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Oasis - Born On A Different Cloud - HD [High Quality]



Published on 9 years ago

Oasis Live Yoyogi Taiikukan Tokyo Japan - 29th September 2002

Comments :


SolidWallsOfSound . 2 weeks ago

Hell of a band!


DnStefano . 3 months ago

What does he say at 3:50?

Harry Laing-ross

Harry Laing-ross . 4 months ago

Fuckin mega

Eddy Sandland

Eddy Sandland . 5 months ago

Liam... Do This & Your Other Own Written Tuuuuunes on Your Current Tour!!! Like Soul Love!!! x

Jesus Ramirez

Jesus Ramirez . 10 months ago

The best band in the world

jonathan shelton

jonathan shelton . 1 year ago

Wow Noel killed this performance


2007zodiac . 1 year ago



Ola_RM . 1 year ago

I hope he sings this at least a couple of times in his solo carrer...

tok ayah

tok ayah . 1 year ago

fck im just know it today ;(

Lisa Parkinson

Lisa Parkinson . 1 year ago

Omg, I can't even😍😍........ Noels solo riff at end. Jeeez orgasmic. Everything about this (esp liam 💦👄) is fuckin biblical. 🙏 Thank god for oasis x

Rob Wightman

Rob Wightman . 1 year ago

Fuckin biblical Noel playing guitar on a Liam tune

Maximiliano Wrzesinski

Maximiliano Wrzesinski . 1 year ago

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=akgAdD8fCBg best cover!


WithOasis . 2 years ago


King Louie

King Louie . 2 years ago

I hope Liam does this song at his solo gigs this year.


ukrandr . 2 years ago

My god that was stunning. Surely in my top dozen OASIS songs.


Matteoj . 2 years ago

Hair, voice, song. All sensational here.

UK Robochips

UK Robochips . 2 years ago

0:00 - RIP Headphone users!

Valentina G

Valentina G . 2 years ago

What a performance! What a song!

Edward Sandland

Edward Sandland . 3 years ago


Chris C

Chris C . 3 years ago

I love watching Noel play Liam's songs

Felipe Acuña

Felipe Acuña . 3 years ago

Epic outro

New Thought

New Thought . 3 years ago

Not one of their best.....


Marchesi . 3 years ago

biiiiioooooorrnnn on a diiiiiiieeeeeeeeefffrrrrrreeeeeeeeeennntttttttt cliiiiiiaaaaaaaud

Oscar Martinez

Oscar Martinez . 4 years ago

Heaten Chemistry desde hace muchos años es mi álbum favorito de oasis

Jesus Acosta

Jesus Acosta . 5 years ago

Es curioso había descargado el álbum Heathen Chemistry porque en ese viene mi tema favorito Stop Crying Your Heart Out y no había escuchado los demás mas que songbird (Otro tema favorito) pero no se por alguna razon deje las demás canciones y me encuentro con este temazo y muchos mas! pero sin duda este se volvió de mis favoritos.

Marco Bomm

Marco Bomm . 5 years ago

Top song, one of my favorites!!!


チウンチウン . 5 years ago

i love this in 5th album ! i remember once of me.

Fernando Alvarado

Fernando Alvarado . 6 years ago

Que chingon se escucha cabron!

Sam Black

Sam Black . 6 years ago

and all this time I didn't know Liam wrote this song! should have figured, its so Lennon-esque!

Sygav Mig

Sygav Mig . 6 years ago


Giorgia Gioia

Giorgia Gioia . 6 years ago

Who the hell are those 3 people that don't like this perfect song??? :O 

Sygav Mig

Sygav Mig . 6 years ago

Born on a different clooooouuuuuuuddddaaaaaaaaa!


CLC_Roni . 6 years ago

01:28 liam's voice *-*


BritPopLivesOn72 . 6 years ago

yeah i can picture lennon doing this one


SKYE NICOLAS . 6 years ago

The keyboardist is their own Klaus Voormann.


SKYE NICOLAS . 6 years ago

Could've easily been a Lennon song. Brilliant.


McFlulle . 6 years ago

noel <3

Byron Bustamante Campos

Byron Bustamante Campos . 7 years ago

Perfección hecha canción...


MarbGuitar . 7 years ago

This is truly an amazing performance!!! O_O


Czeekaj . 7 years ago

If liam cant make more songs like this in beady eye, than he better get the reunion on the way.


K3ithM0on . 7 years ago

Probably the best of all Liam's songs

Dian Marin

Dian Marin . 7 years ago

wow I never thought they'd sing this track live. It's one of my favourites but I think it's underrated

Santiago Crevatin

Santiago Crevatin . 7 years ago

Thanks for the downloader link!! :)

Santiago Crevatin

Santiago Crevatin . 7 years ago

Thanks for the downloader link!! :)

Johan Mejia

Johan Mejia . 7 years ago

Liam's composition skills at his fuckin' best!!!


pandoman80 . 7 years ago

Wow! This is better than wonderwall, and yet so underrated.

M. Bezak

M. Bezak . 7 years ago

Liam is genius

Axel Rearte

Axel Rearte . 7 years ago

Qe raro qe este tema no sea conocido.

Jack Herrer

Jack Herrer . 7 years ago

what mega song from liam !!!

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