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How to Kick Sugar Cravings & Lose Weight NOW! Healthy Sweets, Fruit, Diet Soda, Chocolate, Smoothies

Take control of your sugar cravings once and for all with these simple tips and guidelines. Learn the root causes for sugar cravings and how to deter those constant cravings that just won't stop. Do Diet Sodas help? Artificial sweeteners? What about fruit, smoothies and Dark Chocolate? Many thanks to my sponsor- Jojo's!

Featuring Corrina Rachel, Certified Holistic Health Coach. Corrina offers one on one health coaching sessions via Skype and Email. Find her online:

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Comments :


PsycheTruth . 3 years ago

Want more? Check out Psychetruth Plus, 100's of videos not on youtube: http://www.psychetruth.vhx.tv

Vanessa McLennan

Vanessa McLennan . 17 hours ago

Good practical demonstration and advice about how much sugar is in foods and why we crave it.

Sudheesh PS

Sudheesh PS . 2 days ago

Sugar Crush Detox This product is developed to help everybody regardless of their statuses quit craving sugar and start craving life. http://locinealy.com/1o6o

Tina Kenton

Tina Kenton . 2 weeks ago

Intelligence is sexy! You go girl...thanks coach, I will try those healthier foods and drinks. :)

Robyn Cortez

Robyn Cortez . 3 weeks ago

Yes, I too am guilty of jumping through diet plan to others as well, I do believe that I must have tried every weight loss system that was available, but in the end not one of them helped me to reduce and maintain the weight off. I ended up trying for the very last time with the Fenoboci Diet Plan mainly because my mate who told me extraordinary things about it and so far to date I have effectively lost 15 pounds in 4 weeks!

John Saunders

John Saunders . 3 weeks ago

I just clicked to look at this beautiful woman

Sivitri Kev

Sivitri Kev . 4 weeks ago

I always thought that I was just addicted to sugar cuz of the taste lol

Matt Greene

Matt Greene . 2 months ago

Great video. Thank you. Hey, where did u get that picture in the background from? Thanks!

D Mal

D Mal . 2 months ago

100% coconut water or 100% coconut juice?

BeachBionic 873

BeachBionic 873 . 2 months ago

For breakfast I have smoothie inclluding frozen berries and coconut water or saltarna bran with milk.

Strong Mom

Strong Mom . 4 months ago

Great tips, sugar is insanely addictive. Perhaps some laws around the use of it in kids food may be a great idea.

Dangelo Mateo

Dangelo Mateo . 5 months ago

I am so satisfied with the things i attained. .

Hana Ruran

Hana Ruran . 5 months ago

Wow, I eat pretty healthy but I never knew Cheerios were bad for you. Darn. I’m never eating cereal again

Sean John

Sean John . 5 months ago

She's sexy as hell.... Good video to


somebody . 5 months ago

I always make myself some banana milk when I'm craving sugar. (I smash half a banana in a mug, put in milk and cinnamon and mix it. Then I heat it up in the microwave and I'm basically satisfied for the rest for the day)

Dizziemiss Lizzie

Dizziemiss Lizzie . 6 months ago

I love hearing diabetics say "I can't have that apple, it will spike my blood sugar" Then they turn around and eat a bowl of ice cream! Really??? If you're going to be bad, why not have the fruit? Coconut Water is awesome. You should drink it unsweetened, and organic, though!

Gene Lariv

Gene Lariv . 6 months ago

chips and bread are harmless.

Emmi Wendy

Emmi Wendy . 6 months ago

**Says you can have dark chocolate** **Eats 10kg of dark chocolate**

julie sample

julie sample . 6 months ago



ventarolaaj . 1 year ago

You are hot and I cannot get enough of you corrina

Kris Bailey

Kris Bailey . 2 years ago

Very informative lessons..I do enjoy a coke and chocolate now and then and the awareness aspects of these lessons have gone a long way in my quest for a healthier lifestyle. Im in the phase now where my sugar guilty pleasures don't taste good anymore.I'm definitely going to give the substitute options a try going forward. Thank you Corrina & Psyche Truth..!

Jack W

Jack W . 2 years ago

Cheerios and milk is a very good breakfast. You want a lot of carbohydrates in your diet. This woman is a conspiracy theorist. Like Alex Jones.

Jack W

Jack W . 2 years ago

Carbs should be about half your calories.

Jack W

Jack W . 2 years ago

Reduces calorie intake but don't replace your good food with the garbage she's selling you. Example: cola tastes good. Don't worry about having a soda. 😀

Valentyna Belofsky

Valentyna Belofsky . 3 years ago

I love your red dress in this video Corrina! Where did you buy it?

Mel Nissen

Mel Nissen . 3 years ago

I type 1 diabetic and use cinnamon daily, even in my drcaf coffee and herbal teas amf my glucosr and insulin requirements have dropped significantly! Great video

Shirin Najdi

Shirin Najdi . 3 years ago

great video, thanks.


DreamWizard9 . 3 years ago

Myn piel in je kiel

Death Pixie

Death Pixie . 3 years ago

I am from the future! newest comment!

Psychedelic Skeptic

Psychedelic Skeptic . 3 years ago

I understand why artificial sweeteners are bad. But what's up with stevia? Isn't it both natural and zero calorie? Does it cause the same cravings as the fake stuff like aspartame?

Poley x

Poley x . 3 years ago

yey, last :p thumbs up for the vid!


Jtrain21 . 3 years ago

Subscribed to this channel about 5 years ago, You must be doing something right, still look as good as you did when I subscribed.


boedhaspeaks . 4 years ago

Trying to get off the sugar atm. Not easy. Did some drugs in my life but sugar is the hardest to quit with :/ It is like air, it is everywhere.


12aarnett . 4 years ago

I always have such a hard time eating healthy, like half the stuff people recomend just taste disgusting. Like the time i tried coconut water and i literaly puked it tasted so nasty. And most of my family are picky eaters, and cant stand to eat foods with certain kinds of textures.

Liza Zaitsava

Liza Zaitsava . 4 years ago

Can u make a video about veganism? Is milk and meat really bad for you

Total Cardio with Boaz

Total Cardio with Boaz . 4 years ago

athletes diet is loaded with high sugar low fat. I'm 5.4% body fat eating packets and packets of refined sugar. Also being vegan helps ensure you get more sugar in while stripping fat away in training :)


SuperDubios . 4 years ago

thank you Corrina!!

Mark Smith

Mark Smith . 4 years ago

I eat Cheerios without sugar , just cold milk


premier69 . 4 years ago

her figure is absolutely fantastic!

Gale Halke

Gale Halke . 4 years ago

Are cinnamon supplements at all helpful? Other than oatmeal or smoothies I'm not sure where I can add cinnamon to a sweet....

Coléne Storm

Coléne Storm . 4 years ago

Thanks for a great and very informative video! 😃👍🏼I can attest to exactly what you spoke about since going vegan. I just immediately switched over to whole foods and my sugar cravings went away within days! I also can't stand soft drinks anymore. One's taste buds are so intuitive and definitely changes once you switch to a healthier 'diet'. It's incredible!


Fedor . 4 years ago

So fucking sexy in that red dress!! I wonder how many packets of sugar that is ;)

Olivia Beauty

Olivia Beauty . 4 years ago

I'm at a healthy weight for my height, but I want to tone my thighs, stomach, and lift the booty a bit. Any tips? I've been trying to run a mile a day but what else should I add to actually tone? Thanks Corrina, I absolutely adore your videos!


JPS . 4 years ago

Corina, what do you think about coconut sugar?


Joseph1NJ . 4 years ago

I tried those Kind bars. And even though they're not super high in sugar, they're ridiculously sweet!! I mean over the top sweet. It was almost like chewing dense syrup... yuk.


FearlessChat . 4 years ago

could you guys do a video on sample meals ideas for healthier eating? for breakfast, lunch, and dinner

Alan Simmons

Alan Simmons . 4 years ago

Great information as always, Corrina. And I am so trying the Jojo's snack! Thanks again. :)


holistic79 . 4 years ago

I think you should state you are not qualified expert. However you have some knowledge.

Daniel Catallo

Daniel Catallo . 4 years ago

Corinna, why do you get hotter with time? I'm on 60 mg of Cymbalta for chronic pain (car accident). It's a nasty drug, its stunted my taste buds. All I can taste is sweet - I'm eating too much Nutella.

Duyen Le

Duyen Le . 4 years ago

ill tell u how to treat sugar craving EAT SWEET STRAWBERRYS

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