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Versatile Vicky

Published on 3 years ago

HOW TO LOSE WEIGHT FAST 10 Kgs in 10 Days - Indian Meal Plan by Versatile Vicky 900 Calorie Indian Diet Plan / Lose 10 Kgs / Navratri Meal Plan / Diwali Meal Plan / Indian Diet for Men & Women

Fat Free Body Meal Plan | $1 Meal Plan | Lose 2 Kgs in 1 Day | Indian Veg Meal Plan | PCOS

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Comments :

LeGeNd A

LeGeNd A . 3 years ago

Awesome i did this for 1 month i was around 123kg, after completion of this diet, i have lost 24kgs, 😍😍😍✌️️👍 i dont know but i feel like Dangal ka Aamir khan 👍👍🏃🏽 mazaa aagaya ...! I used to go special place to buy my kinda cloths ... lol now i get my size almost every whr, ek aur month uske baad, phatte khaana shuru ...! Saala itna bhi control zindagi ka mazaa cheen letaa hai

Ammu Mohandas

Ammu Mohandas . 1 day ago

Hi Vicky, jus wanted to know if we can use the egg diet plan and the Indian meal plan alternatively. Expecting a reply. Thank you

Brock Lesnar

Brock Lesnar . 5 days ago

Which oats we should use?

Jui Pachupate

Jui Pachupate . 2 weeks ago

Can you provide a diet recipes for weight loss for a week.....thank you in advance😊

shirleen jones

shirleen jones . 2 weeks ago

Can eat this diet when m on keto diett

Mahesh Dureja

Mahesh Dureja . 2 weeks ago

How long can I follow this diet?

syeda sarah

syeda sarah . 3 weeks ago

Hi can nursing mothers take this plan? Please answere soon...

Saba Zubair

Saba Zubair . 3 weeks ago

Thank you

Priyanka D

Priyanka D . 3 weeks ago

Can we do planks exercise

Jayanthi Gowtham

Jayanthi Gowtham . 3 weeks ago

Is it good to take 3 cips of green tea daily? Then i will do work out at home and after half our I'll take green tea. After that I go for a walk for 45 mts. Is it good to follow this diet plan?

Nadi Hayat

Nadi Hayat . 4 weeks ago

Can we have another veggie instead of eggplant in water?

Sana Afreen

Sana Afreen . 4 weeks ago

Daal ki receipe kya h someone plzz help me

Leyonara's channel

Leyonara's channel . 4 weeks ago

Are there any written recipes/instructions so I can print them? Thanks Vicky.

Shaikh Salma

Shaikh Salma . 4 weeks ago

Mam In Bengal gram recipe can v add any other leafy vegetable instead of spring onions

Сергей Стукун. бывший толстяк

Сергей Стукун. бывший толстяк . 4 weeks ago


Nhla Nzm

Nhla Nzm . 1 month ago

is masoor dal can be used instead of green gram dal @versatilevicky

ñåmjøøns cråbs

ñåmjøøns cråbs . 2 months ago

Do we HAVE to have some of the items e.g. the sprouts, the raita and fat loss water? And also is this diet like healthy for teens?

Asma Sharief Mohammad

Asma Sharief Mohammad . 2 months ago

Can I take moong dal chila instead of dal curry.. Plz reply. Mam

M.s. Govil

M.s. Govil . 2 months ago

Your voice like female flight assistant ...

Mamtha .n

Mamtha .n . 2 months ago

I'm gonna try this from today hope for best

Aradhana Gangal

Aradhana Gangal . 2 months ago

How much is 1bowl which you have mentioned?.How many grams?

Jayashree Shreedharan

Jayashree Shreedharan . 2 months ago

It's like❤ a movie🎬❤😘loved it


meis . 2 months ago

i did some of this yesterday,and i lost 1kg today

Giribabu Velamuru

Giribabu Velamuru . 2 months ago

Mam we can add nonveg

Najma Hirani

Najma Hirani . 2 months ago

I am trying to start this diet . But I use for Roti speilt flour almond flour and barley flour mix all 3 flour and flax seed too . Is healthy or no

neelima sarvani

neelima sarvani . 2 months ago

I cannot thank you enough Vicky.....I have thyroid n pcos and on medication... yet this amazing diet had worked wonders.... lost 4kgs in just a week.... couldn't believe it....!!! Onto 2nd week now. It's very very difficult to reduce weight when u suffer from thyroid but this diet proved itself..!!

ridhima dadhich

ridhima dadhich . 2 months ago

i really like your plans and i tried all 900 calories diet plan but really wish you to add different menu ideas for indian meal plan as i trust you and your diet really helps me so we all will have idea what to eat for week. If its possible please make indian meal plan for whole week

Mehrun Nisa

Mehrun Nisa . 2 months ago

Thank u

Palak Trivedi

Palak Trivedi . 3 months ago

Hi vicky how to consume methi sprouts & can we take green moong dal in lunch & dinner what you mentioned in dinner pls suggest

Subhashini Sankar

Subhashini Sankar . 3 months ago

Nice diet plan it's working lose 5kgs in 7days

alotoli yeptho

alotoli yeptho . 3 months ago

Can you please do a diet plan for nursing mom's? Thank you.

suchismita Maji

suchismita Maji . 3 months ago

Can I eat soaked 2-3 almonds replace spourts?

Samara S

Samara S . 3 months ago

Hi Vicky, please provide an alternative for Dalia. It would be really appriective.

vaddi monika

vaddi monika . 3 months ago

Hi mam, can we use chicken curry in this diet

Naziya Qasam

Naziya Qasam . 3 months ago

Can I eat custured apple

Abirami Raman

Abirami Raman . 3 months ago

Hi I have been doing this for 5 days I lost only 1kg but I am able to fit in my old clothes like one size smaller I feel I have reduced weight but when checked it's only 1kg. I do Lucy's 7day challenge workouts(abs,legs and backfat) u have mentioned don't do muscle training I don't know if those workouts are muscle training. So should I be doing only cardio like walking??? Please tell me

Rajitha chilakapati

Rajitha chilakapati . 3 months ago

Please clarify Whether Green Tea is recommended for woman trying to conceive or pregnancy

Allia N.

Allia N. . 3 months ago

Hey Vicky thanks alot u r ''THE BEST'' I was following ur raw meal diet for 8 days n lost 5.6 kg..... 😘😘 Now I miss going to follow ur veg meal plan for at least 10 days let's see what would happen I will update that....

nilam vaghela

nilam vaghela . 3 months ago

Awesome I lost 2 kg in 4 days Before weight 64.4 Today weight 62.2 Feeling very happy ☺️☺️☺️☺️ thanks a ton vicky

pooja anandhan

pooja anandhan . 3 months ago

Mam put a video to reduce thigh fat any home remedy pls reply

Nirja Hakim

Nirja Hakim . 3 months ago

Very nice

The Helpers

The Helpers . 4 months ago

thanks mam I lost 3 kg in 7-8 days

marjum karlo

marjum karlo . 4 months ago

Gonna try from today onwards

Pri me

Pri me . 4 months ago

Hi vicky wats the gluten free alternate for wheat dalia?

Nirja Hakim

Nirja Hakim . 4 months ago

Very nice

Advik Advik

Advik Advik . 4 months ago

Can v combine dis plan with intermittent

shaikh tahreem

shaikh tahreem . 4 months ago

Thank you mam for this amazing information 😘😘😘😘

Mona Ram

Mona Ram . 4 months ago

Mam iam from India tamil Nadu kindly suggest some fruits & vegetables for same diet plan

mahi singh

mahi singh . 4 months ago

Hii Vicky I used to drink kangen water Is it works with this diet for weight loss

Anita Balani

Anita Balani . 5 months ago

Love you vicky for all videoes

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