Madi Wilson

Madi Wilson

Published on 4 months ago

PCOS sucks. We all know that. I talked with my doctor to find the best supplements to help me with my PCOS. Remember, this is for ME please talk to your doctor before adding or taking away any supplements.
-- What Supplements do you take for PCOS? Let me know in the comments below!

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Disclaimer: I am not a medical doctor, nor am I holding myself out to be. The information contained in this video is not intended to be a substitute for health and medical care that can be provided by your own physician / medical doctor. Although care has been taken in preparing the information provided to you, I cannot be held responsible for any errors or omissions, and I accept no liability whatsoever for any injury or damage you may incur. Always seek medical counsel relating to your specific circumstances as needed for any and all questions and concerns you now have, or may have in the future. You agree that the information on this video is not medical advice to be used to diagnose / treat any condition and Madison Wilson is not liable for how you use and implement the information you receive. You should always consult with your physician before starting a fitness regimen, adding supplements to your diet regimen, or any other changes that can affect your medications or treatment plan.

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ChicagoJazz14Ohara . 1 week ago

I feel you on the Spironolactone and Metformin. One of my doctors put me on 1500 right out of the gate. I felt sick all the time. I took the biggest dosage of Spironolactone that my doctor would prescribe, but I never noticed any results from it. They told me there was nothing else they or I could do. It gets so frustrating.

Jasmine Farr

Jasmine Farr . 3 weeks ago

I absoluty love Inositol and not only is it good for PCOS it is amazing for mental health. I swear this is has help me deal with stress and dealing with my hormone imbalance. a girl was having crazy mood swings

Sharon Kunze

Sharon Kunze . 4 weeks ago

If PCOS were a dick problem it would already be solved.

Va Le

Va Le . 4 weeks ago

Girl metformin had me dying. I weaned off and started using berberine instead. Works well will my insulin resistance but doesn’t make me sick and nauseated! Ask your dr.

Jacy Brazil

Jacy Brazil . 4 weeks ago

I have PCOS and the excess hair growth is the worst to me. Iv spent thousands in laser hair removal and am currently on spironolactone and have been for a year with no change in my test levels. Fingers crossed we find something! Thanks for sharing! 💜


Glorymar . 1 month ago

I have been diagnosed with PCOS for a few yrs. Only because i gained a lot of weight after my pregnancy. Have facial hair, but my menstrual cycle have been normal all the time. The only time i have missed my period it was because i was pregnant. My endocrinologist prescribed me metformin it was the worst thing in the world. The stomachache was horrible. I stoped taken them, she said i was pre diabetic. I lied to her saying i was taking them, and she said my sugar level was ok 😒. Soo! Do i really have PCOS? Without missing my period for once? My cycle is 28 days on the dot. Can it be possible?

Maryam Alhaqq

Maryam Alhaqq . 1 month ago

I hated Metformin ! I’m looking into inositol and Berberine. I feel you girl

powerpuff muse

powerpuff muse . 1 month ago

Metformin is ok to me,only a week I have headache but after sometimes i dont feel taking it now for 4 months,i started for 2 months 500 mg,then now 1000mg..when im taking it after meal,i poo after 1 hr..just dont give up taking metformin after a im on barley grass and chia to give suppress my hunger n multivitamins centrum.

For Healthy And Happy life

For Healthy And Happy life . 1 month ago

That is great video to with more supportive information and I like your doing presentation. I create a blog on relating to thise weight loss suppliment for women, I use your video on my blog post, >> please see it and I request comments , if you are interested for my blog. Thanks for your very usefull video.

One Sassy Zebra

One Sassy Zebra . 2 months ago

I have been on both metformin and spironolactone since 16 and now 34. The only thing that reduced my hair growth was constant waxing/epilating. But that's me. The one good thing is this year is I finally have a normal cycle after all these years. Still fighting the occasional breakouts but nothing major. I was over 260 last year and now I'm 172 and still dropping so losing weight on PCOS can be done. I fight other medical conditions so my doctors wont approve of me taking other herbal medicines. But I can understand it might not mix with my other medications. But sometimes I think doctors are close minded to anything that isn't pharmaceutical.

Allison Elliot

Allison Elliot . 2 months ago

I’m taking inositol I would recommend a powder instead of a pill. I put a scoop in water it has no taste just a very slight sweetness. I take morning and night.

Baby Came Home

Baby Came Home . 2 months ago

Are there any supplements that can permanently reverse other symptoms of PCOS like acne, insulin resistance, hirsutism, hair loss/balding, sugar cravings and overall high androgens/testosterone? I'm 21 years old and I'm already slim and slender. I've gained a little bit of weight on my thighs and legs but overall, the other symptoms are more severe. I can lose the stubborn weight on my thighs, stomach, and legs but hirsutism, male pattern hair loss, dry brittle hair, acne, and sugar cravings are making me EXTREMELY depressed. Every single doctor I've seen (I've seen a total of 8 doctors) all discourage vitamins, supplements of any kind but heavily rely on synthetic hormones and birth control. I've been on BC and Spironolactone and after I finished both, my symptoms returned with a vengeance. I have always eaten and lived a healthy lifestyle but I'm still breaking out all over my face, my hairline/temples are balding & thinning, I have hair growing all over my jawline, chin, neck, stomach, and I always crave junk food despite eating a ton of fruits, vegetables, protein, healthy fats, healthy carbs, nuts, & seeds. Please, I don't want to get suicidal from this PCOS because my skin, hair, nails, and entire femininity is ruined because of this.


kimberly . 3 months ago

GIRL. The part where you said I wanna trust the doctors.. I feel this on a whole level!

Mikayla Hollis

Mikayla Hollis . 3 months ago

GIIRRRLLL Metformin had me FUCKED UP!!! That's why I'm trying a different approach, with natural supplements. I was also SUPER EXCITED to hear the tip about Turmeric and Plantar Faciitis. I've been struggling with it for almost a year now and getting worse, with joint pain. I hope it helps!!

Our Farmhouse In The City

Our Farmhouse In The City . 3 months ago

Thank you so much for sharing this info! I have pcos and I am so lost on what to do to help. My doctor actually left the office/practice literally two weeks after I was diagnosed. 😑 I go back in October to a new dr and I’m hoping I can get a game plan going. I’m so tired of hurting with it. I hope you get relief to from it! Thanks so much again for sharing your wisdom on this!

Christy Mimi

Christy Mimi . 3 months ago

Research Berberine for the insulin resistance.

Stefanie S.

Stefanie S. . 3 months ago

I have PCOS also. Diagnosed 17 years ago when I had my son. They were in shock I even got pregnant. It took me 7 years to have another child. And I’ve been struggling for the last 11 years. I go years without a cycle.... and I too have lost 100lbs trying to help my body. I’ve gained 30ish back. I’ve been on Metformin 3x a day since Dec. I’ve lost a few pounds but not much. I have ZERO energy to exercise. Also anemic following a tragic accident in 2014. The struggle is never ending 💕

sweety gavali

sweety gavali . 4 months ago

My doctor said me 8 months ago I had pcos... But I then started working out and I get my periods naturally with a cycle of 28 days.. Do I still have pcos


THIRTHAV 2 . 4 months ago

Am having pcos, wat product is suitable, plz help me

Nidhi Vaidya

Nidhi Vaidya . 4 months ago

I feel your pain with metformin girl, I don't want to be on it but I want to give it a chance to help my PCOS in combination with diet and exercise. Hope it works for you, I haven't had many side effects except getting shaky so hopefully it works out for you

Diana Morataya

Diana Morataya . 4 months ago

I have been taking Turmeric and it works wonderfully. I loved your video and how you explained when you take your supplements. Where do you get Balance?

M Diaz

M Diaz . 4 months ago

Hey Madi, not sure if you are aware of the benefits of spearmint & raspberry tea leaf and how drinking them over time can be a natural testosterone balancer! I've been drinking them for the past month now and i've been feeling great and energized

Emmah Ferguson

Emmah Ferguson . 4 months ago

Your lip color is everything! Would love to know what it is :)


B.foreign . 4 months ago

The balance pill what is the company ?


Eirie . 4 months ago

I know it may be sensitive for you to talk about, but you mention tools for hair removal. Do any of them work well enough for avoiding inflammation, irritation, break outs following, or ingrown hairs?


Jemma . 4 months ago

I’ve read really good things about Apple Cider Vinegar and PCOS If you wanted to look into it yourself. I swear it’s what helped me lose my weight. Also heard that the powder version of inositol is the way to go if you’re not noticing results maybe you could look into it? Anyway. Thanks so much for this video. I’m going to the doctors tomorrow to discuss medications and I’m glad you gave me the heads up on metformin.

Sofia Gayou

Sofia Gayou . 4 months ago

Love your energy. I have been dealing with polycystic since I was about 16 years old and even though it's been slow going only recently, a good 15 years later, have I actually grown to not just live with it but thrive on it. Thank you for sharing all of this information and your energy , it helps keep me motivated!

Dominique Cox

Dominique Cox . 4 months ago

Metformin has messed with my stomach so bad. I want for it to work because the thought of diabetes scares the crap out of me! I’m just MISERABLE when I take the dose I’m “suppose” to take. Hoping my body starts getting use to it soon. It’s hard trust doctors when you’re feeling so horrible doing the things they tell you to do. 😅

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