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Total Health with Dr. Nick

Total Health with Dr. Nick

Published on 1 year ago

For decades CHOLESTEROL has been the most VILIFIED nutrient in the world, BUT...Would you believe that CHOLESTEROL is not only GOOD for you but NECESSARY for optimal health?!?!

The Government as well as the entire Medical Association has been urging us to lower it at all costs...sometimes to RIDICULOUSLY LOW LEVELS!!! We have been told to AVOID FAT AND CHOLESTEROL AT ALL COSTS! BUT...is this true? Could removing fat from our diet be causing more health issues as well as disease?


In this video I will show you how LOW cholesterol can cause many health issues such as heart problems, depression, dementia, suicide as well as Alzheimers!

Yes, you can add CHOLESTEROL back into your diet...and be HEALTHIER for it!

If you would like to schedule a private conference call with me use this link: https://booktodayandhealtoday.as.me/coaching

Comments :

Kerra Johnson

Kerra Johnson . 4 weeks ago

What type of doctor should I see? Iā€™m terrible sick, but every Dr. refers me back to someone else. Iā€™m at 69 total, 35 HDL, 14 LDL abnormally. No statins.

Sheila Forde

Sheila Forde . 3 months ago

Thank you. Great information. I have learnt so much.

Mark Castro

Mark Castro . 6 months ago

First of all, thanks Nick for responding to my original comment. Both videos regarding Cholesterol made me feel better. Just wish doctors would get on the new wave and new research results. They are stuck on the old information and push drugs to lower high cholesterol. I have adjusted my fats slightly but I am in the maintenance stage of my weight loss and feel great. I could not have ever lost so much weight without the Keto diet, which the KEY is high GOOD fats in the diet combined with LOW Carbs. Love your Videos!!

mark hicks

mark hicks . 7 months ago

Well after this vid and info about statins I'm freaking and it's not a good freaking either. I've been on 40 mgs per day 10 months and all levels exactly same? I cannot with good conscience stay on this med but not sure how to eliminate statins med? Would I ween of or just discontinue? Dr. Nick what do u recommend to your patients to discontinue statin drug. Once again thank you for your help and information. God bless you and your family.šŸ˜

Ralf Symannek

Ralf Symannek . 1 year ago

thx. for the Information.

Noreen N

Noreen N . 1 year ago

Thanks for another great video! Have you done a video on Vitamin D? Sun and Vitamin D are so important and so many people are deficient and don't realize it.

Julie Bailey

Julie Bailey . 1 year ago

What about high tryglicerides is that dangerous if so how can I lower it thank you šŸ˜Š


NonnaGrace . 1 year ago

Hello Dr. Nicholas, thank for a very informative easy to understand video. šŸ’• NonnaGrace

Manny Radzky

Manny Radzky . 1 year ago

Excellent video. Thanks. Was on a statin for a year and my cholesterol was low. Felt like crap. Put it in the garbage. Never felt better in my life.

Maggi Gs

Maggi Gs . 1 year ago

im off to see my cardiologist tomorrow. i will let you know what he has to say about my stopping statins 2 months ago.

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