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ChefHcg: HCG Diet Phase 2 meals

Vanessa Watson

Vanessa Watson

Published on 7 years ago

hey guys, a new little series for you on great meal ideas while you are on the hcg diet phase 2. anyone can eat this as well for a healthy breakfast, lunch or dinner. also great for a post work out meal.

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Collin Cabrera

Collin Cabrera . 3 weeks ago

This still surprise me, how lot of people have no idea about Fenoboci Diet Plan, although lots of people get good result because of it. Thanks to my cousin who told me about Fenoboci Diet Plan, I've lost lots of weight with it without starving myself.


Scrappinpinkhappy . 4 weeks ago

I have a list for foods you can eat an Broccoli is on the list.

Julie C

Julie C . 7 months ago

Coconut oil? Wow

Annamaria Brown

Annamaria Brown . 8 months ago

Egg whites are in containers less waste

Larry Bowman

Larry Bowman . 1 year ago

This isnt the original protocol obviously

Suzie J

Suzie J . 1 year ago

I’m glad you guys have worked out a protocol that has helped not only your family but also thousands of others. Good for you. I’m doing the original one and atm it’s work8ng for me. If things change I’ll be hooking up with your protocol. 👍🏾

Jeremy Mitchell

Jeremy Mitchell . 2 years ago

5 Melba toast? I’m only allowed 1...

Shery V.

Shery V. . 2 years ago

Nope - not HCG. But delish

Gwenn Holmes Hicks

Gwenn Holmes Hicks . 3 years ago

I didn't know cauliflower n broccoli where on phase 2 of the hcg


AngelOne11 . 3 years ago

You can use coconut oil? I thought you couldn't have oil

Sandra Winap

Sandra Winap . 3 years ago

I thought there is no breakfast . . . Only lunch & dinner

amber fords

amber fords . 3 years ago

How many calories in this


simonluv . 3 years ago

the serving looked to large


Happy . 4 years ago

it's huge portion, it does not look like under 500 cal....looks lot more....

Adriana Ramirez

Adriana Ramirez . 4 years ago

I thought you couldn't eat eggs until phase 3! or any oils

Christina Porr

Christina Porr . 4 years ago

I thought you couldn't have eggs and oils and broccoli on phase 2?

Molly Stalinista

Molly Stalinista . 4 years ago

You folks aren't worried about all the fat and cholesterol? Animal products cause cancer and heart disease.


ComputerNotesBook . 4 years ago

This video is wonderful! It helps me recall of times when my sister used Fenoboci Diet Plan to lose 18 pounds and enjoy being healthy again! Most of us want to lose fat, but we also require to remain healthy, which is what Fenoboci Diet Plan gifted.

Eva Lopez

Eva Lopez . 4 years ago

pasion ypoder

Eva Lopez

Eva Lopez . 4 years ago

pasion ypoder


NJ CAMOCUTIE . 4 years ago

yeah this is so not protocol...

Peggy Balagia

Peggy Balagia . 4 years ago

Unless you are going by a different protocol, I would not recommend this for P2. 5 melba? Which protocol are you using? If I were to eat that much food, I would gain.

papi pop

papi pop . 4 years ago

3 problems here 1. you're not supoose mix your veggies 2. you're not suppose to have broccoli 3. Although a very small amount of coconut oil is permitted it's definitely not recommended and can cause you to stall especially if used everyday

KeKe Taylor

KeKe Taylor . 5 years ago

I'm confused because I thought you couldn't have broccoli in phase 2.

Shabnam Moktan

Shabnam Moktan . 5 years ago

This video is definitely wonderful! It helps me remember of times when my cousin used Fenoboci Diet Plan to get rid of 17 lbs and enjoy being healthy again! Most of us wish to lose fat, but we also need to stay healthy, and that's what exactly Fenoboci Diet Plan given.

Debbie Reeves

Debbie Reeves . 5 years ago

Hi, I know I'm late on commenting, but the yellow thingies in the veg are yellow summer squash. :o)

Liz Feick

Liz Feick . 5 years ago

This is one of my go-to recipes!! Quick, easy, versatile and tasty! Thanks so much!

Loo Cee

Loo Cee . 5 years ago

Dr said no oil at all and no eggs


Delilah . 6 years ago

Lol, you love you some hot sauce huh? Haha u put it on a lot of things.

Ninaska Aparicio

Ninaska Aparicio . 6 years ago

dats not a hcg breakfast dats just a regular breakfast

Tasha Sanders

Tasha Sanders . 6 years ago

Vanessa Watson, whatever help you can give me I'll greatly appreciate it. I'm currently at 434 pounds. I just wanna make sure I'm doing it right. I bought the drops from the health food store. Let me know where I could get drops from that you are talking about. Thank you in advance.

Tasha Sanders

Tasha Sanders . 6 years ago

I'm just beginning and need lots of help. I'm getting married in 3 months and I wanna loose 40 pounds. I'm taking the chocolate mint hcg drops twice a day. Someone help!!!!!

K Adkins

K Adkins . 6 years ago

u arent allow the egg yolk on a HCG diet 

Alice Bair

Alice Bair . 6 years ago

How many eggwhites did you use?  Also, I didn't think you could mix veggies on Phase 2.


lovelylipgloss77 . 6 years ago

You can use coconut oil? I thought you couldn't have oil

Ronni Lynn

Ronni Lynn . 6 years ago

Your videos so helped me learn how to use HCG and lose 45 lbs.  I used a non-injectable form of HCG from GNC and have decided to talk about it like you do.  Thanks for your help.

Lorraine Fairless

Lorraine Fairless . 6 years ago

Are you sure your recipes are for the phase 2 part of the hcg diet protocol? Oil, even the healthy choice of coconut, is not allowed on the original hcg program. Nor does it allow mixed veggies. The list of allowed veggies do not include broccoli or cauliflower. Please be cautious on giving out this type of information. It would be a shame to cause someone to stall on their journey. It is admirable to try and help others but just be careful on the information you impart. 

Michael Watson

Michael Watson . 6 years ago

I'm going to start my HCG diet tomorrow for joining the Airforce. This was very helpful thanky you Vanessa :D

Michael Watson

Michael Watson . 6 years ago

Beautiful last name :)


eclecticlmnts . 6 years ago

More p2 recipes please

Sandhya Jayasuriya

Sandhya Jayasuriya . 6 years ago

Have you tried Fat Blast Factor? (check it out on google) It is a quick way to burn fat fast.

Ashish Kumar

Ashish Kumar . 6 years ago

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MsFiddle3 . 6 years ago

Can I eat okra with some onion? I am having problems knowing what to eat.

Yura Rupalov

Yura Rupalov . 6 years ago

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Bishwas Gurung

Bishwas Gurung . 6 years ago

They laughed when I told them I was going to burn fat with Trim Fat Maximizer, but then I showed them the results. Do a search on google for Trim Fat Maximizer to see their reaction. (You should see their faces!)

Тамара Титова

Тамара Титова . 6 years ago

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aujlapimpn . 6 years ago

Great recipe! Thanks! Keep it up.

adrian lupescu

adrian lupescu . 6 years ago

If you want to lose weight and keep it off, you must Google the term "Lexus Fat Blast". You are going to achieve the beach body you merit.

Kitten Lyric

Kitten Lyric . 6 years ago

macadamia nuts? how many per serving PLEASE ! I am a trail mix fanatic so it is hard going with out nuts for me :) thank you

teresa hernandez

teresa hernandez . 7 years ago

Just wanna say that I try this recipe but, I used all egg whites and soy sauce instead and it came out really good. Thank you

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