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Product Review - Aldi's Baker's Life 85% Lower Carb Bread

Anna's Kitchen

Anna's Kitchen

Published on 1 year ago

Today I’m reviewing another ready-made low carb bread you can buy at Aldi’s here in Australia — it’s called Baker’s Life 85% Lower Carb bread. I don’t know if it’s available in other countries, but being Aldi’s it’s likely. Low-carb products are harder to come by in Australia so I had to give it a try.

You may have noticed I reviewed two other ready-made low-carb breads in the past - MiRico (which is no longer available here) https://mp3download.xyz/watch/zm49egl3EaY and The Protein Bread Co. https://mp3download.xyz/watch/iBfNvetXhLM Their bread is available from GoVita and other such health stores, but is rather expensive. This was quite similar in texture, but the bread from The Protein Bread Co requires refrigeration, and this one doesn’t. Not only that, but it’s less than half the price and we really loved it.

We put it through its paces just like the others — while it can be toasted, it takes a lot longer than regular bread as it’s much moister. But our favourite way to have this bread was as a grilled cheese or ‘cheese toastie’ as Australians call it. Just delicious — if you’ve missed grilled cheese like I have, I highly recommend this bread, it was delicious. It would also make great French Toast, just grab some sugar-free syrup. Yum!

The lowest carb choice is still from The Protein Bread Co, but for the price and ease of finding it, you really can’t beat this one from Aldi’s. I learned about it as it was in the news lately for not only being a low-carb supermarket bread, but a very healthy one at that. Excerpts from the news story follow.


“It’s rare to find a really great, healthy product in a supermarket that makes even nutritionists happy. But every so often it does happen — and such a good product deserves a mention.

“This time it is the Baker’s Life 85 per cent Lower Carb bread ($4.99) sold at Aldi. Not only does this bread taste great, but the nutrition information is so strong it is hard to find fault with the lower-carb product which is quickly going mainstream.

“A couple of slices of carb-controlled bread will give between 20-24g of carbs, 5-6g of dietary fibre and 8-12g of protein plus all the benefits of wholegrains and seeds.

“So how does this compare to the Aldi Higher Protein loaf? Two slices of this reduced carb bread offers a massive 23.6g of protein, 10.7g of fibre and just 5g of carbs.

“The other key aspect that makes this product so strong nutritionally is that while it is higher in fat than most other varieties of bread, as the fat is coming from wholegrains and seeds or linseeds and sunflower seeds in this loaf you end up with a food that is exceptionally high in the long chain polyunsaturated fats — the type of fat linked to a number of health benefits and the type of fat that few Australians get enough of.

“While all soy and linseed loaves offer this benefit, the amount of these fats in this loaf are double what we generally find in other supermarket breads.”

Comments :

Leanne Radoo

Leanne Radoo . 13 hours ago

Do you thing it kept friendly

Francoise Hembert

Francoise Hembert . 2 months ago

What does the ingredients list say?


TheHistoryOfHiFi . 2 months ago

I can’t believe the seller still doesn’t market this in the United States. They would make a killing. There is nothing remotely close to this for sale in the United States and including on Amazon.


Riverunner . 2 months ago

Wow can’t wait to find it!

Cyrus Ramsey

Cyrus Ramsey . 4 months ago

I love this bread

Blair Fairbairn

Blair Fairbairn . 5 months ago

I'm still waiting for a ACCC investigation or something exposing it's real carb amount. It's better than normal bread..


lkj781 . 7 months ago

you call 24 carbs low??

Jus- Sayin

Jus- Sayin . 8 months ago

I buy this in Aldi in Fla. I love it

Milton Wilde

Milton Wilde . 11 months ago

Stop toasting it it is sensational fresh.

Catherine Brown

Catherine Brown . 1 year ago

I got some of this on your recommendation, AU$4.50 (roughly) and it is scrumptious! At 2.5 grams per slice its keto friendly, and satisfying. I just LOVE the nutty flavour.

Allan Alberts

Allan Alberts . 1 year ago

What state in Australia did you buy these?


S F . 1 year ago

Love this bread! I wonder if it is keto???

T Kemp

T Kemp . 1 year ago

Going to Aldi on the morning. Hope our Aldi here in the US. If you haven't tried the protein bar (carb conscience) from Aldi are amazing. My 2 favorite bars have coconut, 1 with almonds and covered in chocolate. You get 5 bars for $4.99 here in the US. Thanks for sharing.

Raven Whitechapel

Raven Whitechapel . 1 year ago

if this got flaxseed in it be prepared because flaxseed usually sends you to the John over and over again and if you have a colon problem you don't want seeds. So sometimes breads can be so cold overly healthy if you take everything you eat in a day and everything keeps giving you these all these grains and all these seeds and all these Brands and other things that they put in which a lot of times not this bread in particular but when some of the bread say fiber what they're really using is are you ready for this... Wood pulpperiod on freaking believable this is the kind of thing that you get in ice cream ice creams use wood pulp without your knowledge to give it the creaminess but it's also what gives you that overbearing feeling in your colon like you've eaten too much or you have blue so watch the products that you buy.

MagieNoir 💖💖

MagieNoir 💖💖 . 1 year ago

Can't do it. I hate breads that are full of seeds. I've just decided if I want to have bread I'll just eat some bread but drink vinegar water beforehand and make sure there are plenty of veggies with the meal. Finding low-carb bread that I like has proved an impossible task. Thank you for sharing!

Steel Crown

Steel Crown . 1 year ago

Hi. This was first available as the brand "Herman Brot" in Australia. It's made in Queensland, and plainly sold under licence through Aldi, with Aldi rebranding. Herman Brot is also still available through health-food shops. I suspect it won't be available outside Australia, but for those of us in Australia, it really is great - breakfast of one slice of this toast (2.5g carb) with scrambled eggs made with Aldi Truffle butter is something else again :-)

K blalack

K blalack . 1 year ago

Awesome! Thanks!

Cassie Oz

Cassie Oz . 1 year ago

I havent been able to get any of this for almost a month (tried 4 different stores). The manager said it was a failure of the distributor but I wondered if demand was low

Raven Whitechapel

Raven Whitechapel . 1 year ago

and America we don't get caught fresh bread like that that's got real green in it they pulverize it they process it they put it into little slices that are rock hard when you toast it and we got the worst you would think that America the PowerHouse of the world that gives a 89 billion dollars a year to the Middle East including Israel we pay for their entire Healthcare System that are fast food restaurants are as good as they are in the UK selling amazing food.. wrong!!

Sarah Augustine

Sarah Augustine . 1 year ago

Still too many carbs and too many grains for me but I do appreciate your review. Thanks.

Java Junkie

Java Junkie . 1 year ago

Thank you for posting! I will definitely have to keep my eyes out for this at my Aldi. I have seen low carb bread in the freezer section here, in the USA. Where is this one stocked? Oh! French toast is such a wonderful idea!

JayT LaMunch

JayT LaMunch . 1 year ago

Nice Review, could you do the pork chop recipe they looked so nice Thank you, Anna

Ketogenic Kim

Ketogenic Kim . 1 year ago

That's a great review and that sandwich looks delicious! your food always looks delicious, though 😉. you are one of my very favorite recipe oriented YouTubers 😊👍


TheChefLady4JC . 1 year ago

What are the list of ingredients?

Diane Maksel

Diane Maksel . 1 year ago

Glad to see this review! Hoping to find it at some point!


V T . 1 year ago

How much carbs is 85% less than 100%?


seabliss22 . 1 year ago

I can't do anything made with wheat. It stalls my weight loss no matter how low carb it is

Tamson Darland

Tamson Darland . 1 year ago

Thank you so much for sharing great recipe. Looks delicious. I bet a dark leafy lettuce would be nice with sandwich too. We have Aldi's here in Kentucky. I'm going to check this bread out at Aldi's to see if they sell here. What a nice fiber bread also. I bet would make a nice french toast bread topped with whipped cream. Could toast first then dip in french toast batter and then fry and then top with whipped cream. Mmmmm. Thanks, Tamson.

Gale Martin

Gale Martin . 1 year ago

That looks yummy!!!! Miss bread like that. I hope my Aldi has it.

Josh Law

Josh Law . 1 year ago


Jodie Michelle

Jodie Michelle . 1 year ago

I've been using this for a long time now yes it's very good and it's exactly the same as the other one it and you're thinking of it's Herman brot bread and yes it's about $10 very expensive

Moto Gypsy

Moto Gypsy . 1 year ago

I love this bread too, but I've only had it toasted. There is another brand named Hermonbrot? I think. I got mine at IGA. I buy that if Aldi are out of stock.

Julie R

Julie R . 1 year ago

There's no Aldi's where I live in Texas😡😡😡

Bush Girl Karen

Bush Girl Karen . 1 year ago

Wow I hope ours in the US has this!


VB . 1 year ago

Still contains wheat or grains?

Ramona Smithson

Ramona Smithson . 1 year ago

I hope they start to carry it in the US.

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