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4 High-Carb Foods That Are Actually Super Healthy



Published on 3 years ago


Although cutting carbs can be beneficial for some people, this certainly does not mean that all high-carb foods are “bad.” Here are 4 high-carb foods that are actually incredibly healthy.

1. Oats

Oats may be the healthiest whole grain food on the planet. Raw oats contain 66% carbs, and nearly 11% of that is fiber. They are particularly high in a powerful soluble fiber called beta-glucan which helps you feel full for longer.

They are also a great source of many vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. They are even a relatively good source of protein, containing more than most other grains.

Many studies have shown that oats may reduce the risk of heart disease by lowering cholesterol levels, particularly LDL.

Eating oats may also lower blood sugar levels in diabetics, at least after meals.

2. Sweet Potatoes

Sweet potatoes are a nutritious tuber, and they are delicious.

Cooked sweet potatoes contain about 18–21% carbs. This carb content consists of starch, sugar and fiber. They are a rich source of potassium, vitamin A (from beta-carotene), vitamin C, and antioxidants.

I find it very interesting that until about 60 years ago in Okinawa, an island in Japan, 69% of an Okinawan’s caloric intake came from sweet potatoes alone. And they now have the greatest proportion of centenarians (people over 100 years old) in the world.

3. Kidney Beans

Kidney beans are a variety of the common bean and part of the legume family. Cooked kidney beans contain 22.8% carbs, in the form of starches and fiber. They are also high in protein which makes them quite filling.

They are rich in many vitamins, minerals and plant compounds, including beneficial antioxidants.

They are linked with numerous health benefits, but just make sure to never eat them raw, because raw or improperly cooked kidney beans can be toxic.

Unfortunately they are also high in short-chain carbohydrates known as FODMAPs. These can cause digestive stress if you eat too much at once, or in those who are intolerant.

4. Quinoa

This is a nutritious seed that has become incredibly popular in the natural health community. It's classified as a pseudocereal, so a seed that is prepared and eaten like a grain.

Although cooked quinoa is 21% carbs, it's still a good source of protein and fiber. This makes it quite filling and an excellent addition to an effective weight loss diet.

Quinoa is also rich in many minerals and plant compounds, and has been linked to several health benefits like improved blood sugar control. It doesn't contain any gluten either which makes it a popular alternative for those who don't tolerate gluten.

Now don't get me wrong, processed junk foods high in sugar and refined grains are definitely unhealthy and fattening. But as you can see, whole, fiber-rich foods that just so happen to be high in carbohydrates are some of the world's healthiest foods, period.

Further reading: https://authoritynutrition.com/12-healthy-high-carb-foods/

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newkidturbo Newkidturbo

newkidturbo Newkidturbo . 5 months ago

You are full of shit. Eat it, and keep it for yourself!

Erzsebet Deer

Erzsebet Deer . 11 months ago



wordgrrl71 . 1 year ago

NOPE. Lies. Authority my ass. Anytime you consume carbs like rice, either kind, or tabouli, bulgher wheat, etc. not to mention bread you are spiking your insulin. Look up GLYCATION and aging, and also look up IGF-1 and autoimmune disorders like cancer, diabetes, heart disease. What a load of crap Healthline is peddling. NOPE. LIES.

Ankan Bhakat

Ankan Bhakat . 1 year ago

Duplicate virat kohli😉

Glory be to God the Most High

Glory be to God the Most High . 1 year ago

Finally! Was doing Keto and it really jacked up my health. Onslaught of allergies, outrageous flaking scalp, menstrual cycle disruption, elevated blood pressure, lightheaded ness - no thanks! I’m now weaning myself off Keto. The rapid weight loss is negated by all the other issues I’ve experienced that come along with it. Not even when fastening did I ever feel this way. I’ve done the Daniel Fast several times for 21 days eating no meat, cheese, milk, sweets and felt terrific and lost weight. My fasting diet consisted of several beans, potatoes (both sweet and white), oatmeal, raisins, fresh fruits, fresh veggies , whole grains - tons of things loaded with carbohydrates and I can say I’ve never had any adverse effects unlike Keto. I think every food has its place in our diet as humans, and can be consumed without harm to our health when done in moderation. Healthy carbs rock!

Viral Tube

Viral Tube . 1 year ago

carbohydrate not good for helth please follow LCHF

Raja Shahja

Raja Shahja . 1 year ago

voted down for misinformation on Okinawan sweet potatoes

CopTag Blog INDIA

CopTag Blog INDIA . 2 years ago

You look like indian cricketer VIRAT KHOHLI.. 😂

13Gladius 2

13Gladius 2 . 2 years ago

If you have a virus oatmeal is a must to avoid due to it's high arginine to lysine ratio and and its carb content doesn't help in addition to which lots of people add fruit and/or honey which further increases the feed for virus. But for those who don't have virus whatever or don't care have your way. Almond milk, yeah I've tried to like it but it never tasted right, then I found out it's all made with 2% almonds. That's about 5 almonds per 8 oz serving. The rest is thickeners but if you don't mind that, have it. I'd rather cook my occassional steel cut oats with water with a few crushed almonds thrown in; it's more real than almond milk that way


NICK MED . 2 years ago

Lovely Video clip! Excuse me for butting in, I would appreciate your thoughts. Have you heard about - Dinanlinson Elegant Figure Approach (Have a quick look on google cant remember the place now)? It is a smashing one of a kind guide for uncovering the secrets behind a highly effective low carb diet without the hard work. Ive heard some extraordinary things about it and my best friend Jordan got astronomical success with it.

Borys Fomichev

Borys Fomichev . 2 years ago

Go to Woo&Pep diet page if you want to learn much more about diet.

azahar ali

azahar ali . 2 years ago

Can we eat raw sweet potato?

Alok Ranjan

Alok Ranjan . 3 years ago



15751Chris . 3 years ago


Mashiel Berroa

Mashiel Berroa . 3 years ago

is it true that our body turns oats into sugar very quickly making a bad nutritional choice?

Mobius Trip

Mobius Trip . 3 years ago

You missed beetroot!

velly jatt

velly jatt . 3 years ago

Thanks alot, you have also covered every point like about kideney bean's fodmap and they will be heavy in digestion if someone has weak digestive power.

velly jatt

velly jatt . 3 years ago

This is the best site i have encountred , I like your contents very much especially article on calorie in and calorie out , calorie is not calorie. Thanks .


NoTrashInHeaven . 3 years ago

Also, the darker Quinoa is rich in Iron. Just be sure to include vitamin C source for absorption & not consume with caffeine (inhibits iron absorption ).


saltoilsugarfree . 3 years ago

Steamed/boiled starch (not fried) comes naturally in these forms: 1. Below ground storage organs: potato, yam, sweet potato, (sweet potatoes are not the same as yams) parsnip, celeriac, burdock, tapioca, sunchoke, jicama, rutabaga, water chestnut, taro, cassava and many others that are available around the world. Some tubers have more simple sugar than starch such as beets and turnips but those don’t provide sufficient calories. 2. Above ground storage organs, winter squashes: - butternut, acorn, Hubbard, banana, pumpkin, buttercup, turban. Summer squash are usually low in calories which makes sense, summer = fruit, winter = steamed/boiled starch to keep warm and be the carbohydrate source when fruit is not there, in the non-tropics. 3. Grains - rice, amaranth, barley, buckwheat, farro, emmer, kamut, millet, muesli, quinoa, rye, sorghum, spelt, teff, triticale and many others, in their non-flour form. White rice is milled, but it's not milled into a flour. Legumes like beans, lentils, peas, and some others have starch but they also have a high amount of protein so to call them a carbohydrate is a misnomer. Flour products are not simply "starch." When people think of "starch" they think bread, pasta, cookies, cakes, crusty pies, pastries, donuts, muffins, pancakes, waffles, biscuits, noodles, and crackers. There are three problems with calling those foods "starch." Firstly, all of those foods (besides pasta and noodles, which are just flour by themselves) are made with lots of fat, in the form of vegetable oils, margarine, or butter, so to call them just "starch" is a misnomer. People call pizza and ice cream "carbs" when in reality pizza and ice cream have more calories coming from fat than they do carbs. Not only does pizza have plenty of cheese on it, the dough is made with vegetable oil. A cannoli and ice cream have more calories coming from their cream/fat content than from their starch/sugar content. Same with chocolate, it has more fat than sugar. Secondly, besides being baked/cooked with oils, margarine, or butter, those foods are also almost always consumed with added fat as well because no one eats those flour products without any fat. People always add oils and cheese/butter to them. You are considered a weirdo if you eat such foods fat-free. So when one is eating those foods, they have to consider the calories/additives/effects from the fat portion of those foods. Eating the three forms of starch with just a little seasoning or salt and no fat added to them is how traditional cultures and long lived people like the Okinawans consumed them. People in the western world blame these foods while ignoring all of the fat that people in the west eat them with. Everyone in the west is not fat because they are eating starch the traditional way. They are fat because they are eating starch with cheese, sour cream, butter and oil added to it.


butiz . 3 years ago

Brown rice is not healthy. The endosperm does not want to be consumed by sentient beings nor mammals. Studies in biology have clearly shown scarred intestinal tracts of animals who have consumed these grains. Brown rice is also extremely high in anti nutrients and severely messes with a persons blood sugar tolerance after chronic consumption


J BIRKH . 3 years ago

How much better are kidney beans compared to pinto beans? Thanks for another great video packed with info.


sabbynim . 3 years ago

Authority Nutrition, could you make a video addressing high protein diets and the relation to exercising (body building and weight loss). How much protein should a regular person get, vs. someone who goes to the gym quite often (4-7 times per week), vs. professional athletes and body builders? What happens if you eat too much protein? What are some of the better protein sources to choose if one is trying to consume more protein?

PTX Dear Pears 95

PTX Dear Pears 95 . 3 years ago

If you eat Oats, Kidney Beans, and Quinoi you must consume only Organic (due to high levels of Glyphosate used as a pre-harvest desicant). Some Quinoi in the US is now being hybridized with modern Wheat, which is a huge problem. Also avoid these grains / pseudo-grains if you have any digestive issues at all, as they contain phytates and damage your gut. Also avoid if your trying to lose weight or have blood sugar issues, since they all spike insulin.


wakbot . 3 years ago

Are sweet potatoes and yams mostly similar, or should they be considered nutritionally distinct?

Cassie Autumn

Cassie Autumn . 3 years ago

Sweet potatoes are the best, especially Okinawan purple sweet potatoes and Japanese sweet potatoes!

Ali Abdulkadir

Ali Abdulkadir . 3 years ago

I enjoyed the video, thanks for sharing

Chris T

Chris T . 3 years ago

Great information

Warren Viegas

Warren Viegas . 3 years ago

What is a good replacement for white rice? (beside brown rice?)


iWinRar . 3 years ago

I wish I liked sweet potatoes more but I usually use kidney beans in my chilli

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