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Published on 1 year ago

What I eat during a lean bulking phase to build muscle!

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Comments :

rhea Virgin

rhea Virgin . 4 days ago

girl tell me how u got that booty

NachitoGSVevo Guerrero

NachitoGSVevo Guerrero . 3 weeks ago

Now I see why your so hot and beautiful 😎😌

Gunner 0007

Gunner 0007 . 4 weeks ago

I am in love! She seem sweet, smart and on point. The killer element of hers must be her little awareness of how pretty and likable she actually is! Omg. Go girl, you rock :)

واوي ميسان

واوي ميسان . 1 month ago

I love workout

marcos gomes

marcos gomes . 1 month ago


hellmin garcia

hellmin garcia . 2 months ago

Hi l hopes this help, I need to loss 15 lb because of Diabetes

Glamliz ASMR

Glamliz ASMR . 3 months ago

Idk why but this was relaxing to watch


TEJ FITNESS . 3 months ago

Thank you for this diet love 💘 you

Stephanie Azzopardi

Stephanie Azzopardi . 3 months ago

After watching your video it's come to my attention I'm definetly not eating enough food. No wonder my gains came to a halt 😭 Thank you for promoting healthy eating habits, you make me feel confident and inspired 🥰

Kimberlin S

Kimberlin S . 3 months ago

Sophie, do you drink coffee ? I do so I'm wondering if it effects my workout if I drink it beforehand!

Victoria Kirsten

Victoria Kirsten . 3 months ago

Do you have any meats in your diet?

Claudia Hinestrosa

Claudia Hinestrosa . 3 months ago

Do you ever eat meat proteins ????

nour elhoda

nour elhoda . 3 months ago

Calm ❤

sadulo ng dilamo

sadulo ng dilamo . 4 months ago

wow muscles rhehe

Ezgi Karakoca Toker

Ezgi Karakoca Toker . 4 months ago

Muzları ısıtmayaydın iyiydi

Debbie Revilla

Debbie Revilla . 4 months ago

Hey! How many calories would you say your “lean bulking diet” is ?

Raina Tschantre

Raina Tschantre . 4 months ago

anyone know what kind of protein powder she uses?


Alex90andru . 4 months ago

Forget about the meals look at that sexy body Damn 😍

Corrie Noll

Corrie Noll . 4 months ago

LOVE! Really confirms I have been fueling myself and my workouts properly! Thanx ;)

Life Is Music

Life Is Music . 5 months ago

Seems so obsessive with measuring things in grams. Ig this is more for someone trying to gain or lose for a competition. Can’t imagine doing this every day.

Yasmeen Vaquerano

Yasmeen Vaquerano . 5 months ago

oatmeal gives me the worst stomach ache, im so sad

Shannen Larue

Shannen Larue . 6 months ago

Love this video 👌🏼

James Martin

James Martin . 6 months ago

Veggie pasta cooked and cooled mix in fruit and nuts peanut butter oatmeal place in pan press it down cover let sit in refrigerator overnight. Pizza cutter to make bars. Oatmeal passed through blender to powder it up then cover outside of bar in the powdered oatmeal place wax paper in plastic container place bars on wax paper lay a row of bars then place wax paper and lay another set of bars then place in freezer. Take out a bar wrap in wax paper place in gym back or purse for a high fiber super energy bar that will thaw out and be ready when you want it! Beautiful curves lots of hard work great job! 😁👍


S0u11ess . 6 months ago

zac pernas video is fake, he feeds it all to his dog at the end

Danielle Gibson

Danielle Gibson . 6 months ago

Would love to know what protein powder you use??

Sandis Str

Sandis Str . 7 months ago

Are you having just a sandwitch after workout?

Mercedes Binkley

Mercedes Binkley . 8 months ago

Your aura is very soothing and peaceful.You have lovely energy! Thank you for the info!


Priscilla.87 . 9 months ago

Welke hoemoes gebruik je hier? En bak je de kidney bonen ook eerst ?


Ellie . 9 months ago

I just uploaded how I am currently lean bulking so I LOVE watching these videos to get more ideas! Thanks love ♡

Caoimhe Kehoe

Caoimhe Kehoe . 9 months ago

Your food is so bland, very unattainable. Your gorgeous & have a fab body though 😍

Studio Inez

Studio Inez . 10 months ago

You look good but dang that’s bird food. I want a burrito now

Caroline Tyler

Caroline Tyler . 10 months ago

Allottabitofcinnamon hahaha

Champ Rubes

Champ Rubes . 12 months ago

u explain it way to much we can see whats happening

Champ Rubes

Champ Rubes . 12 months ago

you talk so much an so slow sis get on with it

Sophia Jordan

Sophia Jordan . 12 months ago

Best what I eat in a day vid I've seen

Faye Faeiry

Faye Faeiry . 1 year ago

Pretty useless video as no idea of caloric intake, macros, etc.

Paris Hedger

Paris Hedger . 1 year ago

Your so pretty and this was super helpful as I need to gain some weight

Jenna Elise

Jenna Elise . 1 year ago

Great video, as always 😊 Do you still fast intermittently when bulking? And what are your thoughts on fasted cardio and lifting?

Rose Sandhar

Rose Sandhar . 1 year ago

Sorry for the late watch but as always you were awesome 👏


Tiasha . 1 year ago

I can't follow all the videos almost, you're so productive 🙈 loving Vlogmas! ❤️

Ann Styles

Ann Styles . 1 year ago

Your body is to DIE for!

Sam Baps

Sam Baps . 1 year ago

Which brand of Protein powder do u use?

Dominique Wiedeck

Dominique Wiedeck . 1 year ago

how many grams of protein do u eat a day. i struggle as a vegan to get enough protein without using so much protein powder. i eat 125g day. i cant eat tofu either cause its makes me retain water



Hey Sophie! What protein powder brand do you usually use?

Lauren Kupis

Lauren Kupis . 1 year ago

Love the video, thank you for sharing!! I just wonder how many calories all of that is...


Cosmic . 1 year ago

Why does oatmeal make me feel absolutely starving an hour after. It’s insane! I stopped eating it.


Iris . 1 year ago

Zo fijn om alle Nederlandse merken/producten te herkenen ; )

Alyshia Guan, Nutrition

Alyshia Guan, Nutrition . 1 year ago

holy the carb killas are delicious it's incredible


Schauerpower . 1 year ago

Sophie are you still doing intermittet fasting during your bulk? :)

Benedetta Castignani

Benedetta Castignani . 1 year ago

But a bulk diet has so few kcal?

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