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LOSE WEIGHT FAST : 7 Tips To Lose Weight 10 Kgs in 10 Day (BEST RESULTS)

Mukti Gautam

Mukti Gautam

Published on 1 year ago

GET BEST RESULTS: LOSE WEIGHT FAST : 7 Tips To Lose Weight 10 Kgs in 10 Day // In this video I have explained all 7 steps to follow to lose weight fast in just 10 days // This diet will be very helpful if you want to fit in some dress or want to reduce stomach fat fast //

This is best way to lose weight without dieting . BUT One need to follow all 7 steps to get best results and lose weight in healthy manner.

Including diet that will increase your metabolism will help in burning fat fast and with combination with 25 minutes of walk / workout will be super effective.
This diet will keep you full and will add extra nutrition , fibre in your diet.

Include more of vegetable and herbal drinks to lose weight .


Transformation Services we provide are following:

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Hey Guys, I am Mukti Gautam ,Athlete ,Social Media Influencer & Environmentalist. I am getting so much of love from all of you. I am trying my best to help out people struggling with lifestyle issues.Hope my videos are helpful to you. In future I will keeping letting you know that how I lost my weight and my weight lose issues and presently HOW I MANAGE TO
1.)Workout Daily
2.)Eat Healthy Tips &
3.)Also enjoy every damn Tasty food

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Comments :

Shaikh Shaadali

Shaikh Shaadali . 11 hours ago

Can I skip apple cider vinegar or there is another option


HT-7 . 12 hours ago

Didi its really work..👍🏻.. Meine is video ko mere Friendcirle mei share kiya👍🏻... Thanks didi

Madhuri Jain

Madhuri Jain . 17 hours ago

Ma'am mughe koi fark nhi pada mene sab kuch follow kiya why did this happen.

Manashi Chakroborty

Manashi Chakroborty . 1 day ago

apple cyder vineger je badle kuch or nahi le sakte mam?

Megha neoir

Megha neoir . 2 days ago

Thank you so much....... I'm going to try it.... 😃

Seema Rizvi

Seema Rizvi . 3 days ago

we can never loose 10 kgs 10 days im on 15 days diet but no difference!

Ajay Vats

Ajay Vats . 3 days ago

Mam mai exercise ke pehle green tea leti hu... Toh exercise ke baad b lena h? Ya ek time lena h dono m se

Zects MSP

Zects MSP . 3 days ago

I'm gonna start from Tommorow My current weight is: 75kg My goal weight is:65kg Like to remind me and wish me luck

Nilima barman

Nilima barman . 3 days ago

Kuch nai hui yar 😓😓😓😓

sahenur Sultana

sahenur Sultana . 3 days ago

Ok i m going to try this frm tommorow and follow all these thngs ... comment after 10 days whether it is working or not

shaheen khatoon

shaheen khatoon . 5 days ago

Thanks. A lot your tips are amazing and I love it because it save time also and help us also

Parminder Singh

Parminder Singh . 6 days ago

So beautiful mam😜😜😜

yashodhan kumbhar

yashodhan kumbhar . 6 days ago

What should I eat in breakfast and lunch dinner mein to soup Pina hain , right !

Kamlong Ngowa

Kamlong Ngowa . 6 days ago

This video really helps me a lot I did everything said here and got to lose 8 kg weight in 11days before I was 53 and now it's 45 really happy with the results

rj samraat

rj samraat . 6 days ago

U r srs mukti😶 yar tum cute hi achi lagti ho food channel ki tarah❣️😍😂

sanjay saini

sanjay saini . 6 days ago

Nice video. See this for quick results https://medium.com/@sanjeevsharma_44138/you-do-not-need-to-lose-weight-e92963bbcc71?source=friends_link&sk=b5f80dab896bb6aa8842108d7b4b854a

Sanjay Pandey

Sanjay Pandey . 6 days ago

Can we just rather skip dinner rather than taking soup?

Tanisha Gusain

Tanisha Gusain . 7 days ago

Can i take knor cup soop lol

Federica Di Fraia

Federica Di Fraia . 7 days ago

I really wish I had find the “Yamzoko Weebly” (Google it) a long time ago. For 3 weeks of using the programs, I reduced 12 pounds There is certainly still need of physical exercises even just a few times weekly and the food to nibble on must be ideal. The results presented to me is fantastic. I absolutely recommend the product, wish it works as excellent for you as it really does for me. .

mudit yadav

mudit yadav . 7 days ago

Don't waste time be fast

geelu Shetty

geelu Shetty . 1 week ago

Going to try n let u know after 10days tq

VivekkMantri Emotional Wellness Coach

VivekkMantri Emotional Wellness Coach . 1 week ago

Suppressed Emotions lead to weight gain , many times. Due to suppressed emotions , anxiety we tend to eat. This reduces the neurological alignment between mind-Brain and stomach . That's main reason for weight gain . Interested people can ping me on whatsapp +918551099009

Pratima Panja

Pratima Panja . 1 week ago

After pregnancy figer kysa mentain kare?mentain Kitne din bad se start karu? Wating for ur advice.

zakia Kazmi

zakia Kazmi . 1 week ago

Can we add something in the milk while having it??

Himanshi Rajput

Himanshi Rajput . 1 week ago

Knor soup le skte h kya?

Kartik Thakur

Kartik Thakur . 1 week ago

Vinegar se agar allergy ho to uske alawa kuch aur le skte hai kya

Jigya Rinki

Jigya Rinki . 1 week ago

Kya green tea ki jagah black coffee le sakte hai..

Umar Sharif

Umar Sharif . 1 week ago

Mam please don't share scam videos or anything to fake because weight gaining or losing takes time

Neha Archna

Neha Archna . 1 week ago

I have already take two file of Apple cider veniger but it dont work on ..what can i do now can i follow all the 6 step without veginer ....it will help me on weight loss or not

Aafreen Khan

Aafreen Khan . 2 weeks ago

Kuttu ke aate ki badle jawari ka aata use krr sakte kye

PTuladhar 95

PTuladhar 95 . 2 weeks ago

Please can u make keto diet recipe I have engagement after 15 days I want to lose weight 😓😓 please help me didi & yes you’ve got new subscriber 😊

arbin khan

arbin khan . 2 weeks ago

Should we take detox drink empty stomach or wt in morning

Angelic Peshoo

Angelic Peshoo . 2 weeks ago

Mam plz help mera weight kam nhy hota plz help waist hips and thighs buht zyada hai plzzz help 1 month gym main buht workout and cardio kiya but koi farq nhy parha

mohsin ali

mohsin ali . 2 weeks ago

Api mera weight 69 tha ab gym k baad 15 days main 64 hogaya hai par os k baad lose ho hee nahn raha 2nd month b hogaya hai par weight ruk gaya hai what i do now for weight loss?

Shanya Gurung

Shanya Gurung . 2 weeks ago

Kya momo khane se pet ka charbi badta hai ??? pet ka charbi kaise ghataye plz suggest me somebody 😕😕😕

mitali Shah

mitali Shah . 2 weeks ago

Sabji or salad kab aur kitne time aur kitni quantity mai khayen. Lunch or breakfast mai kya lu? Mujhe chaay ki habbit nahi hai to mai milk le sakti hu? Ya only detox drink hi lu?

Pushpa Pathak

Pushpa Pathak . 2 weeks ago

Bakwaas kiya sirf.

Pushpa Pathak

Pushpa Pathak . 2 weeks ago

It is fake 10 kg 10 days me.Its impossible.Aap ne weight lose kiya hai gym jaakar.Whosoever reading this comment focus on what i am saying.30 days me ho sakta hai 5 kg lose but 10 days me 10 kg??Totally fake video.Totally Fake.


TacocaT . 2 weeks ago

Ye but how do u keep it off?

Jitu Jila

Jitu Jila . 2 weeks ago

Thank you so much

Arif Ahmed

Arif Ahmed . 2 weeks ago


vickyyy 1723

vickyyy 1723 . 2 weeks ago

Video start at 4.00.... isase pahle buri bakchodi hai....

Shakti Singh

Shakti Singh . 2 weeks ago

Where I will get apple cider vinegar, will be it available at medical shop

Hetal Jain

Hetal Jain . 2 weeks ago

can we take oats at dinner

Gargi Parvekar

Gargi Parvekar . 2 weeks ago

Is there Any substitute for soup

Vaishnavi Sharma

Vaishnavi Sharma . 2 weeks ago

Mam mai vrat rakhti hu monday ka 😅 but mai coffee piti hu khoob saari to mera pait bhara reta hai....nai piaa karu? (Sugar vaali)

funny videos fitness videos videos

funny videos fitness videos videos . 2 weeks ago

Wt about lunch n breakfast Din mai kya khana hoga normal home made food like rice chapati Sabzi ya Boil chicken n salad type khana hai...

bhawna lugaria

bhawna lugaria . 2 weeks ago

https://chat.whatsapp.com/IadafDNBMtOIhoSFWhebyV Here guys you can join Whatsapp group.. if u can't afford personal training.. then you will join me. For the better guidance and it's free.. Join me to click on Whatsapp link

Megha Biju

Megha Biju . 2 weeks ago

Gonna start from tmrw

Sanjay Naskar

Sanjay Naskar . 2 weeks ago

Normal vinigar le skte h kya?? Plzz bataiye

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