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Low Carb Chipotle Options | Great Keto Takeout Spot - What To Get!

Keto Connect

Keto Connect

Published on 3 years ago

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Low Carb Chipotle Options | Great Keto Takeout Spot - What To Get!

KetoConnect hits the road! For the first time in our YouTube careers we venture outside of our small apartment and into the real world. It's a scary place. We hit up some Low Carb Chipotle! It's been a long time since we've gotten takeout that isn't chicken wings, and we forgot how much we missed it. This trip to get Low Carb Chipotle really brought us back to our college days when we could eat whatever we wanted and not gain a pound. We'll show you what we get on our quest for low carb chipotle and also discuss some of the options you have. Let's goooo!

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Comments :

Niki Mize

Niki Mize . 2 weeks ago

Keto kitty 😂 our cat didn't like the leash at first. Just give a gentle tug here and there and she'll get used to it in no time. Our Biscuit loves going for walks now! She is deaf so she's an indoor cat, for her safety, but this has been a great way to get her some monitored outdoors time.😊

Aguilera Productions

Aguilera Productions . 1 month ago

I’m going to chipotle right now

Aguilera Productions

Aguilera Productions . 1 month ago

Tomatoes ain’t Keto

Aguilera Productions

Aguilera Productions . 1 month ago

Gracias amigos por los típs para los mexicanos

Aguilera Productions

Aguilera Productions . 1 month ago

Gracias amigos por los tíos

Jesus Contreras

Jesus Contreras . 7 months ago

Can you get the spicy red salsa on keto?


astroboi254 . 8 months ago

Barbacoa is cow tongue

Maria Alicia Chancy

Maria Alicia Chancy . 8 months ago

Ordering a keto meal at the corner bakery possible?

Sarah Horvath

Sarah Horvath . 9 months ago

When eating out, are cooking oils or additives taken into consideration? Like what Chipotle cooks their chicken in, etc.? Or is this only a factor when it comes to personal intolerances you may have?


Kaitlyn . 9 months ago

i'm glad matt got over his fear of filming in public, lol.


oneofakind . 11 months ago

Aww u guys are so cute in this video

Ruckus Piper

Ruckus Piper . 1 year ago

Tomatoes will be carby, as is the green pepper

Sarah Palmer

Sarah Palmer . 1 year ago

Hey guys! I love you videos. I saw on multiple reddit threads that many chipotle reps have confirmed that they post net carbs, not total. Do you know if this is true? If so I’ve been eating a lot more carbs than I thought


Hotwheel66 . 1 year ago

Keto Kitty!

Mina V.

Mina V. . 1 year ago

Love you guys, thanks! ❤️🙏🏻

eloy_loses _fat

eloy_loses _fat . 1 year ago

Exact same thing I eat at chipotle


EGORElicious . 1 year ago

I MAY try this tomorrow for lunch. I haven't been back there since the first time I went lol

Lorrie Hinton

Lorrie Hinton . 1 year ago

You guys are adorable. Looking forward to the Keto Wedding ❤️ some day

Rita B

Rita B . 1 year ago

Anyone know if their sofrita is keto-friendly? It's their tofu option

bexar naked brewing company mateo lozano

bexar naked brewing company mateo lozano . 1 year ago

Babrbacoa is beef cheek

Mary Harper

Mary Harper . 1 year ago



CAROLINA . 1 year ago

I just discovered your channel this week.. And you guys are too cute!!

Dylon Desbiens

Dylon Desbiens . 2 years ago

How did she come up 10 carbs? Carbs are higher than she mentioned (19Carbs) for that meal according to chipotles site

Frank Pichardo

Frank Pichardo . 2 years ago

California: El Pollo Loco, get your favorite chicken pieces, steamed broccoli and a side salad no tortilla strips, and no side tortillas. 😉

adrian barco

adrian barco . 2 years ago

Barbacoa is from either cow tounge or cow cheeks it's dam good though

Ashlee Mahnke

Ashlee Mahnke . 2 years ago

Chipotle fo sho!! You guys are funny tho! I love it, I think I say that in every comment!

Lisa Bertolini

Lisa Bertolini . 2 years ago

favorite fast food is lettuce wrapped roasted garlic portabella char burger at Habit Burger..comes with a delicious roasted garlic aioli

Sharon Griffiths

Sharon Griffiths . 2 years ago

You don't leash-train a cat - they leash-train you (don't you guys know that by now?)

The Last Sifu

The Last Sifu . 2 years ago

Do you guys plan on doing keto forever? You’re both already fit. I have been doing it for a week and I can’t imagine living like that for the rest of my life. Once I hit my weight loss goal, I’ll continue low carb and low sugar, but with occasional indulgences and enjoy holidays and events without restrictions.

Shaunée Nicole

Shaunée Nicole . 2 years ago

It'd be nice if Chipotle had Cauliflower rice as a option

Bracha Friedman

Bracha Friedman . 2 years ago

the best keto ever, Dining out, Burgers110. absolutely the yummiest burger, i like that they dont try to drown out the flavors of the BEEF. and they have seltzer in the coolest bottles.

Tina Frazier

Tina Frazier . 2 years ago

These look delish... Thank you for showing this.

Erin Kathleen Makeup Superstar

Erin Kathleen Makeup Superstar . 2 years ago

You guys were really goofy at the end walking home....lol

Geraldine M

Geraldine M . 2 years ago

Everything in chipotle is cooked in RICE BRAN oil


TWIN1 . 2 years ago

Thanks for the update guys. Looks and sounds delicious! They have just built a Chipotle Restaurant here in Palm Coast, Fl. So now I know exactly what I want! BOTH!! 🐕

ryan wright

ryan wright . 2 years ago

Five guys. Double bacon cheeseburger, lettuce wrapped, jalepenos, tomato, mushrooms, onions, mustard.

Kori claypool

Kori claypool . 2 years ago

Thanks😍. I'm going on vacation on the 11th of March. I needed low carb ideas to eat out.


optimusprimo2012 . 2 years ago

Can you please tell me exactly how you ordered it? It looks really good

Aroc Hudson

Aroc Hudson . 2 years ago

Where do the carbs come from and where do they tell you the macros in chipotle?

Emily Stopka

Emily Stopka . 2 years ago

Can you guys do more fast food videos?

William Jensen

William Jensen . 2 years ago

I've done keto for 6 years and for a time was slightly paranoid about the possibility that Chipotle's cheese could potentially use maldodextrin in their cheese (which is true of many cheeses), although it seems that likely is not the case. Chipotle is to my estimation one of the few places that is completely safe for Keto, others being burger places like five guys, etc.

Amberlynns Fupa cobweb

Amberlynns Fupa cobweb . 2 years ago

Barbacoa is beef cheeks 😭😩🙄🙄😫

Spider Monkey

Spider Monkey . 2 years ago

My favorite keto fast food option is Chick-fil-A grilled nuggets and/or Cobb salad (no corn, sub grilled chicken for breaded) and diet lemonade! Yeah buddy! Okay love y’all! 🍽

Jose Nunez

Jose Nunez . 2 years ago

Barbacoa comes from goat not barbecue

Estefania Gamez

Estefania Gamez . 2 years ago

Chik fil a nuggets

Joanne Walker

Joanne Walker . 2 years ago

My favorite place to eat.


Le.Keto'sa . 2 years ago

im so getting this tomorrow!

Aidan Au

Aidan Au . 2 years ago

The "shitty education" part is so raw and surreal. I haven't been back to my alma mater ever since I left.....

Amber Thomas

Amber Thomas . 2 years ago

I’ve been watching this YouTube channel religiously since I started doing keto and I love their tips but I have to say I looove their relationship as well they’re such a cute couple .

Wilbur Salazar

Wilbur Salazar . 2 years ago

That’s 70 grams of carbs at 10% of 700 kcal. Assuming you didn’t burn off the extra 50 grams of carbs with a marathon, that’s not Keto. Good content tho.

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