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Top 18 Fat Burning Foods For Women



Published on 1 year ago

The top 18 foods that women should eat to lose weight fast and burn fat fast. It isn’t easy to lose weight fast. People always say that a lifestyle change needs to be made in order to lose the weight and keep it off. We are also told that to lose weight we need to eat healthier and work out regularly. Well, it’s true, and in this video, we’ll count down the top foods women should eat when they are trying to lose weight!

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18. Citrus Fruits: According to a study done in 2016 by the American Chemical Society, citrus fruits can prevent obesity-related heart disease, diabetes, and liver disease. One way to get more citrus in your diet is by adding them to your water.

17. Walnuts: We have known for a while that eating nuts is good for you, but now we know which ones are the best to eat. A study in the journal Diabetes, Obesity and Metabolism found that walnuts, in particular, contain an ingredient that can satisfy your appetite, making you feel fuller for longer. This will cause you eat less!

16. Popcorn: The University of Scranton performed a study that found that popcorn contains large amounts of polyphenols. Polyphenols are linked to many health benefits such as improved digestion and better blood circulation. If you don’t add any salt, butter or oil, and if you air pop your popcorn, this can be a great healthy snack to help you lose weight.

15. Berries: Scientists at Harvard University found in 2016 that increasing the daily intake of berries, such as blueberries and strawberries, can help people lose weight for the long term. It is said that the reason for this is because berries have high amounts of flavonoids which have been linked to weight loss.

14. Whole Grains: A Tufts University study proved that people who eat three or more daily servings of whole grains such as oatmeal had 10 percent less belly fat than people who ate the same amount of white carbs. This is said to be because whole grains are higher in fiber, which keeps you full for longer.

13. Avocados: A study published in the journal Internal Medicine Review found that avocados can help people lose weight for many reasons. The reason for this weight loss is because avocados are rich in many nutrients that help with higher intakes of fiber, healthy fats, vitamins E and C, folate, magnesium, copper and potassium.

12. Cayenne Pepper: The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition performed a study that found that daily consumption of one of the compounds found in pepper speeds up abdominal fat loss. It does this by boosting the body’s ability to convert food into energy. Next time you’re cooking, add some cayenne pepper to spice up some meat or vegetarian dishes.

11. Salmon: A 2015 study from Kyoto University found that salmon helps your body transform fatty white fat cells into fat-burning beige cells. Salmon helps build muscle when following a steady workout routine. It also contains the right types of fats, such as Omega-3s, which helps your body burn more fat.

10. Cinnamon: Researchers at the University of Michigan have found that cinnamaldehyde, which is an essential oil in cinnamon, activates thermogenesis. Thermogenesis is a metabolic bodily process that helps burn calories and produce heat. So if you add some cinnamon to your oatmeal in the morning, you’re literally going to be burning fat cells.

9. Apples and Pears: Research which was posted on the US National Library of Medicine in 2003 stated the results of a study by the State University of Rio de Janeiro on a correlation between apples, pears, and weight loss. Women were instructed to eat apples, pears, or oatmeal cookies three times a day. After 12 weeks the group that had a fruit supplement lost more weight and had a greater decrease in blood glucose than the group that ate the oatmeal cookies.

8. Chicken: A 2013 study in the medical journal Obesity found that boosting dietary protein decreases total body fat and abdominal fat and helps increase lean body mass and your body’s energy expenditure during periods of weight maintenance and weight loss.

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Bestie . 5 months ago

Check out our video about superfoods you should eat to lose weight fast: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wj8qeVf5_ow&list=PL_fl96m7OLQX8Ls3btXcjCcFcxQ2C1djx&index=14

Nethra Vijay

Nethra Vijay . 3 hours ago

Im watching this with kfc Pepsi and a cookie :/

The Les girl

The Les girl . 9 hours ago

Trust me dude...milk doesn't help u to lose weight at all!...in fact u will gain some more !

Alex Wolf

Alex Wolf . 1 day ago

Am I the only person who likes like 3 things out of the 18? 😂


Azra . 2 days ago

i drink milk more than anyone could but here i am

XxBTS_Insfires_MexX 1

XxBTS_Insfires_MexX 1 . 3 days ago

I literally have almost all those things everyday yet I'm still not burning fat for some reason

Bangtangirl Eila

Bangtangirl Eila . 3 days ago

I have allergies for walnuts (and different nuts too but not peanut), Avocados, I can drink milk but I can have Diarréa. I hate my allergy😭 p.s I LOVE CAYENNE PEPPER😍 I can't live without them😍

Aiyana Mikayla

Aiyana Mikayla . 4 days ago

I commenced using this diet handbook “Kαbοnοz Ydα” (Google it). I could today get to sleep Six to eight hrs each night, that’s an undeniable fact. Other than that, 2 lbs had been lost in my excess weight too. You simply need to keep to the manual and you’ll bid farewell to fat tummy. This particular is a fantastic manner to slim down. .

Bob Younger

Bob Younger . 5 days ago

Their getting good with these add.... you don’t even know WHEN YOUR FUCKING WATCHING THEM NOW!

Elena Marrieta

Elena Marrieta . 5 days ago

Popcorn?? Imma make a quick stop at the store... 😂😂😂


popcornEM . 5 days ago

GRAPES!!!! 😤

Archana kumar

Archana kumar . 5 days ago

Loose ur weight without any side effects contact 9868616601

Neko Tea

Neko Tea . 5 days ago

Gentleman did you think of the climate when mentioning avocado..?


Anime_Fanatic . 6 days ago

I'm trying to lose 60 pounds and get my chest smaller before going back home any advice ladies?!

Shamim Bano

Shamim Bano . 6 days ago


afshan banu

afshan banu . 7 days ago

Egg.. is my all time favourite

Guadalupe Morales

Guadalupe Morales . 7 days ago

Great Video!! Oranges Strawberries Oatmeal Grains Milk

Caitlin Maxfield

Caitlin Maxfield . 1 week ago

I’m not sure about all the science behind this ah

Ava Roo

Ava Roo . 1 week ago

"Eating nuts is good for you." That's what he said!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ppp ppp

ppp ppp . 1 week ago



Lunaria . 1 week ago

Well a Lot of vegans would disagree 😂 with a lot of your points

Rakhi Acharya

Rakhi Acharya . 1 week ago

Mustard oil is extracted from mustard seeds. Is it being indicated that mustard as spread has no calories?

Sanskriti Agrahari

Sanskriti Agrahari . 1 week ago

At 6:05 I be like Don't do that, don't give me hope

Joy Suga

Joy Suga . 2 weeks ago

Question @bestie. What type of milk to used

sarwari bano

sarwari bano . 2 weeks ago

video start on 1:29 thnax me lttr

Kiran Mehta

Kiran Mehta . 2 weeks ago


Valerie m

Valerie m . 2 weeks ago

I swear nowadays scientists be making up words🤦‍♀️

Saumya Elixir

Saumya Elixir . 2 weeks ago

I have sugar cravings and I love fast food.

Rabbiul Hasan

Rabbiul Hasan . 2 weeks ago

Bla blah bla

harispandana ammu

harispandana ammu . 2 weeks ago

What about rice good r bad ?

Fatiha Ridouh

Fatiha Ridouh . 2 weeks ago


chocolate colors26

chocolate colors26 . 2 weeks ago

I'm now only going to consume mustard and cinnamon ;v;

Teruel Chynna

Teruel Chynna . 3 weeks ago

Life is too short..Eat..

Ardrearna Anthony-Chung

Ardrearna Anthony-Chung . 3 weeks ago

Love it thank you very much for the tips 💗💗

kartikaya shankar bhalla

kartikaya shankar bhalla . 3 weeks ago

I luv citric items... and I have them a lot.. I also have cocies.i eat nuts but not walnut... but I m going to start it from today

Minas Stars

Minas Stars . 3 weeks ago

mustard does contain calories though

Eshaal Munir

Eshaal Munir . 3 weeks ago

Only the ingredient available in my home is popcorns

Tian Jackson

Tian Jackson . 3 weeks ago

You hear that guys eating but us good for u

Jayshree Raval

Jayshree Raval . 3 weeks ago

I heard that watermelon and coconut water are also known as fat burners is it true?

Nilo Nilofari

Nilo Nilofari . 3 weeks ago

Thank you so much🌷

R Sujatha

R Sujatha . 3 weeks ago


Healthy Jean

Healthy Jean . 3 weeks ago

Great video and easy to understand. There are certain vegetables that I find help to reduce belly fat. There is a video here https://youtu.be/JeQFE1MejOg on the subject.

yvie ibarra

yvie ibarra . 3 weeks ago

The best way to lose weight and Belly Fat just drink warm water😂😪😪😪

Renita Lake

Renita Lake . 3 weeks ago

This video: eat apples to lose weight! Previous video:don't eat apples because they can bloat you and keep your belly fat Me: 😳😐😳

Shraddha Chaurasia

Shraddha Chaurasia . 3 weeks ago

Thanks a lot for this video #bestie ... I really needed this kinda solution these days n you totally helped me out .. thanks😘

Asayna Stevens

Asayna Stevens . 3 weeks ago

I eat 6 oranges a day BC I love them so muchhh

The StoryTeller

The StoryTeller . 3 weeks ago

Me and My sister has been trying this product and the RESULTS has been amazing...HOPE you guys finds this helpful...! :) @t

The StoryTeller

The StoryTeller . 3 weeks ago

Me and My sister has been trying this product and the RESULTS has been amazing...HOPE you guys finds this helpful...! :) @t

Jc Dennison

Jc Dennison . 3 weeks ago

i eat walnuts alot and didnt kbow it makes u skinnier :D

Iftheqhar Ahmed

Iftheqhar Ahmed . 4 weeks ago

Can we eat Nutella

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