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Rock Legend Rick Derringer: Guitars and Stories

Guitar Gathering

Guitar Gathering

Published on 8 months ago

Grammy winning guitarist and producer, Rick Derringer, stops by to talk about his amazing guitars and stories of his amazing career. From Paul McCartney and Ringo to Edgar Winter and Steely Dan, Grammy winner Rick Derringer has played and worked with them all. Derringer's career spans over five decades (so far) and is a true Rock and Roll icon in every sense of the word.

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Comments :

Stephen Duquette

Stephen Duquette . 7 days ago

Rick , your story is amazing . You have walked with angels of the music world . I had thought that after Rocken Roll Hoochy Koo that you quit . I'm glad you didn't. Your influence has been tremendous on our music .


green323turbo . 2 weeks ago

Imagine that ES355 he used on this amazing song was stolen , https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wf2NsGMW_A4

Brad Hoffy

Brad Hoffy . 3 weeks ago

I've always loved Rick's playing. I wish I knew where that old Les Paul he used to play back in the Johnny Winter And days. He played the hell outta that.

RC's Project

RC's Project . 4 weeks ago

I like Rick's positive attitude towards music. You can see how passionate he still is for music.

Page Rage

Page Rage . 4 weeks ago

Passionate and honest, gotta love the man.


Scott . 4 weeks ago

How can you sit there with guitars for over an hour and only take a few strums?

Stephen Schuffert

Stephen Schuffert . 4 weeks ago

One of the greatest...huge influence on my career. Thanks Rick. God bless 👍❤️👍

David Maye

David Maye . 4 weeks ago

Met Rick on the street in Montreal...and his girlfriend

The Woodys Surf Instrumental Band

The Woodys Surf Instrumental Band . 1 month ago

I still think the ‘Johnny Winter And’ album has some of the best guitar work done by 2 guitarist ever. Rick and Johnny were magic together on that record.


dobromeister . 1 month ago

Nice job Steve. You brought the best out of Rick. Great stories!


Digi2005 . 1 month ago

Great interview, saw Rick play in a nightclub in the early 90's , it was a trio situation and man he made it sound full, IMHO he would give most guitarists a run for their money after seeing him live !

Joe Schuch

Joe Schuch . 2 months ago

I was all in until Rick got off on the biblical significance of 444hz @ 24:00

Samuel Farish

Samuel Farish . 2 months ago

Now how awesome was that...Thank you Rick for all you have given us...


millfred123 . 3 months ago

Holy Jesus ... Rick living in the fuckin' past with guitar in hand ... not playing a fucking thing. Maybe the worst thing I've ever seen on YouTube

Mark Anthony

Mark Anthony . 3 months ago

You see, live and learn Rick just answered a lot of questions for me, he is by far one of the most phenomenal guitar players I've ever heard in my life, I never , he's knocked me off my chair a couple times when I've heard him play, , this was when he was younger ,the greatest guitar player ever I believe.


johnnyjellybeanQC . 3 months ago

The guitar player from Canada that was with Cindy Lauper was Aldo Nova and he left the tour in Australia about 3 months into the tour

Emm S

Emm S . 3 months ago

loved this interview! great fascinating stuff! god bless Rick Derringer!

Doctor Garbonzo

Doctor Garbonzo . 4 months ago

Really Cool down to Earth story from One of the Legends, Thanks for sharing Rick

Randy Geren

Randy Geren . 4 months ago

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CBS67 . 5 months ago

I was 14 years old. Rick & Johnny changed my life forever.

Jim Davis

Jim Davis . 7 months ago

I know one thing, If I had derringer's Ole' Mate. I would, Simply, GIVE IT 2 HIM. DI_CK HEASD.


Starcrunch72 . 7 months ago

10:26 $43 made on his first gig in 1956?!?! I only got $33---$300 split 6 ways in 1989!!!!....I was doomed from the start to never make money as a guitar player.

Dizzy Guitar

Dizzy Guitar . 7 months ago

scroll forward to 23:47 to see Rick play :D

Post posterous

Post posterous . 7 months ago

Where was this Recorded at ? #?

Mike H

Mike H . 7 months ago

A really nice show. Enjoyed it.

joseph esposito

joseph esposito . 7 months ago

The first Guitar hero, Rick was doing the stuff Van Halen did BEFORE vAN hALEN,,,


richm99 . 7 months ago

This was such a pleasure! When I was learning to play guitar, Rick was my idol. I wore out three records that I listened to constantly - Johnny Winter And, Johnny Winter And Live, and Edgar Winter's White Trash. Rick's guitar playing was amazing! His clarity, tone, bends, phrasing, staccato....everything! And, I've learned, he's such a good, decent God-loving human being to boot. And these stories are awesome! Thank you!!


shardy00 . 7 months ago



MattyBEightyThree . 7 months ago

A piece of music history was recorded here. Thanks Steve!

bob clapper

bob clapper . 8 months ago

Thanks for this vid. , Rick was someone I listen to a ton back in the 70s. A legend in Rock to me .


WileECoyotey . 8 months ago

He talks a lot


volt0z . 8 months ago

Never heard about Rick. He seems like really interesting great dude


LooMinn . 8 months ago

Last ten minutes are with the price of admission. Very interesting insights from a guy who's been there.

Neil E. Everett

Neil E. Everett . 8 months ago

Rick had an injured hand/arm so he couldn't play as hoped. He does love to talk though...


D M . 8 months ago

Awesome interview.


sueme7 . 8 months ago

a tune would have been nice....

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