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Luke Combs – Reasons (Lyrics)

Future Top Lyrics

Future Top Lyrics

Published on 5 months ago

Surprise https://www.teezily.com/whatyou-seeis
new unreleased song
Luke Combs – Reasons

Comments :

Future Top Lyrics

Future Top Lyrics . 1 month ago

Surprise Luke Fans https://www.teezily.com/whatyou-seeis

Crystal Fowler

Crystal Fowler . 2 months ago

I didnt walk out of your life..

Christian Graham-Clark

Christian Graham-Clark . 4 months ago

Sent me realin, there’s nothing I can do

joseph withers

joseph withers . 4 months ago

this aint even close


zthunder4x4 . 4 months ago

Guarantee this will be number one..Luke just gets it..

Vicki Banner

Vicki Banner . 5 months ago

But they got their reasons, just like you When you walked out of my life when you didn't have to Sent me reelin', there's nothin' I can do Bout you takin' my heart and breakin' it right in two

Dirk Jung

Dirk Jung . 5 months ago

Nah..sorry, Luke, not mine..but I'm listening to 'dear today" 20 times a day, so, it's alright.

Marilyn Comer

Marilyn Comer . 5 months ago


Jennifer Dijames

Jennifer Dijames . 5 months ago

Luke, congrats on being a member of the Grand Ole Opry in Nashville.

UsmcWva Retired

UsmcWva Retired . 5 months ago

Lyrics are close but wrong .

Monica Jones

Monica Jones . 5 months ago

Luke Combs done it once again! Keep them coming man you are amazing! Love your music. It sings to my soul!!

James Jones

James Jones . 5 months ago

Lyrics are wrong.....fast not flash....you sent me reelin....not silly reasons

Sherridan Ervin

Sherridan Ervin . 5 months ago

I don’t think he says “silly reasons”

Troyal Kylestewa

Troyal Kylestewa . 5 months ago

Love it ,, can’t wait for this song to come out on the radio,, and for it to blow

Lorrie whitley

Lorrie whitley . 5 months ago

always found a reason, good or bad

Nicole Olden

Nicole Olden . 5 months ago


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