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Memories - Maroon 5 (Justin Rhodes Cover)

Justin Rhodes

Justin Rhodes

Published on 3 months ago

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everything is drop tuning (E to Eb). But the form of the chords are:
G | D | e- | G/B | C | G | C | D |
then I had to switch it up on the pre chorus to:
e- | C | G | D. Enjoy :)

Hey, I’m Justin Rhodes, welcome to my channel.
I sing, I dance, I vlog, and I post every week so you always have something to watch.

I hope you enjoy my acoustic cover of Memories by Maroon 5. I wanted something as acoustic as possible, then this song came out. I first heard it on the one year anniversary of my dad's passing. It hit me.. hard, and I just sat down and listened. As some of you know my dad and I shared a passion for music. This song is spot on of how it feels to miss someone and be in that moment of reliving old memories. I thought I'd sing something he'd like to hear 🙏🏼

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Stream music on iTunes, Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon music and more, just type in “Justin Rhodes” and ignore the rapper with the exact same name.. or check him out some of his stuff is actually pretty dope.

Comments :

sam atlar

sam atlar . 1 day ago

Ma chanson préférée 😊

OptimuS s

OptimuS s . 1 day ago

*Damn* man Im fucking love it ❤️ perfect Bro

Sarah. sr.

Sarah. sr. . 1 day ago

I feel in love. 🎤💛

maria elsobky

maria elsobky . 2 days ago

How is this not viral....🤯😍

Gluey Star

Gluey Star . 3 days ago

I have never heard a better voice, its naturally beautiful!


SuperDerezzed . 4 days ago

Why does it sound like you have harmony at 1:29?

Lia Pamuji

Lia Pamuji . 5 days ago



Doug . 6 days ago

Awesome job

armul z

armul z . 1 week ago

Great voice... There is indonesian here??

Dorry Snage

Dorry Snage . 1 week ago

This is amazing

Jamuna Moktan

Jamuna Moktan . 1 week ago

Vu Le

Vu Le . 2 weeks ago

Great as always 🎤🔥🔥🔥

Mitch Phillips

Mitch Phillips . 2 weeks ago

So good man - SUBBED!

Rosé Goku Black

Rosé Goku Black . 2 weeks ago

When he said the first word i immediately subscribed

TC Rivers

TC Rivers . 2 weeks ago

nice job man. i enjoyed it!

Cris BM

Cris BM . 2 weeks ago

Luke Hemmings, your voice sounds different🤔

David C.

David C. . 2 weeks ago

Awesome cover, amazing voice! Take this to the studio Justin.

Kamyiah Leggitt

Kamyiah Leggitt . 2 weeks ago

He's hot too 😊

Kamyiah Leggitt

Kamyiah Leggitt . 2 weeks ago

Beautiful voice

robert dassaev

robert dassaev . 2 weeks ago

wow, great

George Roberson

George Roberson . 3 weeks ago

....MY MAN....YES. i knew i knew you, i haven't heard you since your 2014 AGT performance, love this!

eleazer hmar

eleazer hmar . 3 weeks ago

Very good voice ...it's authentic,! Keep it up .i like .. subscribe and comment what else??

Johnny Bertelsen

Johnny Bertelsen . 3 weeks ago

Not only is your voice amazing, but your a good storyteller. Cheers from Denmark. Keep up, Justin.


gsixty . 3 weeks ago

Thumbs up for a studio version of this!

Jeffrey Cruz

Jeffrey Cruz . 3 weeks ago

Who else subscribed on the first word he sang?

Den Mark

Den Mark . 3 weeks ago

Pretty good because of no autotune

Lia Pamuji

Lia Pamuji . 3 weeks ago


Ridho Maulana

Ridho Maulana . 4 weeks ago

Whoa. I don't expect it can work very well with deep voice.


Drowseh . 4 weeks ago

This is so good! I wish it was produced in a studio tho cause sound quality isn’t that great. :/ then i could really listen to it on repeat.

Abby Chen

Abby Chen . 4 weeks ago

best cover ever ive ever heard from other cover..

Antónia Espírito Santo

Antónia Espírito Santo . 4 weeks ago


Gianna Pennington

Gianna Pennington . 4 weeks ago

To me this sounds like a country type version of this song.... it sound great!


Kal . 4 weeks ago

Bro he looks like shaggy from Scooby doo. But the handsome version No Homo.


김준엽 . 4 weeks ago

thank you for healing :)

Rachel Tauro

Rachel Tauro . 1 month ago

What is this perfection? O_O

Aly Kay

Aly Kay . 1 month ago



mattajas . 1 month ago

Goddamn you are nailing the notes brother, awesome!

Naguib Lambis

Naguib Lambis . 1 month ago

I just fell in love. ¡Dios mío!

Ronnie Nimer

Ronnie Nimer . 1 month ago


Jeff Emmot

Jeff Emmot . 1 month ago

Your version of this is just the best ever! Even better than that of Maroon 5!!!


cherrykanda . 1 month ago

Melting 🙈

Stephen Sukut

Stephen Sukut . 1 month ago

Just earned a sub. Keep it up man!


Sue . 1 month ago

Great voice!

smwmb owrl

smwmb owrl . 1 month ago



L G . 1 month ago

This is just so satisfying damn😍

Joe Raftami

Joe Raftami . 1 month ago

the saddest part of life is when the person who gave you a lot of memories becomes memory

Jboy Acoustic

Jboy Acoustic . 1 month ago

awesome cover!!

Kavinda Hewage

Kavinda Hewage . 1 month ago

Mate, please do a studio acoustic version of this where your voice will sound better with better reverb. Much love from Canberra!

Queen B

Queen B . 1 month ago

0:11 ) I love you already ❤️ You have so much emotion in your voice ❤️😍

Gabriel Garay

Gabriel Garay . 1 month ago

https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=eqLsh_ZQ3Js ♥️

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