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What is the Difference Between Keto and Atkins?

Dr David Jockers

Dr David Jockers

Published on 2 years ago

For more info go here: https://drjockers.com/ketogenic-diet-vs-atkins-better/

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Comments :

Giuliana CR

Giuliana CR . 2 weeks ago

I don't identify with just one diet, cause I follow a combination of Keto/Atkins/Fasting, but here's what I do: I eat 2 meals a during 5 to 6 hours in a day. Some days, I eat fish or chicken, absolutely no beef, sometimes I eat black/peruvian beans only with green salads and fresh avocado, steamed veggies, vegetable soups with cabbage and cauliflower, the only fruits I have are organic berries and sometimes papaya for a treat. I drink water and black coffee, no sugar. I take a multivitamin and pro pre biotics.
Jonas Mb

Jonas Mb . 3 weeks ago

I am team Atkins. I have tried keto many times and I always ended up eating more than I should because of this huge stupid industry behind it. Atkins is actually telling u to eat as natural as possible but to compete around they started creating this stupid products. If you achieve your weight goals with Atkins then you can think abt Keto, but If you are really bad I don’t recommend Keto, I don’t see big noby changes on that path!!!!
Rideshare Done Right

Rideshare Done Right . 3 weeks ago

Keto is a bootleg Atkins. I lost more weight quick on Atkins eating whenever I wanted and 5x5 training than anything else. Nothing like being able to eat as much meat as and green veg as you want and weening yourself off the sugar to the point your skin clears up, and anything the slightest sweet is overkill.

Rachel . 1 month ago

I have found atkins easier to stick with.. My main concern with keto was the ridiculous amount of fat they recommended, it is in fact totally unnecessary too include so much fat-good or bad fat in your diet. no fat bombs, no coffee with fats, not every meal and snack is fat, just good food without too many carbs. atkins does include a lot of salads and vegetables including good fats. I have lost weight have so much energy and my bloods are perfect. No I don't do the atkins products as im happy to make my food from scratch. I think anyone looking at this should do there homework and look at the recipes on the atkins website xxx
Evelyn RC

Evelyn RC . 1 month ago

I'm an LCIF keto omad dieter. It works with me.
My Name is Christy Lopez

My Name is Christy Lopez . 3 months ago

Thank you 💜
Htness NZ

Htness NZ . 3 months ago

Dr or not. Meat is not hard to digest. In fact I have found it the easiest food to digest.
Joshua Lomas

Joshua Lomas . 4 months ago

blood type diet is better

teceyS3 . 4 months ago

Excuse me- you have obviously not read Dr Atkins' books- he recommends MANY vegetables on induction, as long as you stay under the 20 gram limit per day- he emphasizes vegetables a lot! Why are you spreading misinformation? This is very upsetting to me.

T BLK . 4 months ago

Why would you ever eat an avocado?

FZ B6 . 4 months ago

What's your opinion on studies suggesting that a low-fat lifestyle is better at keeping off weight in the long run? Think of the Ornish diet vs Atkins diet vs Zone diet Stanford study.

chadzwife1 . 4 months ago

BAM, just before 8 min mark Atkins high protein Keto high fat There, whole vid in 2 lines lol Lowcarb is generally moderate protein, moderate fat, about 50/50 with a few carbs thrown in YW
Cindy cinn

Cindy cinn . 4 months ago

Thank you finally someone who knows the answer I've been asking

ParalegalNfashion . 4 months ago

Atkins (the original plan, not the one with the "sugar alcohol and branded snacks we now see) is the simplest most affective diet. I stick to Induction Phase. Now, I do it for medical reasons. Keto was too complicated with the expensive oils, counting, and added snacks. With Atkins it's simply meat, butter, eggs, and 20 grams of green veggies. Do NOT touch the Atkins brand stuff, it was never meant on the diet.
4 ever

4 ever . 5 months ago

What about the loss of folate in the diet...Women especially need folate when carrying babies....Without folate the babies are born with spina bifida. Cereals and grains , biscuits, cookies are high in folates.
Daniel Blaha

Daniel Blaha . 5 months ago

50g of carbs? I thought 15g of carbs
Jonas Mb

Jonas Mb . 5 months ago

I did both and Atkins gives you better results and you start feeling better sooner. Specially because keto tries to open as much as possible and a lot of people ended up breaking it because of stupid mistakes like Keto cakes bla bla bla...They say that Atkins is not healthy as keto but I don't agree with that, there is so much Keto fake shit like flours, shakes and stuff all that is very toxic. If you do a hardcore Atkins diet and eat real protein you won't have problems.
gentle ben

gentle ben . 5 months ago

What out folks Alison's shakes contain a sugar alcohol like devitalise which can cause severe diarrhea cramping etc I bought 4 cases I had to give them a way they should posts suga6 alcohol s can cause stomach gas pains etc who wants that in a shake I going back to bodybuilding .com for my shakes
Psychic Gambler

Psychic Gambler . 5 months ago

Have you read Dr Atkins original book? He absolutely talked about different kinds of Dairy. I have read his book several times. I have benefited from his wisdom.
Ann Campbell

Ann Campbell . 5 months ago

High protein diet damages the kidneys: https://www.drmcdougall.com/health/education/webinars/webinar-12-22-16/

thecollinzboy . 5 months ago

Hi so I have the Atkins book but I never saw anywhere in it mentioning if we can have sugar or not. Can we have 1-2 grams of sugar per day if I’m eating 10 grams of carbs per day?
Claudia Sanchez

Claudia Sanchez . 6 months ago

Great video! I have a question, what about following keto diet, and eating atkins chocolates? Carbs and atkins net carbs are the same? I’m doing keto diet, but atkins has a chocolate coconut bat that seems yummy! It says 2 net carbs, So can i use it on my keto diet?
Martell Hixson

Martell Hixson . 7 months ago

What is the impact of eating low carb, moderate fat, high protein if I’m doing that with intermittent fasting and most of that is in a small eating window...(eggs, chicken breast mainly...grass fed only 1 to 2 meals a day). I want to maintain muscle and lose fat.
Ginger Willis

Ginger Willis . 8 months ago

The Atkins diet came first and is healthier and better. I call it the biblical diet.
Husker Bowden

Husker Bowden . 9 months ago

Mr Expert, My expert Doctor and expert Nutritionalist said " One is no better or worse than the other" Do what works best for your individual body cause we are all different"... That sounds like Sound and Proven advice, what kind of cut you getting for plugging Keto?
John Snow

John Snow . 9 months ago

The Atkins decreases brain function to reduce seizures. This should make you think - if your brain still works properly with those suboptimal ketone compounds.
Rich Q

Rich Q . 9 months ago

Agree with other comments. Atkins did all the research decades ago. Keto, South Beach and the like are all just Atkins light.
Susan Smith

Susan Smith . 9 months ago

All this talk about "Keto" diet is ridiculous. Atkins is a keto diet, he explained the whole process of ketosis. What someone stole his ideas and renamed the diet? Dr. Atkins was a true pioneer. All of what he says in his book hold true today, as they did then. He was continually bashed as being a quack by the mainstream media and medical professionals. The medical professionals at the time, that were bashing him, were the real quacks.

ParalegalNfashion . 9 months ago

Keto made it tough for me to get into Ketosis. My body is EXTREMELY resistant and holds on to carbs for dear life. The nuts were a no no. On Atkins it was simple, meat, green veggies (20 grams and under), butter, cheese, eggs. I simply stuck to that and it worked immediately. Only issue with Atkins, is it's more for those that have a lot of weight to lose. It takes weight off too fast.

Stewmeat . 10 months ago

To be honest, it's hard for ME to listen to someone who is biased towards a certain diet, like veganism or keto they both seem to have a cult like following
erica clonts

erica clonts . 10 months ago

If you read an Atkins book you will see that a lot of your info in incorrect... and yes if goes thorough the different types of dairy and also stressed healthy fats and most of your net carbs come from foundation vegetables (and it’s a very long list)
T.S. M.L

T.S. M.L . 10 months ago

Atkins is way easier i wanna try it..keto is so complicated and u can't eat anything low protein low carb like whaaaat?
Jo W

Jo W . 10 months ago

Keto just hit the scene in the last 5 to 7 years, Atkins goes way back to trying to figure out the main sourced problem to help with weight loss.
Harley Davis

Harley Davis . 10 months ago

Georgia peach here.... I’ve been on keto for 9 weeks and I’m in love with this lifestyle now.... I just subscribed and thank you for your help.
Jackson Redstar

Jackson Redstar . 10 months ago

so in a nutshell, Keto can be described as a high fat vegan diet with a side serving of protien! lol

MoneyPenny . 10 months ago

Gluconeogenesis. That's the difference. Keto eaters eat tons of fat, we even drink coffee with butter, MCT oil and coconut oil (bulletproof coffee) to ensure fat intake. Atkins focuses on meat or lots of protein. Keto, not so much. Atkins can put you in KETOSIS yes but it can also cause Gluconeogenesis, which will kick you out of Ketosis. Which is eating too much PROTEIN (MEAT) which believe it or not can convert into sugar inside your body. (Gluconeogenesis). It's more important that I have a fatty meat (Salmon, sardines) than eat meat in general. FAT macro category is the most important for KETO. I eat tablespoons of butter, olive oil and coconut oil as well as olives and cream cheese more than meat. So no, KETO /ATKINS ARE NOT THE SAME.

lejci38 . 10 months ago

I'm kind of worried knowing dr.Atkins had heart issues, several strokes , high blood pressure etc. I'm on keto for over 2 years and have issues with hight blood pressure, which I thought was connected with stresss and menopause.
7rue Op1n1on

7rue Op1n1on . 11 months ago

Both are garbage, the Aktins diet makes you blow up if you ever have a carb in the future, and Keto can cause kidney and liver failure among other health issues in the future. Avoid eating chemicals, and frozen food filled with preservatives, and you'll do just fine. Chicken Turkey Tuna Lean Beef in moderation Fish Bacon in very strict moderation Turkey Bacon Turkey Sausage Boiled Eggs (1.5 yolks per 3 eggs) Asparagus Broccoli Green Beans Brussel Sprouts Spinach Cucumber Garlic Avocado Fruit Basmati Rice in moderation Franks Sea Salt Black Pepper Honey in moderation Basil Parsley Thyme Onion powder in moderation Other than a few things I may have missed, everything else WILL make you FAT!!!
Muna a

Muna a . 11 months ago

Much respect for Dr. Atkins. You name it (Paleo, Keto ....etc)= Atkins, hands down. He took all the beating to get this diet out to the public. I wish he lived a bit longer to see and busk under the fruits of his labour. Really saddens me when I see his work repackaged and presented as something new.
JJ Jilani

JJ Jilani . 11 months ago

Atkins diet is sustainable where keto diet isn't
Julie Slone

Julie Slone . 11 months ago

I disagree with alot of this info!!! Read the Atkins book from the 60. Lots of green veggies and no process ed foods. I spent three months on research of dr Atkins. Doesnt say corn oil etc ok. You really need to read his original book he made before he passed . So much of this info on Atkins is wrong. After he died his company changed alot of his info. Go back to his original book. Its awesome.! Been doing for yrs. Off diabetic meds etc. Weight loss great. Please dont put down Atkins. Again after he died the compsny made all of his snack treats different. I don't eat those!!! No one should. Enjoy Atkins and the Keto diet but do it right! So much bad info on both diets out there
Sac Bbw916

Sac Bbw916 . 11 months ago

i disagree with your slide at the 10:00 mark. I read all 3 of the Atkins books and he explains ketosis and using 'fat" as a fuel. He also put a HUGE emphasis on vegetables as your source of carbs. I remember taking the little shopping guide to my local grocery store and talking with the produce manager who also was unfamiliar with a lot of the veggies in the book I think the lack of access to different veggies made it easy for people to just skip that part of the diet back then.I know in my area that was Before Whole Foods and Sprouts came to town. Still dont know what endive is but i know what jicama is now! and yes there was a huge portion of meat allowed (3-5 oz) but it was in combination with a large portion of veggies at every meal. Cant speak on the milk since i dont drink milk but i remember cheese being allowed. When asked now what the difference is between Ketogenic diet and Atkins I tell folks there isnt one.
Joe A

Joe A . 12 months ago

Stole from Dr Atkins called him a quack now you call it Keto Dr Atkins started it in 1960s my sister was a model did it I have a book from 1968 if he were alive he would have sued so now this guy is the expert calls it Keto really?
sonia taitt

sonia taitt . 12 months ago

If you read the book Atkins always specified using the real stuff as much as possible, butter instead of margarine etc. As well as you use a lot of veg and salads. Keto just Akins with a different name. I lost so much weight on Akins and I felt great while doing it. Atkins all the way and it is easier to maintain Atkins than Keto.

freethinker4liberty . 12 months ago

WTF, I love my grassfed butter, but what am I supposed to spread it on if not bread, huh? I really want to hit the Atkins diet (I can't go full Keto right away, no way no how) but without rice, wheat, potatoes, corn wtf man.. I love me a good steak but now you're telling me the steak that I pay $15 for is bad for me, I have to get the $40 one? Are you kidding, is this diet for the rich and famous only? Where can I find a list of foods that are not starchy, it really is that simple isn't it? And again, what do i put my butter on (ok, I already make my ribeye steak with butter, but I eat rice or bread with it, lol)
woo gnar

woo gnar . 12 months ago

Before anyone starts any kind of diet, please see your own primary care physician. Please.
Cult Of Malgus

Cult Of Malgus . 12 months ago

i started the carnivore diet 72 hours ago. :)
Eve Gandy

Eve Gandy . 12 months ago

Keto has definitely changed my life
Yvette Rivera

Yvette Rivera . 1 year ago

I Apreciate Your Enlightenment, However Currently With Congestive Fute Heart Failure I NEED to stick to Non Saturated . So Unfortunately For My Particular Situation It Actually Might Behoove me to Practice Both but Vigilantly . Got me ?
Wendy Correa

Wendy Correa . 1 year ago

By the way, free range eggs need to state: Free Range. Most of us get conned into thinking that eggs with a brown shell are free eggs. They are not. Instead the truth is that there are hens that produce eggs with a brown shell. And it doesn't mean free range. I just buy eggs with a white shell, cheaper and all the same. It's sad that everyone's (food companies) trying to make a buck out of consumers.

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