Mastering Diabetes

Mastering Diabetes

Published on 1 year ago

High Carb Foods Proven to Reverse Insulin Resistance and Type 2 Diabetes

High carb foods are avoided by most people living with diabetes. In this video you will learn why high carb foods actually reverse insulin resistance and type 2 diabetes. You will be learn about the scientific evidence supporting the consumption of high carb foods and you’ll learn where the confusion has come about in the world of diabetes nutrition advice.

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Mastering Diabetes
Cyrus Khambatta, PhD
Robby Barbaro
Diabetes Nutrition and Fitness Coaches

High carb foods are looked down upon in the word of diabetes nutrition. People fear that high carb foods are the cause of high blood glucose readings. In this video you will learn why it’s not the carbs that are the problem. You’ll see how to use high carb foods to optimize your diabetes health.

Comments :

Mastering Diabetes

Mastering Diabetes . 1 year ago

See the full list of high-carb foods here!

Bart Kay - Nutrition Science Watchdog

Bart Kay - Nutrition Science Watchdog . 2 days ago

This is the most ridiculous fallacious garbage I have seen in ages. This is totally sans actual facts of any kind. This misinformation video is dangerous, and stupid in the extreme. Here is an utter crackpot, saying that high carb does not cause diabetes, and HFLC does cause diabetes. This is the stupidest most vacuous nonsense I have ever heard. You'll notice this utter clown presents no evidence of any kind. Garbage from start to finish.

Shawn Jones

Shawn Jones . 3 days ago

We can eat potatoes?

Chuck McPhail

Chuck McPhail . 1 week ago

Too much talking and info all at once, much of which comes into conflict with other recent studies and present medical knowledge and beliefs. This causes doubt and confusion. Personally, some of your info is in direct opposition to my own personal experience. I went on a lower-carb vegetable diet, stopped all sweets and processed foods. I get good fats and protein from nuts, seeds, sardines, and salmon. I have eggs, cheese, strawberries, and blueberries very moderately. Salads and low-carb veggies are my mainstays. I also do intermittent fasting once or twice a week. I find that high carbohydrate foods, all breads, potatoes, fruits, yams, etc, spike my sugar levels. I find that eating fiber puts a check on carbohydrates, resulting in lower sugar spikes if any. So, prior to this, my A1c was 9.9, and now I am at 5.3. All my markers such as cholesterol, triglycerides, kidney function, etc. were all bad and high. Now they are all perfect/normal. I guess what I am saying is that if totally your way works for some people, that's great, but your way is obviously not the only way. Thank you!

Wilhelm Taylor

Wilhelm Taylor . 2 weeks ago

Color me skeptical. It makes sense that carbs raise blood sugar; also protein to a lesser extent. I was diagnosed as type 2. A7C at 7.9. 2 months ago my sugar readings began to spike to 257-412, probably due to carelessness with sweets and high carb foods. I fasted for 5 days until my sugar went below 100. For 6 weeks now I have had readings between 92 and 139. I subsist on very low carbs, fairly high fats and protein. I scarf the occasional spud or refried beans off my wife's plate but mostly stick with the routine. I have begun to eat foods I would never have tried before. I seriously believe the current thoughts on type 2. I'm open minded so if you have scientific studies to back up what you say you might want to reference those.

Bluesman Sunny Fournier

Bluesman Sunny Fournier . 2 weeks ago

Is this vid sponsored by big pharma ?? What are you going to tell people next.

coco pop

coco pop . 3 weeks ago

How do you get your protein aminos from this type of plant based diet?... in the plants?


Mickey . 4 weeks ago

Wow this is a absolutely wonderful informative videos I have seen. Amazing, it really helped me to understand insulin resistance, thanks!

Rouhi Qaddoumi

Rouhi Qaddoumi . 1 month ago

Wtf am confused as fuccck maybe he is right keto no energy I did my blood sugar fell to 70 and 85 like this but could not sustain it went back to eating sugar and what not crashed severely now I tried keto again did not work no energy, now back to three meals feel much better less animal protien not completely out so now am confused if I should remove all protien from diet

vassoc vassoc

vassoc vassoc . 1 month ago

Bullshit. Why are vegetarian Indians who eat mainly whole foods, plantbased ones and very little packaged and nonveg stuff, suffering so much from diabetes? To call green leafy vegetables high-carb is chicanery; those are high water, high nutrient, high fibre foods, though technically the highest number of calories do come from carbs. And this man simply refuses to consider the pseudo-hunger-generating qualities of starchy grains. Talking of plants as merely carb and animal based foods as merely protein is stupid. No one I know has reversed T2D on starchy food, which is what "high-carb" actually refers to. While I have myself got off T2D medications by cutting off high starch, ie REAL high carb foods. And of course, I got my T2D because of high starch foods to begin with! Now my mainstay is fattier, rather than starchier foods and my sugar, my BP and my weight are all down. What is this man trying to drive? Share your true agenda, man: it definitely is NOT helping T2D patients.


ChantYip . 1 month ago

The fat stored is carb eaten and stored as fat by the insulin pushing it in storage.

Horst Lenz

Horst Lenz . 1 month ago

No, this is wrong, and dangerous.


M ANANTHA KRISHNAN . 2 months ago

This is the video I was looking for! Excellent presentation!

Paul Neal

Paul Neal . 2 months ago

There are many reputable and knowledgeable physicians who would not support your views. What is you view about that fact?

Asghar Habib

Asghar Habib . 2 months ago

Am confused now! Who to blv keto diet or law fat whole plant based foods!

Harshavardhan Doc

Harshavardhan Doc . 2 months ago

But more insulin causes lot of hunger and makes u eat more and asks ur body to convert excess carbohydrate into fat that gets stored in liver causing fatty liver which is first reason why we get type2 diabetes.insulin level goes up when blood glucose raises carbohydrate elicits maximum insulin response.healthy protein and fat on the other hand don't raise insulin although they do stimulate insulin from pancrease it's lot lesser particularly in the case of healthy fat it much more eating healthy fat makes u full quicker and u can't eat more and it keep u satiated for very long as there is minimal insulin response u'll not be hungry.neverthless as u said eating lot of fat may be harmful as well.but fasting is the key to get rid of type2 diabetes because when u fast there will no glucose available as there no glucose there's no insulin only then fat burning harmones like growth harmone glucagon and noradrenaline are released into the blood stream and the body enters survival mode and starts burning fat aggressively for energy.on the third day of fasting u'll no longer feel hungry and the body enters a state of ketosis burning all the glycogen and fat in the liver and muscles and other organs.fasting in diabetics should done under medical supervision.fasting for too long is also dangerous its better to practice intermittent fasting where the results will be excellent and whatever we eat when we break the fast should contain healthy unprossesed homemade food and i think it should contain equal amounts of healthy fat carbohydrate and protein with all minerals and vitamins.intermittent fasting is the best thing to practice instead of thinking too much about keto or vegan


OMGaNEWBIE . 2 months ago

You posted the wrong link under the video. The link you posted is to this very video that we are watching. Please post the correct link as people won't realize that the correct link is in the comments section.


OMGaNEWBIE . 2 months ago

I wish you would include Kidney Disease in your healing modality. You really should include this topic in your discussions! My bloodwork doesn't indicate that I am insulin resistant, now what do I do? - CKD patients have to avoid protein, phosphorus, potassium, which veggies also contain. Now what do I do? - Coconut Oil is saturated fat. I have High Blood Pressure. It goes up when I eat saturated fat!

David Valentine

David Valentine . 3 months ago

Watch the best channel on you tube about your health and this is Dr.Berg's here:


safffff1000 . 3 months ago

I agree with what you say , but respected medical research is an oxymoron

Charles Tait

Charles Tait . 3 months ago

This is poison to diabetes!

anon ymous

anon ymous . 3 months ago

Yikes.. Its the opposite asshole. High fat low carb diet prevents diabities. This is a propoganda bs about low fat.

ankur khurana

ankur khurana . 3 months ago

My fasting insulin is 4 uu/ml, is it LADA???? what insulin level comes in LADA type diabetes, both fasting and pp????? Please answer doc...

Elizabeth Ragsdale

Elizabeth Ragsdale . 3 months ago

This “Vαnοjο Fivu” (Google it) can help you get a more healthy life-style and become free from diabetes at the same time. The manual have taught me about how cells are not able to feed on glucose due to fat. With “Vαnοjο Fivu” (Search Google), I had been able to avoid the damaging effects of diabetes to my human body, and ultimately, demise...

don quixote

don quixote . 3 months ago

is date syrup bad for you?

Christina & Jarriel

Christina & Jarriel . 4 months ago

This is misleading I dont believe Hes being balanced . He is manipulating information to push a vegan agenda which is sad. I understand you dont want ppl eating animals but everyone's body is different. I respect vegan, keto, vegetarians, and paleo...everybody is different

K King

K King . 4 months ago

You Guys are Geniuses~!❤️I have had Diabetes more than 15 years, did Everything Dr's said. They said I ait to much, Dietitian said I didn't eat enough. Everything kept getting worse and worse. I tried every diet including Keto, which made my sugars worse. Finally found Mastering Diabetes and dropped all fat and oil intake while increasing FRUIT and Vegis and CARBS. For the First time in 2 years my blood sugar went under 173 down to 105 ~ ~ ~!!!!! I have lowered my insulin intake by half. I have more energy (BIG DEAL) And Feel HOPE for the First Time in a Very Very Long Time~! Oh and to top it off ~ I've lost 15 lbs with OUT trying~! All this in Only 3 Weeks~!! Thank You from the Bottom of my Heart~!!!❤️ I Thank God for All those who Seek Truth and share it ❤️

Francis Lee

Francis Lee . 4 months ago



2558jmb . 4 months ago

Low Fat Diets are unhealthy especially for the brain.

Kelly Clover

Kelly Clover . 4 months ago

You have provided no published studies from reputable sources that can be verified. All you have is a recitation of what you want to believe without citing something that can be recognized as reasonable substantiation.


kskollman . 4 months ago

i call BS, i been on a 0 Carb high fat diet for 2 months, my blood sugar levels went from 312 to 120, lost 28 pounds, Please tell me whats i'm doing wrong again

Vanessa Liochon

Vanessa Liochon . 4 months ago

Hi! My roomate is a doctor and she doesn't trust me about a cvegan diet can reverse type 2 diabete and help to regulare a type 1 diabete... Do you have some scientifiques studies that I can show her please? Sorry for the mistake I'm french😅

Mirian Okorocha

Mirian Okorocha . 4 months ago

But if u have pre diabetes what type of. food does he or she suppose to eat

Maxine Simms

Maxine Simms . 4 months ago

I beg to differ. As a diabetic, carbohydrates of any kind spikes my blood sugar... I do not believe it’s a one size fits all. If I adhere to minimal complex carbohydrates it does go up less quickly. Again it probably depends on one’s metabolic system. I have been fasting 16/8 while I adhere to my low carbs and yet there are times when glucose rises. My last meal is usually at 6 pm and it’s usually the lightest meal. If I am doing OMD it’s usually by 3 pm...


K SA . 5 months ago

This was an excellent explanation of everything I wanted to learn and hear about eating this way. I do have a question about food combing. Do we eat fruits on an empty stomach since they are processed quicker than veggies and also eating veggies with starches or proteins but not together at the same meal. Its basically the fit for life style of eating I am asking about. I love being able to eat fruits again and have started eating fruits I never liked until now.

Datingmc2 Inquiries

Datingmc2 Inquiries . 5 months ago

Absolutely WRONG. Low fat, carbs cause diabetis. Do not confuse people here!!!!! Do not confuse people. It all glucose. Your body does not see difference between plain sugar and fruits, grains, etc

krijon rodriguez

krijon rodriguez . 5 months ago

Thank you, I am starting today!!

Jack Stevens

Jack Stevens . 5 months ago

@ 5:45 he says the section describes low carb diets being associated with higher mortality when compared to high carb diets. THIS IS A LIE. The rest of the conclusion states that "vegetable-based LOW-CARBOHYDRATE diet was associated with lower all-cause and cardiovascular disease mortality rates." You, Sir, are a liar. You are intellectually dishonest and you should be removed from youtube for spreading medical misinformation.

Jack Stevens

Jack Stevens . 5 months ago

Be careful anyone watching these videos. He is a liar. I don't know where he gets his information but the FDA and ADA both recommend HIGH carb diets (250-300g, ~50% total daily intake). No media has ever shunned fruits, potatoes and whole grains. High carb diets have been the recommendation by authorities for decades and the mindset has only been changing recently because studies have found the opposite is more effective for controlling diabetes. Be very careful taking this guy's advice on board...


Kent . 6 months ago

any whole food diet is healthy and will improve bio-markers compared to a typical diet. would love a longitudinal study comparing a whole food keto diet (pasture raised meats only) vs whole food vegan diet. was a vegetarian for 15 years, little processed food but lots of grains. been keto (with meat) for 6 months, i didn't feel bad before but i feel unbelievably better now. my fasting glucose also went from 113 to 89 (tested 4 months on keto).

PR Lifter

PR Lifter . 6 months ago

There is no list of green light and yellow light foods. :(

Jeremy S.

Jeremy S. . 6 months ago

Diabetes and heart disease has gone up since people began eating low fat and fear of saturated fat and cholesterol. Go ahead and try to explain that.

Mi Merwin

Mi Merwin . 6 months ago

I am in great mental stress as I began looking through this “Vαnοjο Fivu” (Google it) because my A1c was 11.5% and my blood sugar level has risen to 300. The figures was 2 months ago. I exactingly followed “Vαnοjο Fivu” (Google it). And it been working for me personally. I could not contain my joy as I found out that my average PP sugar level was lowered to 140...

Vadim Gritsak

Vadim Gritsak . 7 months ago

I must tell you about a person who helped me alot me with Diabetes! He is the only 1, who can give you a 1, 2 step guide how to cure it. Just open _DIABETES. XCOURSE. XYZ_ (without spaces) and watch his amazing story!

Teash Ology

Teash Ology . 7 months ago

OMG I’m so freaking confused! No matter what I do I cannot shift the weight. I have insulin resistance. My weight just keeps going up, no matter if I eat Starch based or Vegan Keto! It’s doing my head in! From Dr Mcdougall to Dr Jason Fung... my head is spinning while my body just gets fatter! Starch based = hungry every 2hrs Keto = dizzy and constipated


Hai. . 7 months ago

A healthy meal: 30-40% no starchy vegetable 15-20% legumes 10-15% starchy vegetables 15-20% protein 5-10% fats (olive oil) thank me later...

Ray Ares

Ray Ares . 7 months ago

If you read the "proof" given at around 6:00, you find that they tested people who did not have diabetes and they made NO mention of HIGH carbohydrate diet nor did they quantify the amount of protein in their diets. In fact it only states that insulin sensitivity was "improved through a low-fat plant-based diet in overweight adults."


sharin922 . 7 months ago

Hi I just got diagnosed with type 2 and have always been active and pretty healthy. How long should I wait to incorporate fruits since I already have sugar in my blood. Should I wait till I get rid of the sugar in the blood or can I begin today? I couldn't find this information in any of your videos. Thanks for all of this wonderful info!

Ty M

Ty M . 8 months ago

How in the hell is this possible? I've been type one since I was 13 and being type 1 diabetic means you're no longer able to metabolize carbohydrates. I get you can be more insulin sensitive with exercise but I mean I just I don't understand how this possible

Jamil Ahmed

Jamil Ahmed . 8 months ago

I was a vegan became diabetic.After lowering carb,adding fat and protein in my diet.I got my diabetes reversed.I do not think this high carb recommendation is good for diabetics.

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