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Michelle Lord

Michelle Lord

Published on 2 years ago

Hey guys! Here are some of my favourite quick and healthy meals that I make a lot in college. I hope this helps give you some meal ideas :)! What is your favourite quick meal to make?

Nutrients App: https://itunes.apple.com/ca/app/nutrients-nutrition-facts/id396836856?mt=8

music: www.epidemicsound.com

Comments :

Jay Litton

Jay Litton . 7 months ago

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Jantina Haspels

Jantina Haspels . 11 months ago

You're a good eater. I hate kale. I'm 51 and newly diagnosed w/ type 1 diabetes and trying to figure out what I'm going to eat. Oy.


wellthatspretty . 1 year ago

Sweet potato toast sounds heavenly.


Maria . 1 year ago

Can you please make a video for a low carb diet please

Fabienne Köpfli

Fabienne Köpfli . 1 year ago

Very nice video😍 so I was thaught to don‘t count carbs for vegetables at all

Arianna Colombo

Arianna Colombo . 2 years ago

Here in Italy I was taught that I never have to bolus for greens or eggs, so I would definitely just carbocount the sweet potato! :)

Calum Hunter

Calum Hunter . 2 years ago

Interesting that you carb count for chickpeas. I was taught not to carb count for pulses because they are so low GI they hardly affect your BGL. Interesting to see that different things are taught in different areas of the world!

Mark Breen

Mark Breen . 2 years ago

I need to eat healthier, watching your meal prep puts me to shame. Anyone got any recommendations for a good nutrient android app (sometimes use Carbs & Cals app but it could be better)?


violethazexx . 2 years ago

Thank u for this

Lisa Sandvig

Lisa Sandvig . 2 years ago

Thanks for the great ideas! I love videos like this. It's helpful to come up with more ideas for lowish carb meals.

Type Zero Foundation

Type Zero Foundation . 2 years ago

I'm new to your channel and love that you are a dancer with diabetes! I'm also a dancer and I'll be going on a pump soon. I see you have a video that talks about where you like to keep your pump but I'm curious to know if it works when you're dancing. Can you post a video on how you manage your diabetes while being athletic? It would be so helpful and I can't find info like this anywhere!

David Mina

David Mina . 2 years ago

I love this video ! Yes ! You guys made the couscous salad ! I’m definitely going to try that out . You two are great 😌

The Culinarian

The Culinarian . 2 years ago

Great video! Sweet potato toast is pretty trendy now, I must try to make it myself!


Nerdabetic . 2 years ago

I will defo try these out 😋

Cheryl Beaver

Cheryl Beaver . 2 years ago

You should try a banana dog You take a hot dog bun and spread some peanut butter on it then slice a banana in half an put it on there then finally sprinkle a lil bit of semi sweet chocolate chips.... All together it's bout 35 carbs but it's delicious.... Btw my name is Sara I'm barrowing my mom's YouTube I've been diabetic for 18yrs

SaraLBS Saras

SaraLBS Saras . 2 years ago

@Michelle I love this movie and your music in the back ground. Can I ask a small question What is kouse kouse or not sure how thats spelled. The way it on my little screen is it like rice or cream of weat? Does it have a flavor. Thank you for sharing


PrettylittleLuli . 2 years ago

no bolus for Kale!


ninaandianfan21 . 2 years ago

now I really want sweet potato but I don't have any and tomorrow is sunday :(

Brandy Hagler

Brandy Hagler . 2 years ago

OK so I'm allergic to eggs. So what can I place it with? Then on salad I'm allergic to garlic onions so what will taste good to place with garlic on the seasoning


Audrey GNANGO . 2 years ago

Amazing Chanel! I love every video you make. God bless you!

Cheryl Gray

Cheryl Gray . 2 years ago

I would carb count the kale, capsicum and other veg. All those little bits sometimes add up to a good few carbs and I'm very sensitive to carbs.

Diabetic Jack

Diabetic Jack . 2 years ago

Buns in the oven 😂 Yum...I'm always looking for new meals, so going to try these this week. 🙌

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