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Lowering Triglycerides - Mayo Clinic

Mayo Clinic

Mayo Clinic

Published on 9 years ago

When you go in to see the doctor, it's typical to get a blood test to check lipid levels, your cholesterol and triglycerides. You likely know it's important to lower bad cholesterol levels, because high levels increase your risk of heart attack. The same holds true for triglycerides. But what you might not know is that instead of taking medicine to lower triglycerides, most people can lower that number simply by moving more.

Comments :

soopa mann

soopa mann . 7 days ago

Thank you for that info

Melvin Lee

Melvin Lee . 2 weeks ago

I walk daily and I am physically very active . I have a good diet. I rarely eat sugar and am not overweight. My TG are still high. I’m thinking it’s my genetics and that my high cholesterol is just normal for my makeup. I refuse to take a statin which makes my big Pharma MD very angry.

Hamid Shirzadi

Hamid Shirzadi . 4 weeks ago

BS, last 2 seconds of video she said lower carb. Who has the time to spent 5 to 8 hours in gym every day? Just cut the Carb!!! Do Keto !


candi . 4 weeks ago

my triglycerides are at an 18. my hdl & ldl are normal at 60 & 90, respectively. i’m not sure what to think of such a low tri level! 🤔


DKII . 1 month ago

Muscle uses triglycerides? I thought muscle favours glucose.

Jeremy Woods

Jeremy Woods . 2 months ago

Sugar is the damn devil. Not fat. Cut carbs and take a 30 minute walk everyday.


dnizzle18 . 2 months ago

cool face paint

Eliza Dolittle

Eliza Dolittle . 2 months ago

Hmpf! I work out VERY regularly - daily - bike riding, low-impact aerobics, etc. . . . everyday! And my triglycerides are at 209. It's all about exercise AND a specific diet, not just exercise! I did my research and learned what foods trigger a spike in triglycerides and started a diet. Hopefully it works.

Juan de Dios Hernandez

Juan de Dios Hernandez . 2 months ago

Awesome advise. I will be walking tonite . Thank you

Carl Carloponty

Carl Carloponty . 2 months ago

I have lost every confidence on doctors in this country. They are there just to promote drug / medicine and collect their commission from Pharmaceutical companies. I, due to my work, lived in different parts of the world, have not seen any other nation consumes medication as much as we do in this country. Greed of pharmaceutical companies and our corrupt government have turned this nation into lab guinea piques

Carl Carloponty

Carl Carloponty . 2 months ago

I'm 75, walk at least 6 miles do 300 pushups (3X100) do couple of other activities. I don't drink, no pops, eat very healthy (salad + white meat etc) still my TRIGLYCERIDES id 175, why?

Giri D V

Giri D V . 2 months ago

Can't we reduce TG just by cutting carbs?


cristy4302011 . 4 months ago

I don't drink sugar drinks and I exercise 4 or 5 days a week also lost 13 lbs and my triglycerides are high

Tanytui G

Tanytui G . 4 months ago



LabwaMiau . 4 months ago

An associate of mind has been taking medicines because of the cholesterol clinically determined on him. Seafoods are generally not on his diet plan so a decision to go in this direction is straightforward for him. He started out making use of this specific cholesterol guidebook “Hοzantο Axy” (Google it). Several months have went by and the effects are positive, He got his cholesterol level to go lower. They don`t leave an aftertaste. .

John Hlas

John Hlas . 4 months ago

Total BS! LCHF all day.


SuperDoggy99 . 4 months ago

What a load of crap. And people wonder why the Western diet is killing people. Most MDs are nothing but pill pushers for Big Pharma. Such a scam.


cavhoki . 4 months ago

thank you

Ka S

Ka S . 5 months ago

Did the summary say to lower carbohydrates? And that rice, white bread, and fruit juice increased Triglycerides?

Ka S

Ka S . 5 months ago

Do Triglycerides get converted Into ketones? What is the name of the energy that triglycerides make?


label1877 . 5 months ago

Check the weather... a Mayo spokeswoman is not pushing pharmaceutical pills.


ViXxen . 6 months ago

Processed sugar and crappy carbs are the culprit. Just exercise is not going to bring your triglycerides down. Yes exercise helps but diet is more important.

anoop valath

anoop valath . 7 months ago

Believe it or not, my friend has triglyceride above 5000

Lady sings The blues

Lady sings The blues . 7 months ago

Just a reminder, it is 2019. Keep up!

Sherri Tucker

Sherri Tucker . 9 months ago

what if your triglycerides stay at 320 for a year and you are on a restricted diet with no type of sugar and mainly eat fresh vegetables, fish, turkey and chicken and you are active


anarky4321 . 12 months ago

the very fact that you need to lower them is a lie

ray jones

ray jones . 1 year ago

75% of heart attack victims have low cholesterol fact check it big pharma runs the medical profession


ch282 . 3 years ago

gotta watch them triglycerides

michael plemel

michael plemel . 3 years ago

not a building block of cholesterol

Shirley Beavan

Shirley Beavan . 4 years ago

not true at all I have increased my exercise by 6 hours a week lost 15 lbs and my numbers good and bad went up by 10 points so what happened

joe schmo

joe schmo . 4 years ago

yeah, I agree, this is mind control bullshit that perpetrates the dogma from 50 years ago. Got to address the root of the problem - the modern industrialized diet.


annasmother . 4 years ago

stupid and mind control.. this country is controlled by doctors.

Werewolf Lycan

Werewolf Lycan . 5 years ago

You could go hide in a cave    ;)

rama das

rama das . 5 years ago

this is bulllllshit i is be in the gym for 3 hrs and my tris still high


allamakee1397 . 6 years ago

In short: The American SAD diet is killing you. Want to lower Your Trigs? Simple - cut your daily carb intake to 75g to 150g  Check out Gary Taubes What If It’s All Been A Big Fat Lie? (2004) The New York Times Magazine  This is not complicated folks.

Brenda Mangus

Brenda Mangus . 7 years ago

Triglicerites are a fat not a carb...

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Best Views . 9 years ago

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