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How I Lost 145 Pounds Eating Low Carb

Dot2Trot's Low Carb Living

Dot2Trot's Low Carb Living

Published on 3 years ago

A little about me, who I am, what I've gone through, and why I've created this low carb living channel.

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✅The book that helped me lose 145 pounds (and saved my life):
"Why We Get Fat," by Gary Taubes -- http://amzn.to/2chiuqO

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Comments :

Ayaan Osman

Ayaan Osman . 17 hours ago

I don't know but I am very happy for you you clearly have worke hard thank you
nitro chic

nitro chic . 1 day ago

Thank you so much for doing this. I am dealing with what you were dealing with and I am lost at times. thank you so much and It's nice to see real people with real issues doing these videos. Again, thank you
J. Lewis

J. Lewis . 2 days ago

Amen, thank you for caring and sharing!

NOPE NO THANKS . 2 days ago

low callory and low carb, can't go wrong
Heather Grady

Heather Grady . 3 days ago

I ended up disabled due to a botched simple surgery and now I’ve gained over 100 lbs and have fatty liver.....I’m at the pivot point...I applaud you girl
Piera Galvin

Piera Galvin . 3 days ago

Great video, God bless you.
Smoothie Queen

Smoothie Queen . 3 days ago

Wow good video
Tracey Dadzie

Tracey Dadzie . 4 days ago

All what you are talking does not make sense. You talk too much. With little information
Lynn Murphy

Lynn Murphy . 4 days ago

Try fasting. It cures everything including cancer.
Best youtube videos

Best youtube videos . 4 days ago

How This 59-Year Old Grandma's Near-Deadly Battle With Cancer And "Premature-Menopause" Led To A New Keto Diet "Hack" Proven To Melt 7 Pounds Every 7 Days… https://tinyurl.com/low-carb1
Sabira Karim

Sabira Karim . 5 days ago

Hi well done thanks for sharing your story n ideas 🌹😘 keep up 👍🏽
ivone veloza

ivone veloza . 5 days ago

Meal plain every day
Pat Morehead

Pat Morehead . 5 days ago

Recently in the hospital for pneumonia and because I am diabetic I was placed on a 4 carb per meal diet. Within 36 hours my blood sugars were below 100 without any insulin. It has now been over two weeks and my glucose readings have only been over 100 twice and I have had very few sugar cravings. I am continuing to follow this low carb living. I only wish I had done this for the last 20 years.
Beautiful Beloved

Beautiful Beloved . 6 days ago

Thank you!! Subscribed! Congratulations to you GOD Bless you!
Nancy Chandler

Nancy Chandler . 6 days ago

This is just what I need!
Laurenza Cacciatore

Laurenza Cacciatore . 6 days ago

GMOs are the culprit for thousands and thousands of people gaining enormous amounts of weight! There are no nutrients in the food we buy; hence the hunger. We are being slowly and literally poisoned!
Shaheeda Sattaur

Shaheeda Sattaur . 6 days ago

Theresa Thomas

Theresa Thomas . 1 week ago

This is such an honest video. Thank you so much. God bless you. I recognized you in myself.

yesiownfrodo . 1 week ago

This is very helpful.
Gail Alicea

Gail Alicea . 1 week ago

Seriously people , 715 thumbs down , are you kidding. Just mean spirited. This Is a wonderful woman with her story out there wanting to help other people. Shame on all 715 of you. Thank you for sharing the information with us. There's many of us out here who desperately need and want it.

favored81 . 1 week ago

thanks for this video I am 12 pounds down... what you said about working long hours really hit me. I don't have a good but I want to lose weight
Jaded Optimist

Jaded Optimist . 1 week ago

Look into the Joe Tippens cancer cure. Google My cancer story rocks. It's cheap and it works! You haven't posted in 10 months. I'm worried about you.
Jaded Optimist

Jaded Optimist . 1 week ago

Lemon water 1st thing in the AM is stops hunger for hours🤗🍋
Nickie Kovaleski

Nickie Kovaleski . 1 week ago

Thank You for Sharing with us 🙂
Nads G

Nads G . 1 week ago

Just sub great info

drac464 . 1 week ago

You never once said how you lost the weight eating low carb. YouTube is not a therapy session. Did you even notice how much you talked about yourself and used the words “I” and “me”. You mentioned no info. Jeesh.. I kept fast forwarding waiting for the info that never came.
Star Anna

Star Anna . 1 week ago

You look so much better heavier.
Paige Thompson

Paige Thompson . 1 week ago

You are so pretty. I love that you are now healthy as well.
Darlene Natzke

Darlene Natzke . 1 week ago

You sound like me but I was never 300 lbs l still would love to loss 25 lbs I weighed 203 so a little more to go. Thank you
Anna Frank Impastato

Anna Frank Impastato . 2 weeks ago

You looked much better with some meat on.

Ricky. . 2 weeks ago

God I can't DO IT!!!
Lucy Iadinardi

Lucy Iadinardi . 2 weeks ago

Congratulations !! Thank you for sharing your story .
scott ryan

scott ryan . 2 weeks ago

Bravo Dot you are definitely inspirational, it's amazing how changing what we eat can change so many things in our lives for the better.
Mae Hedding

Mae Hedding . 2 weeks ago

What about the excess skin? What did you do for that? Good luck with the cancer.
Mae Hedding

Mae Hedding . 2 weeks ago

Spot on. After doing the low fat my whole life I’m now 5’3” 225 pounds. Starting paleo today. Thanks.
rodney kitchen

rodney kitchen . 2 weeks ago

why are still fat?
Carole L

Carole L . 2 weeks ago

Im glad l clicked on to your video.....l was having a sod it moment and wanted cereal for breakfast even tho lm doing keto only 2 weeks in lv lost 6lbs but thats not my main reason for doing keto its just like you l needed to get healthy......and l do miss cabs now and again but you have inspired me not to give in.....thank you x
Lolita Morris

Lolita Morris . 2 weeks ago

C Dow

C Dow . 2 weeks ago

ALL Sounds very familiar. I’m praying you’ve found the solution finally!
Bi G

Bi G . 2 weeks ago

Well done👍 Thank you so much for sharing such inspiring story🙏
Randall Gordon

Randall Gordon . 2 weeks ago

Great Job!
Maggie Segura

Maggie Segura . 2 weeks ago

Love this thank you and I have subscribed. I am looking forward to see more videos and get the help I need.
Debbie Plossl

Debbie Plossl . 2 weeks ago

Help inspire me? Yes you have! Just ran across your video and you sound like someone I would want for a best friend. I’ve listened twice and looked over some of the recipes . Inspired? Motivated? YES! YES! I will be seeing a lot of you as I try your recipes and follow everyone’s progress. Thanks for being there, exactly when I needed you most!
citrine dragon

citrine dragon . 2 weeks ago

Well spoken, clearly explained and this is good for my ears lol
Dominique Gillyard

Dominique Gillyard . 2 weeks ago

You look Great!
R.I. Mar

R.I. Mar . 2 weeks ago

why so much bla bla bla. for God's sake, are you enjoying yourself talking or the purpose of the video to say something? we all know we need to stay away from junk/processed food. G!
Stargazer Princess

Stargazer Princess . 2 weeks ago

I'm so glad I stumbled upon your vlog. I've been on keto almost a year. Although I've lost 65 pounds, reversed my type 2 diabetes, no more high cholesterol, exercise every day, and I feel great, the weight loss has slowed down to no loss in the last 3 months. It's discouraging, yet my hubby reminds me "you started this because your diabetes was out of control and your doctor said you were a walking time bomb for a heart attack!" I'm thankful for those reminders on days when I just feel like giving up because the scale won't move. I have had thyroid surgery and I may be going through menopause, so I try to remind myself my body is just trying to transition and adjust. I would love to lose another 60-70 pounds, but if it takes a lifetime, I'm going to continue on my journey as I haven't felt this good since i was in my 20s, and I'm 48 now. Another good thing...I have PCOS, and it has definitely helped the pain I suffer from that. Almost to the point where it's no longer an issue. WOo Hoo!
Linda Onash

Linda Onash . 3 weeks ago

Most of us know the "what to do's" I need to know how to get the motivation to do it. I have trouble fighting myself.

SORAYA SHARP . 3 weeks ago

Priscilla Watson

Priscilla Watson . 3 weeks ago

13 minutes and still talking about her journey!!!!! I get it, you suffered!

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