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Fast Metabolism Diet, Week 1 simplified

meta learner

meta learner

Published on 5 years ago

The Fast Metabolism Diet book: http://goo.gl/Pkf1Qg
The fast Metablism Diet cookbook: http://goo.gl/2eEegS

Comments :

kk kkk

kk kkk . 3 weeks ago

Hello there, have you considered Fenoboci Diet Plan yet? Simply just do a search engine search. On there you'll discover a great tips about how you can lost lots of fat. Why not give it a chance? perhaps it can work for you too.

Rosa Chavolla garcia

Rosa Chavolla garcia . 4 months ago

Do i eat everthing from week 1 in week 2

Fatima Bennett

Fatima Bennett . 6 months ago

I think the portions are supposed to.be much bigger... I forget the amounts but it's supposed to look a lot more than that in your vids 😅

paula baqueiro

paula baqueiro . 7 months ago

what quantity of each ingredient ? like how much chicken?

A Non Amous

A Non Amous . 10 months ago

So what happened? Did this help you? From a metrics perspective, how much?

Ms Entrepreneur

Ms Entrepreneur . 10 months ago

The potions are tiny and the food looks bland ..


TAIB ABDELILAH . 12 months ago

Not certain about the points made but ,if anyone else needs to find out about fat burn cookbook try Ichordo Fat loss Fixer (just google it ) ? Ive heard some awesome things about it and my neighbor got great results with it.


B C . 1 year ago

Is there a week 2?

Joan Bonilla

Joan Bonilla . 1 year ago

I\'m not sure but ,if anyone else trying to find out fat burning cookbook try Ichordo Fat loss Fixer (just google it ) ? Ive heard some decent things about it and my friend got great results with it.

Samaa BAY

Samaa BAY . 1 year ago

Not helping at all. I bet the majority of American can't buy 157$ per week just for eating ? It doesn't make sense at all.

Liz Cruz

Liz Cruz . 1 year ago

Day 1 and i'm starving 😭 Day 2 it was so much better 😃

Benjen Stark

Benjen Stark . 1 year ago

Can't find the link for food prep

Kerstyn KMP

Kerstyn KMP . 1 year ago

Been on the FMD since March. Lost 15 pounds, my husband lost 20. We drink wine, we have coffee, but otherwise we stick to the program. We feel more healthy, less tired and old, and never starved anymore. I look at food with new eyes and a new belly. Food is great fun now.


MRM . 1 year ago

xylitol is a sweetener that can cause unpleasant side effects, (diarrhea), so use caution.

jian12345 jun

jian12345 jun . 2 years ago

good dream , eat so many still want to loss weights wake up!

Bryant Hyde

Bryant Hyde . 2 years ago

Good tips provided by Fast Metabolism Diet, Week 1 simplified. I enjoy it. I’ll Show You How To Create Quick & Easy Fat Burning Recipes That Will Taste Just Like Your Favorite Meals http://cookupastorm.websiteannouncer.com

chad haire

chad haire . 2 years ago

This diet is bullshit

Anton Shkabara

Anton Shkabara . 2 years ago

I know more about diet from WooPep handbooks!

Natalia Rodriguez

Natalia Rodriguez . 2 years ago

please, give us some ideas for breakfast and snacks during Phase 2; I cannot continue eating white eggs; and also; there are no free nitrate turkey in Spain. could we have smoked salmon? or spanish low fat ham? Thanks!!!

Carla Velazco

Carla Velazco . 2 years ago

This place has some cool recipes :) https://tinyurl.com/y8jragsr

Jean Hurst

Jean Hurst . 2 years ago

Very clear - thanks for all of your explanations.


Jasper . 2 years ago

I live on $900/month so spending $150 per week for food is not something that's going to happen for me.

That brownskingirl

That brownskingirl . 2 years ago

I guess I need to stop eating these things they taste so good

Grenalyn Klimp

Grenalyn Klimp . 2 years ago

Appreciate Video! Apologies for butting in, I am interested in your initial thoughts. Have you considered - Dinanlinson Trained Body Approach (do a search on google)? It is a smashing one of a kind guide for learning how to control your metabolism to lose weight without the normal expense. Ive heard some amazing things about it and my best friend Jordan at last got great results with it.

Maxula Pretto

Maxula Pretto . 3 years ago

Sorry . This diet looks very boring.

Artem Lebedev

Artem Lebedev . 3 years ago

This is the best diet ebook I think, on WooPep website.

Ierasha Chandrasiri

Ierasha Chandrasiri . 3 years ago

I have spent months studying fat loss using fat lose recipes and found a great website at Lakan food tactic (check it out on google)

Sarvani Suzanne Viger-Edson

Sarvani Suzanne Viger-Edson . 3 years ago

I found this VERY helpful, especially also seeing the photos! Did you also do Weeks 2, 3 & 4?

K Schenk

K Schenk . 3 years ago

I love this plan. It would be helpful to know what you are cooking in. It is important to notice the NO list in these phases. You don't want to cook in any oil on P1 and P2.

Lady Rose

Lady Rose . 3 years ago

Wieso nicht die Erklärung auf deutsch? Es gibt bestimmt viele die kein Englisch können und abnehmen möchten.

Running On Coffee

Running On Coffee . 3 years ago

Another fad diet, just eat less and move more.

Laura C

Laura C . 4 years ago

I feel like I would gain weight I'm five two.


smiley9769 . 4 years ago

Don't use the microwave it zaps all the nutrients and your eating dead food.


Tara . 4 years ago

I love getting nitrate free turkey bacon for phase 2 snack rather than beef jerky or steak. Also love using my NutriBullet to make fruit smoothie snacks for phase 1

harlow jean 1975 deymonaz

harlow jean 1975 deymonaz . 4 years ago

I feel like I will starve

Ira Roffel

Ira Roffel . 4 years ago

I can not exercise other than short walks, because of a car accident injury. Will this diet work for me or will I gain even more weight from all the carbs. Do you need to eat measured amounts the plates look small?

GMa Wonky

GMa Wonky . 4 years ago

THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!  so helpful!!

adriana gibson

adriana gibson . 4 years ago

this is great. I substituted the beef jerky and steak snacks for egg whites.

Bryce Hodge

Bryce Hodge . 4 years ago

Poor guy sounds like he's on the verge of tears. I hope this paid off for him. Thanks for the info! :)

Sheraton Welch

Sheraton Welch . 4 years ago

This is such B.S.  If you want to lose weight, eat a whole foods plant based diet.  High carb low fat.  You can eat all you and feel great and it doesnt cost 160 dollars a week.  stop eating dead flesh and chicken periods.


GettnBooted . 4 years ago

I cannot afford the book right now ( I have drunk the dave ramsey koolaid ) and I am paying down some old bills....lol so thanks for compiling all this I will have to try it! :)


ILOVECHICKEN698 . 4 years ago

My metabolism is so crazy that I can eat everything you eat a day and still be hungry no way s would work for me

Vicky Loo de Ibarreche

Vicky Loo de Ibarreche . 5 years ago

Avocatos is not allowed on Phase 1.


DallasDishes . 5 years ago

Thank You. This can all be very overwhelming and you made it look simple.

Douglas Holzmeier

Douglas Holzmeier . 5 years ago

Overall - nice job. I would note for the viewers that veggies - for the most part - are unlimited. Some of your prepared plates looked a bit sparse. Don't be afraid to cover your plate with vegetables and you can always add a salad in addition to the plated veggies. We need the fiber to make us feel full and provide those essential nutrients. Thanks for sharing! 

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