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Rock | Meaning of rock

Meaning of the words

Meaning of the words

Published on 10 months ago

See here, the meanings of the word rock, as video and text.

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rock (noun)
A formation of minerals, specifically:.

rock (noun)
A large hill or island having no vegetation.

rock (noun)
A lump or cube of ice.
I'll have a whisky on the rocks, please.

rock (noun)
Any of several fish:.

rock (verb)
To move gently back and forth.

rock (verb)
To cause to shake or sway violently.

rock (verb)
To sway or tilt violently back and forth.
The boat rocked at anchor.

rock (verb)
To disturb the emotional equilibrium of; to distress; to greatly impact (most often positively).
Downing Street has been rocked by yet another sex scandal.
She rocked my world.

rock (verb)
To do well or to be operating at high efficiency.

rock (noun)
An act of rocking; a rocking motion; a sway.

rock (noun)
A style of music characterized by basic drum-beat, generally 4/4 riffs, based on (usually electric) guitar, bass guitar, drums and vocals.

rock (verb)
To play, perform, or enjoy rock music, especially with a lot of skill or energy.
Let’s rock!

rock (verb)
To thrill or excite, especially with rock music.
Let's rock this joint!

rock (verb)
To do something with excitement yet skillfully.
I need to rock a piss.

rock (verb)
To wear (a piece of clothing, outfit etc.) successfully or with style; to carry off (a particular look, style).

rock (noun)

rock (noun)
The flax or wool on a distaff.

rock (noun)
(mythical bird)

January 24, 2019

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