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Primary Colors Part 1 (Cyan and Magenta vs Blue and Red)



Published on 4 years ago

• Turquoise and magenta make bright purple. Turquoise is not “too green” to make purple.
• Blue can be made by mixing turquoise and magenta, so blue cannot be primary.
• Red and blue make dark, muddy mixtures. (Red is the problem here. Any hue of blue or cyan will make a great purple as long as it is mixed with magenta, not red.)
• Turquoise and magenta are the more accurate primary colors. (If you want to split your primaries, you might try two cyans and two magentas; pigments PR122 and PB15:3 are excellent, but not perfect.)

Part 2: https://mp3download.xyz/watch/dbcOcZw4g-I
• You can't make bright turquoise (or green) from blue and yellow.
• Turquoise and yellow make bright green. Turquoise succeeds where blue fails.

Part 3: https://mp3download.xyz/watch/747uREIfnVg
• Red can be made by mixing magenta and yellow, therefore red cannot be primary

Comments :

Antoinette Hicks

Antoinette Hicks . 6 days ago

This is why I been failing purple ty

Candle Lynx

Candle Lynx . 3 weeks ago

You don't need cyan, magenta, and yellow. You just need: cool toned red, cool tone blue, and cool toned yellow.

Robertiux GIDLE

Robertiux GIDLE . 3 weeks ago

First, in the cyan-magenta mixtures the color wasn't purple, it was violet and in the blue-red mixtures that color wasn't magenta it was crimson because magenta is the bright purple so when you mix magenta with black it makes purple

Jose wilson / gabriel / titan and rhea

Jose wilson / gabriel / titan and rhea . 3 weeks ago

That is not cyan it is aquamarine blue

Jose wilson / gabriel / titan and rhea

Jose wilson / gabriel / titan and rhea . 3 weeks ago

That is not cyan that is a bit of baby blue

Santosh Kumar

Santosh Kumar . 4 weeks ago


Cori Cakeyay

Cori Cakeyay . 3 months ago

blue and green make cyan and u can make red, blue, and magenta too but i forget how. (ik im dumb) but u cant make yellow so there is only one primary color and that is yellow. (just so u know i just looked that stuff up so it might not be real so dont hate on me if thats fake)


Scudmaster11 . 3 months ago

MC wins against RB. xD


kayturs . 4 months ago

Why the dislikes? You're blatantly showing the mess mixing blue and red makes, but i suppose some people are too attached to tradition

Autumn Greenwell

Autumn Greenwell . 4 months ago


Tomoko in 4k

Tomoko in 4k . 4 months ago

I like the top row

Kwok leung Wong

Kwok leung Wong . 5 months ago

Cyan and magenta are real primary colors

mahmood hawler

mahmood hawler . 5 months ago

There are no any mixing way to get real cyan , but we can get dark cyan by mixing blue ang green

Leny Couoh

Leny Couoh . 6 months ago


nitu Rao

nitu Rao . 8 months ago

how to make Red colour


YareYareDaze . 8 months ago

Anytime I need to see your face I just close my eyes And I am taken to a place Where your crystal minds and *MAGENTA* feelings Take up shelter in the base of my spine Sweet like a chica cherry cola


recesivnihomozigot . 9 months ago

Watching this as a colorblind person is really interesting to say the least


Zamirprod . 11 months ago

Wow mind blown...

James Dixon

James Dixon . 11 months ago

not cyan... that's light blue :/

Lirp Lorp

Lirp Lorp . 12 months ago


Karla Lozano

Karla Lozano . 1 year ago

Use more paint

Surekha Tamgire

Surekha Tamgire . 1 year ago

Morpankhi colour kese banate hai

Dheerendra singh

Dheerendra singh . 1 year ago


Pasta Estel

Pasta Estel . 1 year ago

Could you please tell, which pigment you use for cyan? It looks so wonderful


BungyStudios . 1 year ago

As a printer technician, I approve of this message

Mukesh Sunny Rajkumar creation

Mukesh Sunny Rajkumar creation . 1 year ago

Pink colour kaise banaye


JIM WINNER . 1 year ago

MAGENTA INSPIRATION... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XsAxB4dFi1A

Ena McNamara

Ena McNamara . 1 year ago



Afral . 1 year ago

that is aqua marine

ambalika shree

ambalika shree . 2 years ago

Thankes you👌


felipebrasil5 . 2 years ago

actually this is pink i guess not magenta

yoyo suneel Art

yoyo suneel Art . 2 years ago

Nice mixing

Yahya Safoury

Yahya Safoury . 2 years ago

Lol so miser


Ashlynn . 2 years ago

I personally feel that you should have used the same brands of paint to make this experiment better. Edit: Oh wait I just noticed they are the same just different wrappings. Pardon my confusion.

Amy Thiessen

Amy Thiessen . 2 years ago

I'm not trying to be mean but when you said "purple" it sounded like "popo"

thequietgirl77 AJPW and decor!

thequietgirl77 AJPW and decor! . 2 years ago

Those are not even primary colors are red yellow and blue


tammygurl64 . 2 years ago

I'm a little confused about Fuchsia and Magenta and while trying to figure it out, I ran across your video. I was first introduced to magenta powder paint in my high school art class a bazillion years ago; however, my confusion has nothing to do with art but rather the color of my Christmas cactus. I just can't determine if it's fuchsia or magenta but either way, it's absolutely beautiful this year! It's a deep, dark, but brilliant, pink. Unfortunately, I can never get a photo to show it's true color because the camera flash or lighting always makes it look purple in the photo. I know fuchsia and magenta are the same in computers but I learned it's not so much in the real world of color. Does Fuchsia have more pink/red and does Magenta have more red/purple? Based on my description of my flower, would you think it might be Fuschia? Or can you please tell me the difference between Fuchsia and Magenta? Thanks! Btw, your video taught me that Cyan is one of my favorite colors of blue. I have a gel pen that writes in that color. :-) Thanks for sharing your video! :-)

Leo N

Leo N . 2 years ago

Why don't you just use the primary colors to make the colors you need? Just a question.

James worley

James worley . 2 years ago

I don't care what anyone say's there had to be some artist's in the old, and even ancient past that new that these where the primary colors'''!

Funda Ozhan

Funda Ozhan . 2 years ago

Your speaker is perfectly broken because the colors at top row are blue and pink


spoddie . 2 years ago

I love the way you optimisticly refer to the second row brown as purple ;)

Anastasia Lasky

Anastasia Lasky . 2 years ago

why are you using Crayola paint?? the best demonstration would work best with true pigments

Fahima Husaini

Fahima Husaini . 3 years ago

Chris,how do you make pink or a shade of pink? example:hot pink,light pink,dark pink?


Eleanor . 3 years ago

Wow that red-and-blue purple is so muddy compared to the magenta and cyan one! (Which is fine if that's what you want lol)

William Brybag

William Brybag . 3 years ago

what two colors combined make pink


iCanHazTwentyLetters . 3 years ago

Thank you!


Varmelith . 3 years ago

I wonder, what about brown? Do we get brown if we mix magenta, cyan and yellow? and which brown that we can buy is the purest? also I wonder... these darker colors you obtain with blue and red, can we get them just by adding black to those made with cyan and magenta?


Varmelith . 3 years ago

aah thanks for this video.. I was wondering why the colors in my paintings often weren't as bright as I wish they did... probably because I use red and blue !

David Church

David Church . 3 years ago

Excellent video and demonstration.

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