Erica Griffin

Erica Griffin

Published on 2 years ago

"Thanks to Bowers & Wilkins for sponsoring this video. All thoughts and opinions are my own. Visit  to get yourself a great pair of wireless headphone to listen to Audible books with on your Kindle! Gleam giveaway link: The Kindle Oasis 2017 is my favorite Kindle of all time for good reason, it is the most immersive with the best screen of any Kindle Amazon has ever made! The device still isn't perfect though so check out my review to see if this is the device for you!"

Time Codes:
1. Intro: (0:00)
2. Specs: (1:08)
3. Look & feel: (3:32)
4. New Cover Design (7:29)
5. Stand out features - start (10:24)
6. PX wireless headphones for Audible & GIVEAWAY (11:30)
7. Display (12:42)
8. Water Test (15:53)
9. Performance & Battery Life (17:13)

Comments :

Wild Romance

Wild Romance . 4 months ago

At the min 12:48 it’s just me or the oasis had some dead ppi at the left corner bottom? Probably when her husband dropped it.
Oh Wowee

Oh Wowee . 4 months ago

In my kindle oasis (the one without the leather cover) there was the percentage for the battery. I’m confused.

aortunoj . 6 months ago

Can you review Oasis 3 please. Your oasis reviews are the best .
Here There

Here There . 7 months ago

Why I think oasis looks nicer..
Lewis in the UK

Lewis in the UK . 7 months ago

Nice review. The new model has some nice upgrades but I don’t personally, see enough to invest in a new device. I’m glad the proportions have been changed though, always felt the first Oasis was too small.

PieInTheSky . 7 months ago

$350 does seem expensive, but the original 2007 version of the kindle sold for $400 and sold out within the first couple of weeks, and that was only 12 years ago. It's amazing how much technology has advanced to the point where we can get a fully upgraded kindle Oasis for $350 now and people think of it as really expensive.
Aidan Dunn

Aidan Dunn . 7 months ago

I wish they were a bit quicker, i don't like that you have to wait every time you swipe the screen or tap
Rukia Husbando

Rukia Husbando . 8 months ago

Are you going to review the Oasis 3, now with a warm light?
Tim's vlog spot

Tim's vlog spot . 8 months ago

I have the original 6 in touch Kindle and I love my Kindle I had it close to three years now but I got it at Best Buy you guys I like to read a lot of books and reading on my tablet hurts my eyes that's reason why I got it for my eyes and to store a lot of books by looking at the Oasis I like that too I wish I had the save extra money to get one thanks for the review check me out at Tim's vlog spot
Ricardo Beltran

Ricardo Beltran . 8 months ago

Those hands will be in my dreams.
Frank R. Pilot

Frank R. Pilot . 9 months ago

Excuse me I am learning your language, what do you mean when you say dedicated device? By the way really nice video.
reman alamoudi

reman alamoudi . 9 months ago

Is it bad for the eye or is it like a physical book?
Gilbert Lynds

Gilbert Lynds . 9 months ago

The oasis is nice but horrible battery life. I have wifi off but front light at 15. I get 5 to 6 hours reading in one go and have to charge the battery again. Looking at the Likebook Mars now for better battery life

xl5man . 9 months ago

I’ve had a few kindles over the years and the one feature I would love is to have the book cover that you are reading displayed first on switch on and then going to your present page.. can’t understand why they have never done this or why no one has asked for it ! 😂

gghostrrider . 9 months ago

Still digging the oasis? I have the voyage but I’m considering the oasis for the bigger screen..just wondering if the love has worn off
Nathan Ashby

Nathan Ashby . 10 months ago

I am thinking of buying one. What's is the release cycle for the Oasis line? I would hate to buy one only for a new model to come out in a few months...

G D . 10 months ago

Are those the smallest margins you can get on the oasis2? They’re bigger than on the oasis1.
Nick G

Nick G . 10 months ago

thanks for the informative review
Sumeet Sutar

Sumeet Sutar . 10 months ago

Where can I get the 7 inch Blu Oasis 2017 Cover shown here???

19grand . 10 months ago

Still "blinky" between pages. I'll buy a kindle when they fix that.
Jeremy Harris

Jeremy Harris . 10 months ago

Don't think I'll upgrade from the original Oasis, I like my dedicated reader small and compact, at a size comparable to a single paperback book. The new Oasis is just too big and looks more like a tablet instead of an e-reader.
Iacon Dawnshire

Iacon Dawnshire . 10 months ago

Still using my Voyage but I also want a Oasis. Still holding out for a Gen 3
Hi Neil of 'Cidi Al-Masry' Sidi Al-Masri Sandage

Hi Neil of 'Cidi Al-Masry' Sidi Al-Masri Sandage . 10 months ago

4:00 ~ This needed a #Paperback with a foldable spine to compare. Sell Hardbacks, gift Amazon Kindle Editions. Discount or Bundle Audible as you see fit. All Hardbacks need digital backups.

hottroddinn . 11 months ago

You are such an under-rated reviewer and deserve more subscribers! This is seriously one of THE best reviews I've seen of the Oasis and compelled me to buy one. The downsides which you list are also what everyone goes through which none of the other reviewers listed. Keep up the great work!
Rosangela Sena

Rosangela Sena . 11 months ago

Now with the new Kindle I see no reason to that much for this one.
red star

red star . 12 months ago

Thanks for the time stamps!
Last Earthbender

Last Earthbender . 1 year ago

Very nice and helpful review.
Michelle Burden

Michelle Burden . 1 year ago

Have tried for the last two hours to connect my Bowers and Wilkins PX headphones to Kindle Oasis 2 (2017) this does not work! extremely disappointed
Brant Z

Brant Z . 1 year ago

You don't slide up a kindle, just don't
Angela Smith

Angela Smith . 1 year ago

I have the cheapest kindle they make and mine shows battery percentage at the top. Maybe its just a setting you need to turn on?
Weapons Education

Weapons Education . 1 year ago

What does the highlighter mean? What is x-ray?
Todd Dotson

Todd Dotson . 1 year ago

Can you get a kindle oasis2 for $50 for the readers
Joe Torres

Joe Torres . 1 year ago

Hey Amazon, a book in black-and-white? You’re way behind times. Just about everything nowadays is in color. So Kindle is out of step with everybody else; way way behind times. So, shape-up Amazon.!
Omprakash Rajeevi

Omprakash Rajeevi . 1 year ago

E reader view colour pages
Ernest Francàs

Ernest Francàs . 1 year ago

After a year, what about t’he battery? Thanks
Charlotte Dashwood

Charlotte Dashwood . 1 year ago

A while back you wanted to use an iPad pro as your daily driver instead of a smart phone and your all out for bigger screens and bigger text on your Kindle. You might consider getting your eye sight checked Erica.
sue b raschio

sue b raschio . 1 year ago

does it have dark or night mode?😮
Hobby addict

Hobby addict . 1 year ago

The Kindle DX had a 9.7" screen. Sadly long gone now.
Audrey Adams

Audrey Adams . 1 year ago

Oasis 2 is appearently riddled with battery issues which people are really frustrated with and there are reports of having to recharge every 2-3 days and even in a few hours either the battery has manufacturing issues or oasis 2 isnt truthful bout its battery life
john leto

john leto . 1 year ago

I LOVE my oasis, but I am really tempted to upgrade because of the size, this would seem more like a real page from a treebook. Also, I'm conscious if I soldier on with the Oasis the next logical step for these devices to be dedicated reader with colour screen like the fire range but much much lighter and more battery life.
Corvan Lopez

Corvan Lopez . 1 year ago

Heres where you can get one
Fria Gram

Fria Gram . 1 year ago

Audio should not even be a factor for ereaders.
Chris Craig

Chris Craig . 1 year ago

So, £350 for the Kindle 2, £350 for B&W headphones and £50 for a Kindle 2 cover. £750! Ha! Ha! Not a prayer. Money grabbing gits. But while there are idiots who will pay for it, they will keep on making them. Buy a book. It'll cost you £7.50 not £750.
Kübra Konya

Kübra Konya . 1 year ago

Thanks. Your video helped me to answer my questions in my mind about Kindle oasis.
Shelinha Goncalves

Shelinha Goncalves . 1 year ago

I don't have one yet but I'm planning on upgrading my Kindle Touch and buying the Oasis I love listening to audio both but I don't have that much I only have one for now in the future I'm thinking of having even more we'll see if I get that or not but now like the Kindle Oasis is too expensive I'm going to wait until it lowers down hopefully
Adrian Vogler

Adrian Vogler . 1 year ago

Oasis 1 has now Audible support, too.

Lov.C . 1 year ago

do you maybe know how about audio? is it possible to have also music at ? or other audio from other than amazon
Aviv Shener

Aviv Shener . 2 years ago

They messed up the second Oasis. Too heavy and not comfortable to hold. It should feel like a book, not a tablet. The first one was better.

Xxprima_noctaxX . 2 years ago

There coming out with a colored version but it's gonna be like 4 years...

johnmonk66 . 2 years ago

Now it's as big as all the other readers, blah, the Oasis is perfect because it's smaller. I can buy a brand new iPad mini for that price.

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