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'Slow Carbs' and the Truth About Low-Carb Diets

Cleveland Clinic

Cleveland Clinic

Published on 4 years ago

You‘ll be surprised to hear me say that carbohydrates are the most important thing you can eat for health and weight loss. Why? Because all plant foods are carbohydrates. These are the good, “slow” carbs you’ll find in fruits, vegetables, and even nuts and seeds. Slow carbs don’t spike your blood sugar or insulin, like carbs from pasta, bread, potatoes or rice. Instead, they fill your body with fiber. And they contain amazing molecules called phytochemicals. Studies show that powerful phytochemicals like glucosinolates, found in broccoli and other cruciferous vegetables, may help reduce your risk of cancer. Most colorful plant foods are full of good, slow carbs. Learn more about all the beneficial things they’ll do for your health and your weight. Download the Functional Medicine Treatment Guide: ccf.org/FMGetstarted

Comments :

Caroline Laronda

Caroline Laronda . 18 hours ago

Did he say “diabesity “..?

zack stone

zack stone . 22 hours ago

Why do all the carnivore diet people loose do much more weight than keto and Paleo people and vegsns?

zack stone

zack stone . 22 hours ago

Fruit doesn't spike insulin?!?

Thoughts of a Human

Thoughts of a Human . 1 day ago

Im on a protein and fat only diet . This is the results so far. Pay in mind that Im only 27 years old and a very athletic guy that used to work out 5 to 6 days a week when I had the energy from carbs. I have never experienced any of these following side effects before. My mind has always been clear and I've always been a very focused and sharp guy. Let me begin. Here's the following downsides : I feel angry ( Im naturally a very calm guy ). I feel weak. I feel super fatigued( can barely walk up the stairs ). I forget things and experience serious memory loss. For example the other day I forgot my 4 digit code for my Mastercard at the mall. And also I walked into my room and all of a sudden I stopped in the middle and I was like....Wtf? Why did I get in here? And what did I wanna grab from this room ? My speech is very slurred and I talk slower than I used to. Also noticed that when I go out for a walk I have difficulties with my balance. I literally feel like a computer that is outdated and lagging. It's all like a big fog that just doesn't go away, I've been persistent, I really tried. I forgot to say that I got into my car and turned on the engine and then I turned it off saying to myself : Fuck that. Im not gonna risk my life and other peoples lifes because my brain is simply not working on a 100 % level. So I literally got out of the car and called a taxi. To sum it all up : The human brain is no joke. We are all different. We are all unique. But if your brain gives you serious and extreme signals of dementia and fatigue then it's not by accident. You should listen to your brain because you have only one. So yes...I have decided to end this diet attempt and get back to consuming carbohydrates before my braincells will be more damaged than they already are. Im not a professional medic or a doctor, just a simple guy that wants to warn others before they can get really hurt. Take care guys and stay safe!

Max Pucher

Max Pucher . 1 day ago

thanks for the vegan propaganda! Sure you can eat slow carbs but only as a part of a low carb diet!

Leon Noreiga

Leon Noreiga . 1 day ago

Within the last two centuries, access to carbs and sugar has been made more readily available than any other time in humanity 's history through grains, sugar and artificial sugars. We are consuming more sugar than ever before. This has to be the root of the current worldwide epidemic of insulin resistance. Conducting a study to prove this means we'll need to find people who hasn't been consuming processes foods etc.. Doing a comprehensive study to know for certain seems impossible at this time


Hannah . 3 days ago

I really contemplate this specific weight loss plan “Kαbοnοz Ydα” (Google it) to generally be motivational. I should have worked on me mainly because I feel I get plenty of energy every day and also have shed 8 lbs on my body weight within the past month. It informs you exactly what you will need and also explains almost everything in detail. .

Dead Crush

Dead Crush . 3 days ago

A keto diet is to specifically decrease sugars. Veggie carbs and fibers don't count, only net carbs and sugars


grawss . 6 days ago

Screw veggies, those are only good if you can't afford meat. Twenty cups of broccoli would probably kill me.

Glen Carter

Glen Carter . 1 week ago

“Dream Talk” Hooked on “Carnivore” works for me!

Honky Monkey

Honky Monkey . 1 week ago

Like you fuckin know.

Joseph Griffiths

Joseph Griffiths . 1 week ago

Complete and utter bullshit.

Chris Capablanca

Chris Capablanca . 2 weeks ago

A fun detailed analysis of some carb science and physical performance https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cv_k57NENK8

Pam Jenkins

Pam Jenkins . 2 weeks ago

everyone is different... I've been successfully using his method for 3weeks. whole foods plant based: 1-2 cups of beans every day, brown rice, sweet potatoes, carrots, onions, leeks, squash,avocado, fruit etc.... tons of kale, collards, spinach etc.. 1 huge fresh green salad per day. Black coffee , 1/2 gallon of water, huge glass of kale/ ginger juiced every day. Occassionally I grill fish, otherwise no other meat products. (dairy, cheese, butter, eggs) cooking methods: stir fry light oil, or air fry, bake. Restricted foods: fast foods restaurants. 10 lb. weight loss in 3 weeks.

man splainer

man splainer . 2 weeks ago

It seems Dr. Bergs and Dr. Ekbergs Keto diet advice isn't that different from what you say here. Lots of low carb veg, most of your calories from fat and moderate proteines as well as intermittent fasting. Very large amount of detailed well researched and presented videos: Dr Berg (3,31M subs): UC3w193M5tYPJqF0Hi-7U-2g https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vMZfyEy_jpI And Dr. Sten Ekberg (22k subs) the same:  https://www.youtube.com/user/drekberg Also close is Ken Berry MD (881k subs): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8Ygs2j0v0sU Highly informative and imortant on insulin resistance and diabetes - Dr. Jason Fung: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC8bWMq7Ahg3CUz3ish9dvuw

blue berry

blue berry . 2 weeks ago

but how do you completely separate fats and carbs?? nut butters still have some carbs, avocado still has some carbs, etc. how do you just separate it???

Caputo Dental Laboratory

Caputo Dental Laboratory . 2 weeks ago

Thank you that makes sense. Ive noticed on diet for a week, eating no carbs I am hungry allot more.

SB 1960

SB 1960 . 2 weeks ago

Good luck digesting that broccoli correctly.

Laquisha Moore

Laquisha Moore . 3 weeks ago

dumb shit, you're an expert?

stefano nutini

stefano nutini . 3 weeks ago

It would have been much better if I learned this unique “Yamzoko Weebly” (Google it) a few years back. For 15 days of making use of the plans, I get rid of 12 lbs There is certainly still need of exercise routines even just a couple of times weekly and the foodstuff to have must be ideal. The outcome presented to me is fantastic. Without a doubt, this is important and I do hope this would work to you too because it did to me. .

Charlette La Morena

Charlette La Morena . 3 weeks ago

25 Grams of net carbs is as high as I'll go. Sorry, not sorry!

Roxy Klassen

Roxy Klassen . 3 weeks ago

Mmmmm as if brocoli were not hybridized lol - don’t eat hybridized potatoes, eat hybridized brocoli.

Inaki Legorburu

Inaki Legorburu . 3 weeks ago

Good carbs? Bad carbs? Balonie. I am over sensitive to carbs. All carbs. The only carbs thare good for me are no carbs. And there are many overweight (obesity inclined) people like me. Have I got it all wrong?

l zFate l

l zFate l . 3 weeks ago

The fat peoples are hating and disliking the video

Max de Bruin

Max de Bruin . 3 weeks ago

Oh god forbid my blood level spikes 😱

Ton Bong

Ton Bong . 3 weeks ago

What kind of doctor are you if you don't know that humans are meat eaters? We evolved in 2 million years eating meat (80% - 90%) and plants (10% - 20%).


Tursiops . 4 weeks ago

What he is saying is just that you shouldn't wory about carbs if they came from fresh food (veggies, fruits...)

james melton

james melton . 4 weeks ago

He is wrong about it not effecting blood sugar. It does just as bad as sugar. I’m diabetic and every time I eat vegetables it jumps above 250. Don’t listen to this idiot

The Clint Commander

The Clint Commander . 4 weeks ago

So what you're saying is that clean keto is the way to go. Thanks for the tip! On Keto, you can eat PLENTY of veggies like cauliflower, broccoli, green beans, etc.. The problem is, there are so few sources to get these unprocessed carbs that you're talking about. The vegetables and other carbs our ancestors ate didn't contain any of the processed crap we have to choose from now. Realistically, everybody has a WalMart and other big chain grocery stores on every corner. Even if you do have a Sprouts or Whole Foods available, you're paying a lot more money for less processing, which makes NO sense to me whatsoever. If all of our major grocery stores had unprocessed foods that came straight from the non-GMO farms without the processing, we wouldn't need diets like Keto, and your argument would be valid. However, with things the way that they are, low carb diets are the way of the future until major grocery stores get their acts together along with all of the companies who process the hell out of everything. Just my two cents. I've been on Keto for a month, and I've lost almost 30ibs without even introducing any high intensity exercise. Aside from my body adjusting to digesting and running off of fats, I feel much better physically and mentally than I ever did when I would be eating tons of carbs.

Olive Oil

Olive Oil . 4 weeks ago

His name is Dr. WHAT??

courtney hannum

courtney hannum . 4 weeks ago

If i ate broccoli like thats id be so bloated and gassy...no thanks..this is foolish


Geno . 4 weeks ago

Plants make me bloated and inflamed (allergies, arthritis, gum issues, eczema, etc), especially the raw acidic types. Low carb diets makes me weak, not able to think as good.. I'm at a loss to find something that REALLY works without all those crazy negative side effects.

Uncomfortable Truth

Uncomfortable Truth . 1 month ago

"All plant foods are carbohydrates"? LOL, time to change the channel. So what are these "phytonutrients" and what do they do? Oh right, you can't say. Just "it's good mkay" in general, just like the vitamin craze/hoax. Are you aware that there is little to NO evidence that antioxidants are actually effective in vivo?

Bene Butterbean

Bene Butterbean . 1 month ago

Doctor Hymen: Myth Buster!

John Wolf

John Wolf . 1 month ago

Just a dude trying to make YouTube cash...kept is carnivore light... Atkins was right

Monnie Holt

Monnie Holt . 1 month ago

Are you kidding me? Look at the weight that people lose on the carnivore diet! ZERO CARBS. They have tried to lose weight with veggies and it doesn't work for them. They go to Keto and drop 60 or 100+ pounds - without all those veggies! Check out Dr. Ken Berry on YouTube. Carbs ARE NOT the best thing you can eat to lose weight! This guy lost all credit with me.


Y S . 1 month ago

Best advice for weight loss and good health, eat clean (nothing processed, only clean and organic foods), prepare it yourself, eat less, move more....


nicoloco9974 . 1 month ago

I'm not eating any carbs at all. Just healthy fats and protein. Hope I can still lose weight.

Dustin Sand

Dustin Sand . 1 month ago

Be careful of plant lectins though. Don't eat too many of one kind.


Flametree . 1 month ago

Yeah! I wonder how much hes getting paid? Big industry and big pharmaceutical do not care how sick we get as long as we buy their poisons. I do Blood sugars every day, carbohydrates will eventually kill me if I continue eating them! Eating low carb/keto/paleo is saving my life!

Bruno Paquette

Bruno Paquette . 1 month ago

Why is this guy allowed to give advice to the population?

Will Alexander

Will Alexander . 1 month ago

I have currently implemented this unique “Yamzoko Weebly” (Google it) for a number of weeks by now as well as the results are wonderful. They offer me lots of strength as well as suppress my desire for foods, however I do NOT crash once they wear off which I really like, and so they don`t cause me to feel jittery. I did nothing special on my diet program and i also still manage to shed my excess weight to 7 pounds. .

Debra Seiling

Debra Seiling . 1 month ago

This is very sound information. Thanks!

Buddy Silver

Buddy Silver . 1 month ago

From the FARM to your FORK? I can FORK my spuds from my backyard, and put them on my FORK in 30 minutes! Soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo! What do you say about that! The Irish in the 1830s had a population close to the English one & all the had was the SPUD as their main meal.


chaotic/Silence . 1 month ago

Low carb diets consist of green leafy plant matter, Fish, chicken, certain nuts and berries, certain Beans and some times red meat for the Amino acids. Most of these quacks with a PHD are barely smarter than your side walk, they are in the business to take your money at a PHD level...Don't be fooled Listen to your body, not idiots like this....we've been doing great for 2000+ years his science is just crap that has been taught for the money making consumer, he could give 2 rips about your health...but he is a good salesmen


chaotic/Silence . 1 month ago

Fruits spike the hell out of your blood sugar...your a freaking QUACK...STFU and get off youtube

Fred Harvey

Fred Harvey . 1 month ago

This is regarding low glycemic index carbs.

kiki coco

kiki coco . 1 month ago

I don’t know what to eat man Can i just eat something

DRP Blue Skys

DRP Blue Skys . 2 months ago

What about oats?

saraa x

saraa x . 2 months ago

How about Oats?

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