neil Yaremchuk

Neil Yaremchuk . 2 years ago

You single?

Riv Vin

Riv Vin . 3 years ago

People complaining this is "vegan" or "vegetarian" LOL. You're kidding right? First, she never said vegan. Second, vegetarians comes in many levels. Some eat products from meat and others don't. Some eat eggs and others seafood. Who are you to say? The organic part. That was questionable...how do you know they're not? SOME PEOPLE. REMEMBER, PEOPLE DON'T HATE VEGETARIANS OR VEGANS, THEY JUST HATE YOU CAUSE YOUR ATTITUDE SUCKS ASS!

Adam Yang

Adam Yang . 3 years ago

how is this a vegan pho when u can use fish sauce?

Mary Soto

Mary Soto . 3 years ago

mu daughter just told me about the zero noodles I have not tried it yet. I saw them at Winco's I believe. So I am going to try them. weight watchers sells them also. I love noidles and pasta but to many calories so this is going to be a great option. Thanks

Ezra Ángel Jaramillo Barrios

Ezra Ángel Jaramillo Barrios . 3 years ago

a vegetarian cooking with animal flesh. i love how good your logic is.

Anna Dao

Anna Dao . 3 years ago

I love pho my mom makes it

lovey hernandez

lovey hernandez . 3 years ago

Does it taste like regular pho

lovey hernandez

lovey hernandez . 3 years ago

Can you buy miracle noodles at the store

Can See No

Can See No . 3 years ago

Fish sauce is not vegetarian. :(

Can See No

Can See No . 3 years ago

Fish sauce is not vegetarian. :(

Bảo Trâm

Bảo Trâm . 4 years ago

Omg it is not Pho 😕

Tony Castle

Tony Castle . 4 years ago

Put the vegetables in a tea bag you dont want the broth to have any black colors in it from the chard

Jaden Rich

Jaden Rich . 4 years ago

clearly she doesn't know what organic means.....

Jaden Rich

Jaden Rich . 4 years ago

clearly she doesn't know what organic means.....


star . 4 years ago

Oh my god! Fetus blogilates! But i dont think she's vegetarian anymore

emilee sanderson

emilee sanderson . 4 years ago

I can't hear your voice

Tricia Leftwich

Tricia Leftwich . 4 years ago

I cannot wait to make this!!!!!

Nina Loser

Nina Loser . 5 years ago

julia nguyen

julia nguyen . 5 years ago

Omg I love pho


realamerican2580 . 5 years ago

I am hungry, you forget to make an extra bowl for me

Cindy Pham

Cindy Pham . 5 years ago

people, if you don't like her video then don't watch it. This pho is made for those who want to lose weight and to cut down as much calories as possible. If you don't like it, go make your own authentic or traditional pho and enjoy it. Don't come on here and call someone else's work stupid.She's not doing this just for her, but for others as well. Respect.

Fallen Slayer

Fallen Slayer . 5 years ago

I know how to make any food 0 calories. Get fat. Nothing counts then!

Tanya Bernadino

Tanya Bernadino . 5 years ago

Well I've been pronouncing it like FOE so I bet people at Vietnamese restaurants had a good laugh after I'm done eating and me and my family are out the door lmao


hcneybear . 5 years ago

You made me hungry


dodobrain . 5 years ago

I bet that tasted like crap

osvaldo leyva

osvaldo leyva . 6 years ago

Fuck the meat >(vegetarian)<

Yến Triệu

Yến Triệu . 6 years ago

It's Phở :v


IamTonySy . 6 years ago

Your voice was so cute in this video Cassey

Anne imWunderland

Anne imWunderland . 6 years ago

Love that u turned vegetarian <3


Ferrari81 . 6 years ago

This is good but I think Pho has alot more broth.....hehe.

Bao Chau Dinh

Bao Chau Dinh . 6 years ago

You are VietNamese?

anastasia postoev

anastasia postoev . 6 years ago

so wanted to let you know that i made bubble tea... well bubble coffee with the rice version of miracle rice, absolutely awesome- just mix with a spoon full of instant coffee and let them sit. let me know what you think. you can probably use sugar free jelly to get the bubble tea flavor you want too. if you like it, can you make a video for the rest of youtube to to see. thank for other videos

iLikeUrGF !!!

iLikeUrGF !!! . 6 years ago

Ur so dumb lol wth are u doing

Nkauj Ntxoo Thoj

Nkauj Ntxoo Thoj . 6 years ago

Sorry to say but, you look like you don't know what you're doing


burnape1 . 6 years ago

give me the options ...meat

Courtney Le

Courtney Le . 6 years ago

I don't hear anything at all

Arko Day

Arko Day . 6 years ago

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monia daniela

monia daniela . 6 years ago

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YasmineAndCo . 6 years ago

Zéro calorie noodles carb free fat gluten free fat free calorie free protein free mineral free taste free ... Basically useless. Paper has 0 calorie as well btw

Carley Love

Carley Love . 6 years ago

You could get them at raleys, depending if you have a raleys or not. I found them today and bought some.

Carley Love

Carley Love . 6 years ago

You could Also get them if you have a Raleys in their health food section

Minxeh Griffiths

Minxeh Griffiths . 6 years ago

Tried these and they're so rubbery :c

Linnea Mae

Linnea Mae . 6 years ago

Great recipe, can't wait to try it!! I came across this video looking for reviews of the new spinach angel hair miracle noodle. I can't find any on youtube! Could you do one?

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