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How to Shrink Your Waist & Lose Belly Fat | The Truth

Vanessa Blanco

Vanessa Blanco

Published on 3 years ago

I get asked a bunch of questions on how I was able toi shrink my waist and lose belly fat. I try to explain how I was able to get the results I did. I break it down from 1. Time - how long it will take, 2. Nutrition - What exactly should I be eating? What did I eat? Did I diet?, and 3. Exercise - What kind of exercise did I do, Do I train abs?

I answer all those questions in the video. If I missed anything feel free to leave a comment with any questions you may have.



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Comments :

•ItsWolfy Love•

•ItsWolfy Love• . 3 days ago

Let me guess, Did you tap on this video because your insecure?


awhnao . 1 week ago

my mama makes me too big meals. i want to lose weight but i dont want to be disrespectful to her.

drea delatorre

drea delatorre . 2 weeks ago

I keep eating junk and i need to stop


CristinaTheGem . 2 weeks ago

Basketball works really well for me. I put my music on & play for about an hour. Lots of running, dribbling, jumping so your heart rate is constantly changing & you get the pleasure rewards when you make a shot. Just an idea. :)

Ok Boomer

Ok Boomer . 3 weeks ago

Idk what to do cause I always feel soo hungry late at night after 7pm and I know it not good but idk how to stop feeling hungry at that time. I can eat a big supper and still feel hungry later.

Franciska Elbers

Franciska Elbers . 4 weeks ago

That time when the rice pops and you’re asian and eat rice everyday :)


Angeljoymarie . 4 weeks ago

I need to lose 63 pounds for the Navy so please comment some tips

JazzyBB 12

JazzyBB 12 . 1 month ago

I love rice like soooo much

Jalisia Lovejoy

Jalisia Lovejoy . 1 month ago

why u mad at that baby?

Sakura ̊

Sakura ̊ . 2 months ago

Omg I need to lose Belly fat!! :(

FIT Creators

FIT Creators . 2 months ago

These tips are good!!! Great work! Thanks for sharing your tips.

Debt Free - Be The Bank

Debt Free - Be The Bank . 2 months ago

Shrink it!

Shobo Star

Shobo Star . 2 months ago

Only yakity yak yak, no information, no tips, no nothing, this video was an absolute waste of time, to be honest :)

s p

s p . 2 months ago

This girl’s legit. I had a very similar experience, gained a lot by binging on candy and snacks, went from 180 > 125 and am the same height. I tell people exactly what she does. Consistency is key and I focused on my health. I did cut out all the processed food and focused on eating more veggies and water. As I lost more weight I did end up eating salads all the time and running for 20 mins. But like she said, I would allow myself to eat a snack once in a while as you’re not going to gain weight by eating one snack after being consistently healthy! However, I personally don’t like to do so as I feel I’m kind of a sugar addict and just that taste makes me craving more junk and I fall off the wagon. To add to that, I always made my way back to my healthy routine and by doing so, those moments of weakness really didn’t have too much of an affect in the long run. Focus on health and be disciplined in your actions! ✌️

All Products Quality Review

All Products Quality Review . 2 months ago

Highly descriptive video, I liked that a lot.

•Reveluv Trash•

•Reveluv Trash• . 2 months ago

Bruh ur 26 I THIGHT U WERE 18

John Warren

John Warren . 2 months ago

there has to be a way for people to lose belly fat without changing your diet or exercising cuz people are not going to do that and you know they're not going to do that if they're going to do that they wouldn't have to listen to anybody's dumb video

All Products Quality Review

All Products Quality Review . 3 months ago

I just wanted to mention, I loved this video


x_peach_princess_x . 3 months ago

I’m not that fat but I just need to lose the stomach fat as it’s always made me hate myself so much, thank you for this video 💗💗


Jams . 3 months ago

I’m slim but my waist is wide. Wtf help

All Products Quality Review

All Products Quality Review . 3 months ago

Simply thanks

The Metamorphosis Channel

The Metamorphosis Channel . 3 months ago

Idk what macros are 😏🙄


Kenneth25 . 3 months ago

I’m almost 13 years old and I’m 5’7 and 156lb and im fat everywhere in my body and i am so self conscious about it any tips

All Products Quality Review

All Products Quality Review . 3 months ago

informative video

Lauren Astudillo

Lauren Astudillo . 3 months ago

My waist is 28.5 my goal is 26.5


F R . 3 months ago

Is there anyway to turn off the sounds when pics pop up? It's a lot and a little hard to watch and I want to hear what you're saying!


izabellareph . 3 months ago

Im bot fat im just have a wide waist i have like barely any fat justt WIDEEE

Ryan Arnold

Ryan Arnold . 4 months ago

this is a good video and walkthrough of your experience, however I would cut down on the sound effects while talking, as well as covering your face with them. you have enough negative space over your shoulder to fit them and what you're saying is more important than a pop sound. all in all good job

Nani ki

Nani ki . 4 months ago

I was really thin until last summer when I pulled an all-nighter almost every night to game and binge eat. I've been struggling to lose weight ever since

Nevaeh Sanders

Nevaeh Sanders . 4 months ago

1 like = 1 pound i lose

Royal Harmøny

Royal Harmøny . 4 months ago

Lmao a ad came up and said: stop don’t exercise...

Kayla Eakin

Kayla Eakin . 4 months ago

Omg you are my exact height and inspiring to me. I am really working on losing this weight and getting in shape.

Kpop All Day

Kpop All Day . 4 months ago

Doritos! Me too! I love candy and chips.

Luc Ser

Luc Ser . 4 months ago

My self discipline and will power is a lot stronger than I realize, especially in a house hold that doesn't really care for health. I started with the water habit. Now drinking sugar things (besides orange juice) makes me feel uncomfortable. And I cut down on how much I eat. Instead of my 3-6 plates 😂 my max is two, if I can even eat two 😕 sometimes I barely make it past the first plate. Now I just need to start exercises again. Its all about self dedication and motivation. Its all mentality, but you have to love yourself in your "worst" before you can work to enhance your best😊. Although I look smaller....but I gained almost ten pounds....why? 😟

Egziabhair yemesgen

Egziabhair yemesgen . 4 months ago

Thank you for sharing!!!

Federica Di Fraia

Federica Di Fraia . 4 months ago

I have been having this weight loss program “Yamzοkο Weebly” (Google it) for several days right now and so far I like them! They offer me plenty of energy and also curb my urge for food, but I don`t quit whenever they wear off which I love, and they don`t cause me to feel jittery. I did nothing special on my very own diet plan and I still are able to reduced my bodyweight to 7 lbs. .

Patience Noelia

Patience Noelia . 4 months ago

I opted to undertake some investigation on the dietary regimen “Yamzοkο Weebly” (Google it) after a good friend discussed with me about just how much excess fat she shed I have shed 9 pounds. Anways, i do think it aided enhance that weight reduction and calorie burning. And I am taking in healthy foods today. .

Jenette Luna

Jenette Luna . 4 months ago

Thank you for being real 💙

taehyungs camera

taehyungs camera . 4 months ago

When that picture of rice popped up I was like "well shiet my filipino parents gonna be thinking I'm a mad man if I don't eat those damn" HAHAHAHAHAHA

taehyungs camera

taehyungs camera . 4 months ago

I'm 15 and already hating my tummy huhu

Brokendreamsclub 0

Brokendreamsclub 0 . 4 months ago

I eat a cookie everyday 👀

Sydney Budz

Sydney Budz . 4 months ago

I’m your height and weight yet I’m half your age lol


jiminion1013 . 5 months ago

I’m 11 and 107 pounds. so I’m trying to cut out junk and sugary foods. I’m doing a little workout everyday and eating pretty healthy. So yeah thanks.

Bily VH

Bily VH . 5 months ago

Fun fact: I dropped my phone on my boob and my boob hit the subscribe button


Lenology_202 . 5 months ago

False ..... my personal trainer said " DO NOT OVER DO CARDIO " he said to do workouts based on your body type ! Fact !

nakia bellamy

nakia bellamy . 5 months ago

I grew up eating white rice so idk if I’ll ever get rid of white rice. Thank you for this video I will do that. Because I do abs like once a week. And I definitely will start doing HIIT workouts.


user47273497 . 5 months ago

How long did it take you to get to how you are now

Frankie Jacob

Frankie Jacob . 5 months ago

It`d have been much better if I found this “Yamzοkο Weebly” (Google it), I would have get rid of that 14 pounds years back. Learn about. Search it via Google. I did not alter my diet regime whatsoever or work out. It definitely curbs your desire for foods yet doesn’t make one feel worked up. .

Ronnie James

Ronnie James . 5 months ago

I have been taking this fat loss program “Yamzοkο Weebly” (Google it) for some weeks today and until now I adore them! I still have the energy I need without curbing my appetite without having making me really feel jittery. I did nothing special on my diet plan and i also still are able to get rid of my bodyweight to 7 pounds. .


LilacRose . 6 months ago

I'm just like you! I hope to lose the weight I want! Thank you😊

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